Bedroom Lights: Types and Choice

Bedroom Lights: Types and Choice

The bedroom is the most important part of the apartment or at home, as it is designed to relax and restore forces. In it, everything should be configured on peace and relaxation, with the taste of the owner’s taste. The color of the walls, the texture of finishing, the convenience of furniture and, of course, the quality of lighting. What types of lighting can be used in the bedroom and what are their features, tell me in this article.

What should be the lighting?

Bedroom lamps may vary by many characteristics. It’s not just in the taste of buyers’ taste, but also in appointments: directly for lighting, to create a special atmosphere, for reading and t. D. Bedroom lighting should perform its main function – lighting. You should be comfortable to dress in this room, find the right things, read books and magazines, make makeup in the dark.

The light should not be too bright. Always powerful light in a room that serves to rest will be at least inappropriate. The lighting intensity should be easily adjusted, since this parameter strongly affects the psychological state of the person.

Sometimes I want to be alone with me in the twilight, and sometimes, on the contrary, I want the space to shine as intensively.

Lamps must be at the distance of an elongated arm and turn on without too much effort. This is especially important for bedside sconces, for example. If in your case it is impossible, then acquire lamps with remote control.

The bedroom should not hang modern lamps in which a naked lamp is clearly visible. This is more suitable for the hallway or the Loft style workshop, the bedroom also assumes the presence of a variety of fabric caps, mosaic lampshades or simply elegant in the form of plaffones, gently scattering light into the surrounding space.

Accommodation in the interior

If you are the owner of the bedroom compact size, then the lamps should not be huge, otherwise they will emphasize the small dimensions of the room. In large rooms, it is necessary to light up every corner, which means that zonal and point lighting may well be adjacent to one large light source.

The size of the majority bedrooms still allow you to combine the lighting of several types. First of all, the central lamp is installed, which serves as the brightest light source. Local lighting can highlight several objects:

  • The bed is best to put the same light sources on both sides+
  • Mirror located in the bedroom+
  • Working area, for example, writing desk

If possible, sources of decorative illumination are used. Night lights fall into this category, lamps in the form of flowers, LED ribbons and t. NS. Dull and scattered light that they create is also very important – it creates a magical and unique atmosphere, introduces comfort and comfort to the room.

Planting the lighting system is important at the beginning of the repair, as it may be problematic in the process or at its end. Think in advance where you would like to see light sources or consult the interior designer.

Varieties of lighting devices

The bedroom gives a wide scope for the owner’s imagination, as light sources here can be a variety.


If the ceilings in the room are not very high, the chandeliers are mounted directly on it. If the distance allows, the chandelier is suspended on the chain. Floor height should be more than 2 meters. With such a landing, the light dissipates more widely. When the light bulbs are directed to the ceiling, then the shadows appear on it that it does not always look good. To avoid such a phenomenon, you need to pay attention to the design of the lamp. They are capable of acting as not just the main, but the only source of light in the bedroom, but this option can not be called successful.

Suspended chandeliers are subject to dust pollution, so they need wet cleaning. They are easy to smash during children’s games, and the transportation of the device must be the most accurate as possible. When installing chandeliers, there are certain inconvenience with wire laying.


Glass and plastic wall lamps are often used when designing bedroom design. The lamps in them can be turned on differently – with a switch or lace on its body. The second option can usually be seen in the bed or near the mirrors.

The sconium suggests the installation is not too bright lamps, otherwise, individual parts of the device can overheat and even melted.

Floor lamp

This is a lamp on the leg, which is put right on the floor in a convenient place. Usually for stability, it is equipped with a tripod or a solid part that does not allow him to fall. They are good not only in the bedroom by the bed, but also near the chair with the coffee table. There are models of lamps, which are equipped with a mini-table. Inclusion is usually made by means of a button located on the lamp itself, or on the wire that feeds it.

Floors are optimally suitable for reading books, since due to the design features of the device the light falls just down. The variety of styles allows you to find a specific floor lamp under any interior. Also, the plus is that This additional light source is not too powerful light bulb, So it saves electricity. The disadvantage of such a lamp can be called its relatively weak stability. Tesser can fall, if playful pets or children live in the apartment.

Night lights

They focus light on the ceiling or wall, creating a soft warm atmosphere. Typically, the floffs of the night lights have a non-rigid color of yellow, green or white shade. Simple in connection, they have a variety of unusual forms, because most often such a source of light serves “duty” in the children’s room.


This type of lighting is widely used when installing stretch ceilings. Each light bulb has a small size, but in the group they create a spectacular atmosphere of scattered light in the room, and also allow you to simulate the veiled designs on the ceiling, making the interior exclusive. There are options for 220V lamps, as well as on 12V – the second go with the power supply.

On rope

Cable or Track Lamps – Model, popular in youth interiors. Such suspensions – unchanged satellite interiors in the style of high-tech or loft. Such interiors are infrequently used for decorating bedrooms, but still it is worth mentioning and such a modern version. They are good for large bedrooms with zoning, various overlaps and high ceilings. A number of rotary lamps are mounted on the wall of the wall to the wall, the voltage line is carried out – and the stylish attribute of modern housing is ready.


Can create and scattered and directional light depending on the model and its design features. Writing table – the main place for the desk lamp, but some put it on the bedside tables.

How to choose?

Not everyone is thinking about how economical will be the use of one or another lamp. The most accessible are point lamps and those that have a base E14 or E27. If you want to save on electricity, then the lamp that you select should be suitable for them. When reading the instructions for the lamp, pay attention to, Lamps which maximum power can be used with it. If not to follow this information, the light source can overheat.

Now consider the selection of lamps in terms of their functions and location.

Main light

As we have spoken above, the source of the main light is chandelier. For many of us it is associated with childhood and comfort, since they used to be present in all apartments. When choosing it, consider that In the suspended condition, the chandelier must be at a distance of at least 210 cm from the floor.

Instead of one large chandelier as the main light, you can use several ceiling lights located in different sections of the ceiling.

The point light may even replace the chandelier if it is much. Many designs of modern stretch ceilings suggest such a backlight scheme that gives maximum lighting. By the way, in America, many do not use chandeliers, preferring only landsrs, sconces and t. D. This solution is especially appropriate for low ceiling rooms, so as not to focus on it.

Light from the head of the bed

It helps to create table lamps hanging from ceiling plafoons, bedside scaffolding, night lights, long LED tapes and point lighting.

According to generally accepted standards, the source must be located at a distance of a half-meter from the bedside tube and in 120-160 cm from the floor. Then its location will not cause discomfort. Well, of course, before buying a lamp, you need to make sure that its light will not sharply beat into the eyes – perfect models with frosted plates, scattering too bright rays.

Light of the working area or in the Reading Area

Wood or lamp is well suited for a chair in which you like to read. If reading is usually happening in bed, then the headboard usually put a suitable night light. Workplace and computer desk – must light up and top light, and table lamp. If zoning was conducted in the room, it will allow you to work or read, do not interfer to sleep other family members.

Lighting mirrors, tremor or compilation

For the cabinet perfectly suit small built-in lamps. Next to the mirror are put at least three lamps: one at the top and one on each side. The dressing table is usually illuminated on both sides.

Night backlight

The perfect option is not too bright and lowered or outdoor built-in light sources that are easily included in the dark. It is convenient to enter the bedroom or leave it, do not disturb the rest of the household.

Popular decorative light today helps to create zoning space, as well as focus on any part of the interior, for example, picture or their set. Brake, special lamps with directional light, point illumination and other. Most of the entire expanser for creativity give built-in light sources, selected specifically for your interior. As a budget option, LED ribbons can be used, which are powered by both the network and the batteries.

The features of the decorative light are that it can be multi-colored, can specifically create openwork shadows, rotate or flicker such as the starry sky or “run” as on a beautiful neon sign. Not everyone wants peace and peace in their bedroom, so unusual original lamps are often mounted as an additional lighting, like a touchscale scoreboard from nightclubs or discolobists. All of them, of course, should have their food and do not adjoin the sources of soft light.

Whatever the lighting for the bedroom you choose, it must consistently bring the convenience and comfort to it, so that, if you wish, you can always fully break away from the bustle of the working day and sleep well.

How to choose light in the bedroom, look in the video below.

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