Bar racks for kitchen

Bar racks for kitchen

In Western countries, bar racks remain a popular element of the kitchen interior for many decades. However, in our country, such a decision began to spread only recently. And now it is rapidly gaining popularity. What sizes should have such furniture, consider in the article.


Purpose and features of bar racks, Because of which many people dream of buying her home include several main qualities.

  1. The most popular bar racks among the owners who love to invite guests to the guest house and arrange parties. The rack is perfectly suitable for quiet gatherings with friends and for a noisy holiday. This element of the interior will allow you to comfortably cook and serve entertainment drinks by adding the entourage to what is happening. Perhaps every man in his life dreamed of trying himself in the role of bartender.
  2. After a short service life at home, the owners realized that the rack was perfectly suitable not only for drinking beverages, but also for ordinary meals. It can be convenient for it to have breakfast or snack. And some people she can even replace the kitchen table. And also on such a surface conveniently cooking food.
  3. Rack can be an excellent design solution, becoming one of the main elements of the unusual interior of your kitchen. At the same time, it can be much more convenient than the usual table in terms of functionality. Inside the bar racks can be stored, for example, kitchen utensils and other items you need. With it, you can distinguish or, on the contrary, combine different rooms.

In fact, this furniture is a simple countertop with several binding stags in the kit.

However, the choice of a suitable rack is not easy, as it should take into account the many nuances.

They differ from each other by many different parameters, such as dimensions, design and combination with a common view of the room.


First of all, it is necessary to take into account the material of manufacture. Most often combined racks. Separate parts can be made of:

  • tree+
  • Stone+
  • Marble+
  • Glasses+
  • Plastic+
  • Granite.

And also bar racks have several varieties depending on their design.

Due to this, you can choose suitable for any environment and space.

List the most common types.

  • Island – Best will fit into spacious cuisine. Sizes of such a rack may vary depending on the area of ​​the room. For convenience and high functionality in it, you can integrate the kitchen plate, dishwasher, mini fridge and other technique, which dimensions will allow.

  • Prienna – Great option for small kitchens. In some cases, it may be replaced by the table. One narrow edge of the table top is attached to the wall, the second – keeps on the leg. Some models have the opportunity to lay out to become greater, and save free space in the folded position. With the help of a wipe rack, you can divide the room into two zones. This is a good studio solution.

  • Built-in – adjoins the other kitchen furniture. Like the previous variety, great for small kitchens. Such a rack can be used both for meals and convenient cooking. As well as a used rack, one edge is holding onto the leg, and the second is attached to the headset. When choosing it is necessary to take into account all the elements come together both in design and functionality.

  • Connected to the windowsill – attached to the windowsill, if it is wide enough. Often, many owners use wide windowsill as a small table. Attaching the rack will add an additional surface to the room. It can also be made foldable to free the space when the rack is not needed. An additional advantage will be the view from the window during the meal.

  • Combined – How can you understand from the name, combines the qualities and functions of several varieties. Most often, the lower part is designed for operation, while the top is the element of the decor.

But the most important criterion for choice are Dimensions of the bar counter. Next, we will talk more about how to choose its height, width and length, and also tell me, from what features your room you need to repel.

Standards height

As a rule, the height of the standard kitchen rack ranges from 80 to 130 centimeters from the floor. The most common today is the height of 115 centimeters. But it fits not in all cases. It also happens that the height of the rack goes beyond the above standards.

But it is not so important because The main indicator is its convenience. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to take into account the basic functions that it will be performed in your home, as well as placement. For example, if there are elderly people or little children in your family, you should give preference to a small height. Pay attention to the average height of all households.

If it does not exceed 165 centimeters, then the maximum rack height should not exceed 110 centimeters. If – from 170 centimeters and above, then in this case the 120-centimeter rack is the best solution.

Sure, It is impossible not to take into account the variety of rack itself. Let’s look at its influence on the necessary height on two examples.

For example, built into the headset bar. Consequently, It must be consistent with the height of the rest of the furniture. The average height of the kitchen headset is 85-90 centimeters.

The second example is the rack used to split the rooms or the studio. In this case, it is not only a working surface, but also by the partition. So such furniture should be slightly higher. The minimum height is approximately 1 meter.

Today, multi-level models are becoming popular. The part located in the kitchen area is height corresponds to the headset.

And part on the territory of another room – above 10-20 centimeters. Bar chairs are usually located with a higher side.

Wounded variety usually has a height from 110 to 125 centimeters. The combination of such a type of rack and its dimensions will save the internal space.

What should be the length?

The length of the bar rack can be any depends on the available space, your personal preferences and opportunities. Standard, the most common length is 120 centimeters. But you are free to experiment. Do not forget only that The rack must be convenient for people who spend time after her.

The norm of space per person – 62 centimeters. Therefore, you need to take into account the number of people who are simultaneously over. And also will have to consider the physical data of these people. A large person may not be enough normal norm, which means, the length will have to take with a reserve.

A person should not have discomfort, sitting behind the counter.

If there are not so many people behind it, but only 2-3 people can be purchased short, but a wider bar rack. In this case, several people will be able to settle down opposite each other.

Width of furniture

The width of the table top depends on the purposes in which it will most often apply. The average value established by experts is 55 centimeters. In case the kitchen has a small area, you can reduce the width to 30 centimeters. And narrower racks will be practically useless, as they will lose more functionality and will be inconvenient even for their direct destination.

Therefore, remember that 30 centimeters is the minimum width.

Spacious kitchens and rooms you can arrange wider bar racks. Their maximum width can reach 90 centimeters. Wide countertops are perfectly suitable for cooking or as a replacement for dining table. And they allow several people to simultaneously stay on both sides, without interfering with each other.

How to choose the right dimensions?

Acquisition of a bar rack is a difficult decision. Before you accept, you will have to weigh a lot for and against. Definitely such furniture has significant advantages:

  • not takes a lot of space+
  • can replace a bulky table+
  • At the same time can replace many cabinets+
  • perfectly fits into the studio apartment+
  • gives the feature to the surrounding interior.

But without minuses, alas, it’s not about. These include:

  • the need to acquire chairs of the corresponding height+
  • Large length rack, if many people live in your home+
  • Selection racks according to design and sizes of other headsets.

None of these drawbacks is significant.

If the optimal length depends on the number of households, it is not worth it with a width, it must still correspond to the bar counter, without turning it into the table.

Specialists are recommended If possible, choose table tops with adjustable height, which will allow you to customize it under specific conditions.

According to Gosta standards The height of the rack for installation in catering establishments should be 120 centimeters, However, in everyday life, such height is not always appropriate.

No matter how important the parameters are the height, length and width, the selection of the bar rack is not limited to them. After all, this is not the only element of the interior that is available in your kitchen. In addition, you will need special stools, and maybe the extra furniture. It is important to understand which atmosphere should emphasize the rack, be it a real bar or pub. Or you want to keep home comfort.

In any case, it will not do without bar stools, because ordinary kitchen chairs with standard highs are not very convenient for use for these purposes.

The height of the right bar chairs should be slightly below the rack, but not more than 30 centimeters. The most common height of stools ranges from 70 to 85 centimeters. Help with the choice can marking that the manufacturer puts to its products:

  • Tn – high stool (95 cm) for racks from 125 to 135 centimeters+
  • VN – Low stool (85 cm) for racks 110-115 centimeters.

However, such chairs are mainly used in bars, cafes and other establishments. For a home rack may require a non-standard solution. Optionally overpay for branded bar chairs.

Many owners, guided by the necessary height, acquire ordinary stools from wood or plastic. The main thing is that they are convenient and resistant.

    And also often encounter models with a height adjustable, which greatly simplifies the process of selection. The mechanism of such stools is divided into two types:

    • Viblu-shaped – the simplest and most reliable mechanism that is configured by turning the seat in different directions+
    • Gazlift – Adjustable with a special lever whose work is based on pneumatic lifting action.

    So now you know what chairs are worth choosing for your rack. And you can choose the perfect bar rack in your apartment. And most importantly, that of such acquisition can always be made a certain benefit. At the same time it will delight the eyes over the years.

    About how to make a bar counter in the kitchen yourself, look next.

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