Bathroom design with orchids on tiles

Bathroom design with orchids on tiles

Due to the fact that in the bathroom there is always an increased humidity, the finishing material must be resistant to this negative impact. In this regard, the ceramic tile is very popular. It is not afraid of moisture, temperature drops, easy to care and also has a mass of colors, allowing you to finely decorate the walls.

Tile “Orchid”: drawing options

Flowers have always been perfect for decor. At the same time it does not matter, in what form they are used: alive, artificial, in the form of paintings or panels. In the interior of the bathroom, the tile is wonderful on which the drawing is applied in the form of orchids.

If the bathroom area does not differ in impressive sizes, stop your whole tile. Note that the main premises background should be neutral.

For a spacious room, the option is suitable, assembled from several parts of the same size, which as a whole, as puzzles form a large drawing. Looks like this decor is very impressive, especially if the flower is highlighted in a bright contrast on a dark background.

The drawing can be applied in such a way that It will have to combine. A line is formed from the tiles, which is placed around the perimeter of the room or vertically.

It looks unusual and interesting Panel Frisayz. It is formed by tiles of different sizes, on which parts of the picture are applied.

Advantages of floral ornament

Among the advantages of tiles, decorated with orchid pattern, are allocated as follows:

  • perfectly complements the design, often becoming his accent+
  • Looks exquisitely, elegant and sophisticated+
  • combined both with dark and with a bright color gamut room+
  • Harmonies with the design of many interior styles: modern, high-tech, oriental minimalism, modern+
  • changes the boundaries of the room, visually expanding them.

Interesting options

    Choosing a tile with orchid orchids, it is important not only to take into account your own tastes and preferences. It is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the bathroom, its style of design, flower gamut. Only taking into account the whole tile will look harmonious and really becomes a spectacular decoration, and not a stain, spoiling the whole view.

    One of the common colors used in the design of the bathroom, which is decorated with tiles with orchids, is White-Siren. This tenderness that promotes relaxation and rest. Subscribe a monochrome lilac tiled screen and a bottom of the wall adjacent to the bath. Border with ornament from orchids will be an excellent separator of light and dark shades. Total barcode – color image in the central part of the wall.

    If the picture you choose is present Several shades of orchids (pink, bluish, light gray), they can also be successfully applied to the bathroom finish.

    It is no secret that green color acts on us soothing. Why not use it in the bathroom design? Tile of olive color is made up by floor, part of the walls and lining of the bath. To panel with orchids fit the general concept, pick up the option with flowers on a green background.

    Unusual, but the luxurious version is obtained if you use a dark color gamut. At the same time, you should not be too carried away by a dark tint. White presence is required.

    Incredibly gently and refined bathroom, made in gentle shades of coral colors.

    In the video you will receive tips, how to choose a bathroom tile.

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