Blue sofa in the interior of the living room

Blue sofa in the interior of the living room

The living room is a room where we usually take guests and rest yourself. Therefore, it is very important to make a comfortable and comfortable stay in it. Every detail in the living room interior matters. Special attention should be paid to the selection of the sofa, while the blue model will become a very bright setting detail. But that he organically looked in the room, you need to take into account the style and design of the living room. We’ll figure it out in this, while studying in more detail all the nuances of placement of the blue sofa in the interior of the hall.

Wealth palette

Before choosing a sofa, you need to decide on its tint, because taking into account the color and the design of the living room will be built.

There are a lot of blue tones, consider the most common.

  • Cornflower – It’s bright blue color with a pinkish tinge.

  • Blue color – This is a light blue shade, which is considered independent color.

  • Indigo – Dark blue with purple tone. For a long time, it was from this plant a natural blue dye.

  • Cobalt – Very beautiful saturated color with a bright purple tint.

  • Labradorovy – This is a bright blue color with a bluette. Got his name from the mineral.

  • Azure – Light blue color of the bright sky.

  • Lunny – Pale color with silver tint.

  • Nautical – Saturated sea color.

  • Ultramarine – deep shade, the most common.

  • Cyanogen – this is a series of blue-green shades, close to the color of the sea wave.

  • An electrician – Light blue with a metal tint.

    The choice of sofa shade depends only on your desire and taste.


    Equally important to get acquainted with the influence of blue on the interior of the room.

    It has been proven that this color soothes, sets up to work, leads to the thought of thought. Therefore, blue parts in the interior of the living room – undoubtedly a win-win version.

    Is the dark blue color affect the room space? Sure. In a small room – visually increases the space, and in large – on the contrary, reduces.

    All because Blue sofa attracts attention. As well as much depends on the right room lighting.

    In the design of the living room with a blue sofa, it is necessary to take into account the location of the windows: if the windows come out on the south, then you can safely make a room in cold colors, well, if on the North – then the choice is limited to a blue sofa with the addition of bright parts.

    Combination with other colors

    With the color of the sofa, they were familiar with the properties, Now you need to understand what shades are combined dark blue tones.

    • White. The most common combination is white with blue. If you are afraid that the combination of these tones in the living room design will be too cold, you can dilute the interior with bright details.

    • Yellow. Blue sofa on the background of banana or vanilla walls will create a very comfortable beach atmosphere in the living room. Bright yellow is also combined with him, but it is important not to overdo it with the saturation of parts.

    • Red. Combination of red with blue tones – a bold solution. Therefore, you need to neatly approach the choice of red parts. It is better that they are dark-red shades: wine, cherry, burgundy.

    • Black. At first glance, this combination may seem strange, but if you correct the emphasis, you will get a restrained elegant living room. But when choosing such a palette of the room you need to take care of competent lighting.

    • Brown. Complex color combination, because if it is incorrect to choose the details of the brown in the aggregate with a blue sofa, then it will be too complicated coupling room interior.

    Suitable living room design

    Design options with a blue sofa a lot, besides, you can come up with it yourself. But we will look at the three main types of living room design or hall.

    • Monophonic interior. Such interior implies use in the design of the shades of the same color. In our case, this is blue. We select the sofa of the color of indigo (or any other shade of blue), wallpaper moon or light blue, and you can also hang the curtains of the electrician. As a result, we got a relaxed living room in blue tones.

    • Light interior with accent. Unlike the previous version in this – blue only sofa (you can add curtains of any blue shade) on white or gray background.

    • Bright palette. This is a very brave design option, so you need to carefully select the details and combine the color. A successful example of such a dynamic and warm design will serve a combination of a blue sofa against the background of vanilla wallpaper with bright red and orange details in the form of pillows, lamps and paintings.


    We will analyze the styles in which the presence of this element will be appropriate.

    • Modern – This is a style that implies comfort and comfort. In this case, the sofa acts as the main accent, the decoration of the room is made in pastel colors. Carpets, photos within, paintings (desirable, in neutral colors) and houseplants will complement the cozy interior of the living room.

    • Country. This rustic style implies the use of natural shades and materials. If you focus on a blue sofa (you can choose in a cell), adding photos, vases and wooden parquet, it will turn out a unique stylish living room.

      • Classic. Since this universal style implies focus on furniture, the predominance of natural shades and practically no bright details, the blue sofa will perfectly fit into such an interior.

      Accommodation options

      In order not to spoil the new sofa, it is not recommended to put it by the window so that it does not lose color, as well as the battery, so as not to break the frame.

      Well, where to put a sofa in the living room, purely your decision.

      But here are a few tips of a successful position of the sofa.

      • At the free wall. In a small room you need to put a sofa so that it does not interfere. So putting a sofa at the free wall, do not put any other furniture next to him so as not to climb the living room. You can put in front of the wall or a wardrobe, and next to a convenient place – a coffee table.

      • In the middle. If the size of the living room allows you to put the sofa right in the middle of the room, placing a chair near the chair and the coffee table. In some cases, the sofa can serve in order to divide the room to zones.

      • In the corner. If the sofa is angular, then you can create a very cozy seating area in the living room, adding the sofa with seats. And you can also put a coffee table and landsry.

      If you follow these simple rules, then you will easily create such a cozy and calm corner in your house.

      How to choose a sofa in the living room, you can see in the video below.

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