Bathroom styles

Bathroom styles

Bathroom – Special room in the house. It is hidden from prying eyes and is very intimate. But at the same time, it is an integral part of the dwelling, therefore it must correspond to the stylistic design of the apartment or at home. The styles of the design of the bathroom, like the entire residential space, there are many. In this article, we will consider those more often than others when implementing the interior of the bathrooms. Actual classical directions for the bathroom

Street story to start with the classics. There are many classic styles, consider the most common of them.


Bathroom in classic style – embodiment of luxury and pomp. Antique mixers and cranes, marble surfaces or any other stone are welcome here. Forging elements, gilding, openwork patterns on furniture – without all this classic style will be defective. Baths on lion paws are welcome, mirrors in the frame of openwork weave gold-plated patterns, luxurious fabrics and columns. Suspended chandeliers with large beams or imitating candles of light bulbs look well. It is important to note that in small premises this direction will be inappropriate.


Classic style branch, only more luxurious and royally magnificent. In this case, the premises should be the highest possible, and the window must be present in it. Only in this case it will turn out to embody this style. Marble on the floor, frescoes on the walls, heavy curtains should be arranged on the windows. Bowl of the bath can be installed in the center of the room. Will be wonderful if it is located on the pedestal.


The characteristic features of modernity are the refusal of rectilinear forms in favor of smooth plant lines and the use of new technologies in the interior. Here are appropriate, curved forms of plumbing and furniture + in the decoration are welcomed by the presence of mosaic, enamel, golden background, luxurious gold-plated elements of plumbing, cranes from copper and brass.

At the same time, the designs themselves are often frame (carrier element is a steel frame) in the frame of the ultra-modern materials of the wall and floor. It looks good and a tree that should be processed in a certain way to resist the high humidity in the room.

Rustic style options

Such directions are used in the interior of the bathroom quite often. They are chosen for the fact that they are very cozy and home.


This style that has become the personification of the American depths, over time, absorbed the national flavor of many countries. therefore Before choosing it for the design of the bathroom, you need to decide on what country the room will be decorated. This may be a kind of eclectic, combining the flavor of many nations, but the general here should be one – the abundance of natural materials, no luxury and wealth. All decoration should be the most simple, but very cozy.


One of the directions of country, the most cozy and cute. The embodiment of the French depthion will help prints on finishing in the form of small flowers, dried lavender twig on a table near the sink, rave pink and sky-blue towels with ruffles. Furniture and plumbers should be, as in the country, the most simple, but light. Their painting in white and soft peach tones is welcomed. Dark wood should be avoided.


This is the most ascetic from rustic styles. It implies a minimum of decoration, but maximum convenience. Everything should be functionally and very modest. Most often to embody this design help wooden beams on the ceiling, uncristed wooden lifting of walls and ceilings. Plumbing fit in retro style, or made of copper, brass. Chrome elements here will be inappropriate.

Ethnic varieties

There are many fans of these directions related to stylistics of different countries from old good England to the country of the rising sun.


English colonial style is very similar to classic. But they have and differences – a bit of a small version of the room, which is distributed on the shores of the Thames, allows you to make retreat from the classics to the use of red or any other bright tones – blue, purple, orange. But nevertheless, all this should accompany the gilding, the same classic columns, retrosanonehnika and round mirrors framed by patterned frames.


Americans prefer freedom in everything, so and the bathrooms they draw up accordingly. There are no prohibitions here – everyone is free to realize the design that he likes. However, the framework is still observed – if a person wants to make a bathroom with a bias on the classics, then its most modest option is used, without stripping and dismissed luxury.

If the room is drawn up with notes of modernity, then all new-fashioned gadgets and novelties in the sphere of plumbers are hidden behind a modest finish, which must create comfort and give comfort. Moreover, it should be comfortable in such a bathroom from a practical point of view – all surfaces must be moisture-proof and easily washed from pollution.


India – Country of Contrast and Luxury. Indian style bathroom is necessarily richly decorated with a variety of elements – It can be a peculiar carved cavalry of wood over the bowl, textiles with a contrast pattern, a small mosaic and arches – at least on the window, at least in the doorway. The bathroom itself, as a rule, has a streamlined shape and is represented by half-sized structures with a gold-plated side or pure-white, but surrounded by a mosaic panel. As elements of decor in the premises of such a style, you can often see Elephant Figures and Indian Deities, as well as stained glass.


Bathrooms in Japan are as simple as possible, but functional. Strict lines, minimum decorations are combined with plumbing that meets the latest technology. To convey the spirit of the rising sun country, you can decorate a table with sakura sink branch or make a decor tiled with hieroglyphs near the bath.


Direction that should not cause questions. Bathroom in Egyptian style should resemble Palace Pharaoh – Walls in the color of the sun, ornaments corresponding to ancient Egyptian culture, decor in the form of Bust Nefertiti or Tutankhamon will complement the interior. You can also use live palm trees that will create the impression that your bathroom is an oasis in Sahara.

Modern and thematic styles

And, of course, there are many modern styles that are gaining increasing popularity.


Many do not even guess that their bathroom after repair has become an example of a sea style, because by default, whole generations of Russians are separated by this room in blue colors. But unlike the past, when the boring square tile was on the walls, and on the ceiling, you can now diversify the interior with interesting inserts, placing the imitation of the helm, and choose a towel with a print that resembles a vest – with white-blue stripes.

Very interesting in such a bathroom will look like a bulk floor with a 3D effect. His drawing can imitate sea depths or remind the coast with small pebbles, which covered the wave.

Modern technologies allow you to quite accurate such an image, so the floor will be most realistic as possible.


Style name speaks for itself. No extra details, bright colors, decor items here can not be. This style could be called modern, but only with a minimum of decoration. Everything that is allowed here is to make the room as functional as possible, but at the same time modest. Even the handles on the furniture here should not be. They should be replaced by pressure mechanism. Minimalism is great for small rooms, where there is no room for rampant fantasy, but I want to get everything functionally and stylish.

High tech

One of the most modern styles. In such a room necessarily Everything must be literally stuffed with modern gadgets and other blessings of civilization. Mixers here best fit sensory, which, when applying, the hands are applied to them.

Luminaires must be built-in, with scattered light. The bathroom can be familiar oval, but still it is better to pay attention to the jacuzzi or a bowl with a hydromassage. Such plumbing will mostly display the modern room. Jay-tech plumbing devices can only be chrome colors, otherwise this room can be considered an example of this style only in part. If there will be a shower cabin next to the bathroom, then It must also be performed so much in the corresponding colors – it is gray, white, chrome.

In the bathroom, decorated in the style of high-tech, light should be a lot. But all the lamps must be hidden: at the top it can be built-in eyes, along the edges – LED tape with diffuser. Also possible floor illumination, which is drawn up similarly to the ceiling ribbon.

On how to choose the right style for the bathroom, see the following video.

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