Bathroom sizes in the bathroom

Bathroom sizes in the bathroom

Today on sale there are various models of shells designed for installation in the bathroom. Choose the perfect option in a huge assortment is difficult – you need to pay attention to a large number of criteria, and one of them. Sink must necessarily approach dimensions, otherwise there will be a lot of problems with its installation and operation. In this article, we will look at what the parameters of these plumbing products are, and we will understand how they need to be properly selected.

What are the width?

Picking up a high-quality and easy-to-use bathroom washbasin, you need to take into account all its size. The height, and the width of the plumbing, since it is from these dimensions will be dependent, “whether the device in the premises of a certain quadrature will enter. Consider more, what are the standard width parameters of the shell.

30-40 cm

Modern model shells with specified parameters ideal for small-sized bathrooms, because they refer to the mini category. Such products are in great demand, because in most urban apartments the bathroom is not distinguished by space, and for a large school man here is just not to find.

Little shell models with width of 30-40 cm install not only in small apartments, but also in offices. Often people acquire such compact plumbing to equip an additional hauncate in the toilet.

The main advantage of such products is their modest sizes, thanks to which they do not clutter the space, making it close and uncomfortable.

Sinks with a width of 30-40 cm although easily fit in small bathrooms, but in operation are not most comfortable due to miniature sizes. When operating a small bowl, water can sprinkle greatly that it does not suit many plumbing owners of this type. If you install such a small sink in the bathroom, you will rather get a modest wage, in which the face will not be very comfortable.

In stores you can find not only straight, but also angular models mini-shells. Such products are usually installed in the free corner of the room. This is a win-win option for tiny rooms, where every centimeter on the account. Usually, Corner models are installed on a special pedestal foot and additional storage systems (boxes and lockers) do not equip.

50 cm

Models with a width of 50 cm relate to the standard category. The specified parameter is considered optimal for a conventional colorhouse. Using a similar plumbing device, people will not face splashes flying in all directions, as in the case of miniature bowls, – here all the water will remain within the shell.

Today in stores you can find sinks with a width of 50 cm, complemented by couches. This is an excellent option because It will not only be a device for washing, but also convenient storage. In bedside table under the bowl, you can store household chemicals, cosmetic accessories and other little things that are needed in the bathroom.

Models of shells with a 50 cm wide are designed for standard quadrature rooms. In tiny rooms for them may not be available. Similar products are presented in a rich assortment.

Sold and mortise, and overhead, and suspended copies of different colors.

60 cm

In many stores for sale sinks with a width of 60 cm. Similar types of products suitable for bathrooms of a large area. In a very small place, they cannot be installed.

In operation these models are one of the most convenient, since they have a large bowl, in which it is very convenient to wash without unnecessary splashes.

Sinks with a width of 60 cm are also presented in a rich assortment. There are also straight, and angular models. Especially popular today varieties with a table and legs. Typically, the bedside tables in these products turn out to be very accomplished, so they can keep not only different little things, but also larger things. It can be towels, a pair of bathrobes or other household items. Thus The interior of the bathroom becomes more functional and less lit., because everything is unnecessary can be hidden in a spacious closet.

Height and depth

Selecting the sink for the bathroom, it is necessary to take into account not only its width, but also the parameters of the height and depth. According to experts, the optimal depth of the products under consideration varies from 48 to 61 cm. If you want to make sure whether the one or another model is convenient, just stand up around it and stretch one hand.

If the sink is over at the level of your fingers or in the area of ​​the palm center, this model will be suitable for you.

It happens that the depth parameter of the shell is not indicated in the technical documentation, in this case, this moment is necessary to specify the seller in the store. Feel free to ask all your questions, because even extra 2 centimeters may affect the fact that the shell will be unsuitable for your bathroom. As a result, the thing will have to return to the store and go to search for another option, and this is an extra spending time.

The height of the shell is important. With this parameter, buyers often have difficulty. This is due to the fact that the growth of all family members is usually different. In such a situation, it is necessary to consider regulatory documents where suitable indicators of plumbing heights are indicated for users of different age groups.

It is believed that the height standard for an adult is 80 cm (from the floor and to the side of the product). For junior family members, it is necessary to select sinks whose height is 60 cm. Teenagers are perfectly suitable models with a height of 70 cm.

It is not always possible to buy on a separate shell for each family member, therefore A standard height was allocated, which is 80-85 cm. True, this standard is not fixed anywhere. According to the statements of specialists, the representatives of strong sex are much more convenient to use models with a height of 94-109 cm from the floor, and women – 81-91 cm.

Non-standard options

Non-standard models of shells are usually made under the order. They are purchased for furnishing creative bathrooms.

Instances with non-standard parameters are found in stores. For example, you can meet the sinks whose width is from 80 or more centimeters. Similar options are the most convenient in operation, but are considered large, so only for very spacious bathrooms are suitable.

Products of this type are doubled with 2 bowls or a large table top.

If you want to issue a spacious bathroom more interesting and original, setting there a dual model of the sink, then you should consider that There should be no less than 90 cm between the centers of two cups. In this case, if you enjoy this product together, it turns out to stand shoulder to the shoulder, which is completely inconvenient.

How to pick up?

We will analyze on the items, how to properly pick up the bathroom washbasin, so as not to make a mistake in the purchase.

It is important to take into account the compliance of the size of the room and plumbing. Do not buy for a very small room. The sink of medium or large sizes in the hope that there will be free space there. Even if such a plumbing fit in a tiny room, it will be uncomfortable to use it. Washbasin can close access to other objects in the interior.

Before going to the store, It is important to choose a place where you will install the sink. It must be measured. The device should not interfere in the room, overlap the passage. Only knowing all the parameters of the bathroom, you can not be mistaken in the sizes of a suitable sink.

Be sure to make sure that the selected model fits you in depth. How to check this parameter, indicated above. Check all the characteristics before shopping.

Of course, when choosing a suitable shell It is important not only its size, but also design. The product should be harmoniously fit into the existing situation, without knocking out of it. Important and sink production materials. Pick unpretentious and wear-resistant options. Today, faryansse specimens are especially popular, which are inexpensive, are presented in the widest assortment and are easily cleaned by contamination.

If you independently choose the sink for the bathroom hard, it is worth seeking help for the sellers consultants. Experts will help you find the perfect suitable product based on the dimensions of your bathroom. Feel free to check the goods before buying. Sink should not have damage and any defects. It is advisable to get acquainted with all the accompanying documentation of the product you like to check the stated parameters.

It is recommended to acquire high-quality sinks from well-known manufacturers. Branded products have accurate parameters, it looks better and serves longer. It does not mean that the thing will be dear – many branded shells have a completely democratic value.

About how to choose the right sink in the bathroom, tells the store consultant in the following video.

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