Bright kitchens in classic style: design nuances and interesting solutions

Bright kitchens in classic style: design nuances and interesting solutions

Many dreams to issue their kitchen in a sophisticated classic style, while preferred to light shades. This option is really worthy of consideration, however, not everyone is confident in how the classic interior should look like, what tones and textures are suitable for bright kitchen. You also need to know which headsets and accessories should choose to this type of interior.

Distinctive style features

Classic – direction that symbolizes prosperity and reliability, and may also contain luxury shades. As the main characteristics of the style, a number of qualities can be distinguished, each of which can be embodied in bright kitchen.

  • It is important that the furniture materials are natural. Most often a wood array is welcome. Stripping from this idea, it is worth paying attention to light breeds. Thanks to such elements, the interior will look solid and expensive. You can add it with curtains and textiles from natural fabrics, for example, silk.
  • Good illumination is important for style. Large windows will be an additional plus, but not in all kitchen rooms there are. Therefore, pay maximum attention to artificial sources. Rich light with overflows and glare in this style is created using a luxurious pendant chandelier made of crystal. Such products often combine several lamps, for example, 6, so they are able to light well. In a bright kitchen, such an elegant lighting device will look very organic. Only note that the suspension design does not hang too low.
  • An important feature of a classic style – compliance with proportions for each furniture subject. Also, each detail should be in its place to organically combine with other components of the interior. This is worth not to forget when planning the location of the technique in the kitchen. Even modern devices are well combined with a classic design, provided that they are not too strict forms.
  • Decor in this case creates a solemn atmosphere. It is aimed at additional highlighting the relief, so as examples it is appropriate to consider such decorative elements of the classical direction as wood carving, stucco, forged parts or even drapery textile fabric.
  • In addition to all the colors of natural wood, the main shades in the classic style are beige, white, gold, bronze. The first two are commonly used as the main, often appearing in the wall cover. And bronze or gold can be partially present in furniture or accessories, adding luxury clothing.
  • It is important in this style to observe symmetry and simplicity of forms, especially in furniture and textiles. Curtains, for example, should not be collected on one side or have too complicated design.

Types of kitchen headset

For the kitchen in the classic style presented a fairly large number of varieties of heads, each of which can be framed in light shades.

  • Classic option, located along the wall, Suitable for premises not very large sizes.
  • Corner headset fit into the cuisine of medium sizes.
  • P-shaped Relevant for overall kitchens. Their work area is quite large, and part of it can be assigned to the placement of various household appliances. Sometimes even one of the faces headset can perform the function of the bar counter.

In some cases, the furniture housing is painted with a special light enamel on wood. Also in detail, for example, in handles headset, may be present for noble metals.

Color options

Bright kitchen in the classic concept may contain in itself, in addition to the white shade, also some other colors. They are withstanding in the natural range, are quite deep or pastel, but not screaming. If we talk about patterns, then natural woody divorces are allowed, also plant patterns and monograms.

Some furniture items are made with a patina, it gives additional charm and textures.

The walls indoors can be white if the kitchen contains many different accessories. It is also permissible to fill out a free wall space using pastel wallpapers made in a monophonic range or containing unobtrusive pattern, such as floral print.

If the place allows, make a liveliness in the interior of your kitchen, filling out a separate area of ​​its saturated panel, stylized under the streets of an old city or demonstrating any work of art.

It is also worth paying attention to the color design of such a kitchen area as apron. In the case of a classic bright concept, it can be decorated with tiles in the tile of headset and other furniture, may differ from the main shade is rigorously, for example, to have an ivory color. However, sometimes the classic style allows the contrast between this area and the palette of the kitchen. It can be brown or maintain a darker drawing on a light background.

It is often used as a coating Mosaic consisting of smaller fractions than tile. This coating is usually painted in rich tones and has a complex pattern, thereby standing out from the entire interior of the kitchen room.

As the curtains most often play a technical role in the classic kitchen, their color should also stand out against the background of a common palette. However, in the case of this textile, the shade must be combined with a gamma room: to be either warm or cold. For example, in the kitchen with boil-white walls there may be blue curtains, while green or yellow color is preferred for placing a beige wall coating.

If there is a light slope in pink, then brown curtains will be quite appropriate.

Design features in monochrome gamme

Many adhere to the choice of classic design design of the monochrome design option. This method implies dominance in the room of one tone. In the case of bright kitchens, flowers can be: beige, milk, white, ivory. All of them are rather neutral, however, require the basic details of the interior not distinguished from the overall composition.

Therefore, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the design of household appliances. Such an element as a hood is required for the successful functioning of the kitchen, and for the premises in the classic style these aggregates have a special design.

Having a light domed case, these devices are isolated by exquisite carved baguettes made of solid wood wood, such as oaks that are able to resist the temperature differences and high humidity. Sometimes the hood tube is masked using a wooden panel made in one style and color with a headuit.

When it comes to the refrigerator, the optimal option is its masking in one of the niches of your headset. Some also stylize this device using a self-adhesive film that makes the eye of the device more relevant concept.

If you decide to make a kitchen room in monochrome white gamma, then you should pay attention to the floor. Mandatory condition for the conformity of this interior of the Concept is The presence of a wooden or stylized under the floor of the floor covering.

Permissible if his tone will be a bit darker walls and headset, however An additional advantage to the organity will be its color matching apron. In such a room, let’s say a multi-level ceiling, but the main condition is the mattiness of its surface, as well as not too complex forms of transition between levels.

If a beige is chosen as the primary color in the classic kitchen, then it is necessary to take care of how its tone corresponds to lighting.

If the kitchen windows come to the north, then It is better to choose warm shades of beige, such as wheat. When the light falls on the south side, you can issue an interior with a colder gray-beige color. Monochrome beige tone can be diluted with the backlight of the working area, as well as the design of the apron in brighter colors. Paul can be brown or have small dark patterns.

If the monochrome range is performed kitchen-living room, then The best way to split the space will be a wall partition, arch, or a luxurious sofa, pushed to the kitchen area. At the same time, textiles, such as curtains, decorative pillows and a carpet made in one gamma diluting the overall monochrome concept.

As an third zone in such premises, a wooden table and chairs with upholstery and carved items can be separately located separately. Upholstery can also be harmonized with the aforementioned elements of textiles.

Beautiful examples of interior

If you find it difficult to make a choice about the design of your kitchen room, check out the ready-made examples of classic kitchens, Designed in bright color schemes:

  • To create contrast, you can get a tabletop headset in dark color, stylizing it under a natural stone+

  • Combined with stucco on the ceiling chandelier can be attaching attention to the detail in monochrome classical kitchen+

  • To highlight the dining area on the bright classic kitchen, you can place the table and chairs on the carpet of pastel column+

    • For those who prefer the lack of monochromicity, there is an option with a gradient created in bright colors and embodied in staining headset.

    Classic style kitchen overview in video below.

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