Beds on the bed in the bedroom: features, varieties and tips on the choice

Beds on the bed in the bedroom: features, varieties and tips on the choice

Such a subject of the interior, as the bedspread initially performed a more practical function – served for heat. By the XVIII century in France, this item became more and more elegant and attractive until it also acquired a decorative function. What value have today bedspreads for bed, from which materials they are manufactured?

Features and destination

Bedroom covered – this is a kind of home textile, which is placed on top of the paid bed. The product allows you to protect it from dust and pollution, outsiders. Properly selected bedspread, undoubtedly, adorns the bedroom and can even become its accent. It gives the room a completeness, becomes part of the style design. Finally, the bedspread can also be covered during the daytime siesta or if it became cold under the blanket.

Based on the functions described above, it can be concluded that the product must be approached by size, combined with the bedroom style, be attractive outwardly and enjoyable in use, withstand many styrics, while maintaining quality and appearance.

Types and materials

All existing products can be divided into 2 groups:

  • those that sew from natural materials (quilted wool)+
  • Artificial analogues (bedspreads from artificial fur).

The first eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, however, the service life is less, after washing natural fabrics give shrinkage. Analogs of artificial tissues do not have these flaws, but can accumulate static electricity, sometimes not so pleasant to the touch. However, we will immediately make a reservation that such a division conditionally. Most of the products are combined bedspreads. That is, natural and vice versa add to artificial threads. This allows you to improve the operational properties of the bedspread, and also noticeably reduce the cost of the product.

Most often there are the following varieties covered:

  • Cotton fabrics, as well as their mixture with artificial fabrics, resulting in a thick weaving material with a smooth surface (Poplin, viscose, hawk, perkal)+
  • Cotton, woolen and blended matter with rough surface (jacquard, tapestry, peak)+
  • Natural or synthetic (as well as blended options) fabrics with a porous surface (velor, artificial fur with a short and long pile, plush, velvet)+
  • Synthetic fabrics made of polyester fibers (Velseloft, fleece, microfiber)+
  • Silk and artificial fabric stuffing (atlas, brocade, polyester).

Cotton and silk products are distinguished by external attractiveness, practicality, environmental friendliness. Pull and velvet bedspreads look no less attractive, but attract dust and are not recommended for use by allergy. For their cleaning, as a rule, you have to use the services of dry cleaning.

And if you often lie on such bedspreads, then over time they are “propellas”, which significantly reduces the aesthetic value of the product.


In the Soviet society, one of the most important criteria for choosing the covered was its maximum compliance with the curtains and targets. If possible Curtains and bedspreads sewed from the same fabrics, however, today designers recognize a similar movietone.

You can select a product that, on the texture, shade or pattern, will be combined with the rest of textiles in the bedroom or harmoniously look with furniture, flooring. However, there are no less interesting and contrasting combinations. It is important to mix cold shades with cold, and warm with warm. In case of non-compliance, the rules of color colors looks not in one style, but causes associations with thoughtless sticks of things.

When choosing a product with a pattern, it should be remembered that The size of the latter must correspond to the size of the room. Large drawings in a small bedroom will overload it. Excessive “Posterness”, saturation of the ornament in this case will also be a mustache, visually overload and reduce the bedroom. It is important to combine print on the bedspread with another “geometry” in the room. For example, if there are squares and rectangles on the walls (for example, in the form of a drawing on wallpaper or frames of paintings), then the bedspread should repeat this print or not to be so.

Western and universal can be considered white and pastel shades, blue bedspreads and its variations (for example, turquoise, blue), pastel and coffee, brown shades, gray colors.

Depending on the pattern, the bedspreads may have several forms:

  • rectangular – is a rectangle, for which the product is also called the bedspread-sheet+
  • bilateral – The feature of the product is that both sides are facial, if necessary, you can quickly change the style of the bedroom, just turning the bedspread+
  • Covers – Bed linen and mattress completely closes, while the legs of the bed remain open+
  • with a supervision – It is a wide ruffle that frames the product around the perimeter, while the pylon may be strict (has counter folds in the corners), draped (drapes around the perimeter), pleated (instead of drapets – wide plize).


To determine the size of the bedspread, you need to know the dimensions of the bed. Before buying, measure the length, width and height. The parameters obtained are the minimum bedspread size. Ideally, this figure is to add Another 10-15 cm on each side. If the bed has a headboard, then from its part you can not add to the bedspread of the specified numbers.

If it is necessary to cover, beautifully descending to the floor, then to the basic parameters should be added 1 time in width and 2 times the height of adding the bed height in the paid form. Even up to 15 cm in length, it is worth adding if it is required that the product lay on the floor. Models are seduced in several standard sizes. On a 2-bed bed – it was a 180×200 cm bedspread or 160×200 cm, 1,5 sleeping – 140×200 cm. There are still very large products – 240×260 cm, single beds – 100×200 cm or 90×200 cm, children’s – 90×100 cm or 90×160 cm.

Style solutions

In classic rooms, the repeatability of the bedspread and other textiles in the room is often found. First of all it concerns the curtains in the bedroom. Usually, Products from dense tapestry or velor classic shades are selected. If print is used, these are noble ornaments. Not bad similar analogy looks in the village interiors. True, it is better to stop the choice of cotton products. Water or animal printing, rustic life scenes.

Tender bedspread with swans emphasizes the romance of the room. Pay attention to the length of the product. If the bedspread reached the floor, it would look old-fashioned and prefigured. In this case, the bedspread length emphasizes the dynamism, lightness and modernity of the master bedroom. For bedrooms in modern style, as well as in the spirit of minimalism, you can consider Option of bedspread. It sews strictly according to the sizes of the mattress, may have a view of a cocoon that covers the bed.

As for the design of the product, it is equally harmonious in such an interior will fit both as monophonic and pregnant models.

However, the case is an excellent solution not only for designs in the style of minimalism, but also for the beds of carved wood, original design models. In a word, that furniture, which in itself is an accent of the room. It will be successful to use a product in the form of a bed of beds with a canopy, soft protruding details. For classic or aristocratic bedrooms, massive beds with a wide mattress, the product with a superior can be the best option. There is a stereotype that such models are only a pomp and airiness, although there are more dense smooth models.

Bedrooms in the Spirit of Shebbie, Country, Provence or Vintage require more democratic options from deliberately natural fabrics. An excellent solution can be knitted model, reminiscent, rather, big plaid. Snow white bedspreads with patterns, embroidery or fringe will also be a harmonious accessory in such premises. Ryushi and folds in this case emphasize the luxury of the room and make notes solemnity.

It should be remembered that these details visually increase the sleeping place, so the coat with flowns may be unsuitable for the bedrooms of medium and small sizes.

Ryushi and Volani will also perfectly cope with the task of making room more gentle, light, romantic. Usually it is resorted to this reception if the standard bedroom needs to be turned into a maiden. The bedspread is desirable to supplement several pillows of different sizes. Universal, but at the same time stylish is considered White bedspread. It brings to bedroom nobility of bedrooms of aristocrats, freshness, visually expands the space. And so that white does not look boring, you can choose a product with housings, imitation of a carriage and t. D.

Of course, you will have to carefully follow the cleanliness and whiteness – Care covered in the yellowness or gray shade will instantly make the whole bedroom with slurry and old-fashioned. Create the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere will help the model in the technique of Patchwork (flap sewing). Especially relevant in eclectic, vintage, rustic rooms. Such a product will become a “highlight” bedroom, but the latter should not be overloaded.

How to choose?

In general, when choosing a product on the bed should be guided by the following criteria: sizes, quality and compliance of the appearance of your personal wishes. Product dimensions must match the sizes of the mattress or bed. Do not buy too short model, If this is not a design bedroom interior solution. Too long will drag on the floor and looked sloppy. Usually short models are filled under the mattress to demonstrate the unusual legs of the bed.

It is also important to take into account the age, lifestyle and nature of the room owner. So, in the adult woman’s bedroom may be inappropriate gentle pink bedspread with bows and rules. In a beige bedroom, the product can be selected both bright and pastel. The features of the location of the room relative to the parties are taken into account. If the bedroom “looks” to the north, it is recommended to bring warmth and add a coziness with the help of textiles of pleasant textures and warm shades. For southern rooms, you can choose more cool colors.

Even before buying, you should decide whether your bedspreads will be stitched in a washing machine or for cleansing will have to go to dry cleaning. For families with young children or pets it is better to choose the bedspreads that are not afraid of frequent washes. Well, if products are not pastel shades, with a decor on the surface (beads, brushes). Optimal material – viscose, satin, cotton, and their combinations. But tapestry and silk – not the best solution for such families.

An important aspect – the quality of the bedspread. It should not accumulate static electricity or have an unpleasant “artificial” smell. A good thing will be noble to the touch, keep your color and shape, sizes after washing. Kits that enjoys well-deserved buyers’ confidence are Turkish, Italian (release kits with a back for the head of the head), domestic products. Turkey produces elite kits, their novelties of bed linen usually dictate fashion trends for other neighboring manufacturers.

Care and storage

Washing and care as a whole must fit the type of tissue, it is necessary to follow the care guidelines specified on the product label. Colored and printed products are better not to soak, but colored options at the first wash is better to wash manually, separately from other things. Tapestry can be erased as in a typewriter (manually) or give in dry cleaning. Folds can be smoothed by a non-smoky iron with steam. Facial side is recommended to disappear through the gauze.

Satina bedspreads can be washed in hot, up to 95 s, water. However, if it is a color product, the water temperature should not exceed 60 s. Dry better without resorting to machine drying. Allowed to use iron with steam to get rid of folds and races. Fur bedspreads can be erased in non-tuch, not higher than 30 s, water. The aggressive compositions and modes of washing, mechanical drying, strong spinning should be avoided. Similarly, care for wool products. To get rid of the folds, such beds sometimes sufficiently hang on the rope.

When using iron, the bedspread must be moistened.

Examples in the interior

Recall that When choosing a covered one of the criteria should be his interior compliance slept. In this example, we see that the main colors are warm pastel shades. At the same time, the bed and other furniture are dark, so the basis of the bedspread will be the lightest coffee tint. “Make friends” with other colors allow decorative inserts of a brown shade (repeat the color of the bed) and the pillows in the tone.

If you look more attentively, it will be obvious that each pair of pillows repeats the color of one of the bedroom elements – bedspread, headboard, curtains and armchairs. Thanks to this, special harmony is achieved, the mood of home comfort is created, heat.

The following example is an illustration of how bright unusual covers became a focus quite calm (and for someone, perhaps and boring) premises and transformed it.

The main condition for the attractiveness of such interiors is one main focus and its small “support” within this room. Please note the print print is repeated in a small picture hanging on the bed. Create volume and correctly send attention also helps lighting.

The following example is a successful combination of wallpaper wallpapers and bedspreads. However, such success and visual harmony are due to the right approach. The color of the wallpaper drawing becomes the basis of the shade of the bedspread, which also spread unobtrusive print. Only with this approach can avoid interior alay.

Because it came to the combination of prints, turn to another example. Upholstery Grooming Bed Finds Continued in the Cover. Avoid a funny effect when everything merges together, help the pillows – they are made of other materials, and therefore as if they dilute the space.

In this case, it was possible to change the products in some places – select for the head of the head and covered the monochrome fabric and decorate the sleeping space of the pillows.

Another interesting option of how the bedroom covered the bedroom was given a finished look, ensured the maximum matching the selected style. Before us is an interesting room, designed in ethnic style. It is calm enough by nature – natural materials, pastel shades. But it is precisely the bright bedspread in an ethnic spirit gives the charm’s room, adds “raisins”. Without him the bedroom would look bell.

About what covered to buy on the bed, look in the following video.

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