Bronze Mixers for Kitchen: Features, Varieties, Choice and Care

Bronze Mixers for Kitchen: Features, Varieties, Choice and Care

The role of plumbing in the life of a modern person can not be underestimated. Not only comfort and convenience depends on the quality, properties and appearance of this subject, but also the overall interior style. On the shelves of specialized stores you can see a wide range of products for this group of goods. Before purchasing a kitchen mixer, it is necessary to carefully examine its properties, parameters, and be sure to pay attention to the country of manufacture.

For exquisite and elegant kitchen, decorated in retro style, designers recommend purchasing bronze mixers, which differ not only with a beautiful sweatshirt, but also have a long period of operation, as well as a high level of resistance to the appearance of iron oxide.


The bronze mixer is a beautiful and stylish item that is a sign of wealth and good taste. Manufacturers are manufactured both modern models and classics. If necessary, well-known trademarks can make this subject By individual order.

Raw materials for this type of goods are brass, which at the final stage of production is covered with special paint and protective varnish. Such compositions allow you to achieve a beautiful bronze color. To increase the strength of the cranes, manufacturers can also use tin, manganese and nickel. Manual production of cranes production consists of the following steps:

  • Casting case+
  • Dark Bronze Layer+
  • grinding+
  • Coating protective varnishes.

Like any other sanitary device, a bronze crane has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Advantages:

  • High aesthetic indicators+
  • Diverse assortment+
  • Practicality and functionality+
  • Long operation period+
  • High levels of resistance to mechanical damage and sharp temperature fluctuations+
  • No oxidizing processes.


  • High price range+
  • Availability of a huge amount of incorrect goods.

Some manufacturers produce exclusive products made of pure bronze. The main features of these goods: very high price, exclusivity, durability.


In order for the selected device to please their owners for many years, when it is purchased, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the specifications, but also on the appearance that the following types.

  • With one lever – The most popular model that is the most popular in the modern market.
  • With two valves – construction that is designed to adjust the streams of water of different temperatures.
  • Touch – Modern development that is equipped with a special optoelectronic device. This device leads to the operation of the crane when the hands approaches it. Disadvantage – High cost and maintenance complexity.

You can also meet new and very convenient models that are equipped with additional features:

  • With two poles – These goods are designed to feed both ordinary water and filtered+
  • with retractable watering can Products that allow washing vegetables and fruits outside the sink or pour water into a container that stands far from the crane.

These products are also characterized by the type of spinning, which happens:

  • Low+
  • high+
  • ultrahisokim.

In order to determine these indicators, it is necessary to take into account the installation location and their functional purpose.

In the sanitary appliance market, you can see a huge amount of goods of various firms from Russia, Italy and Europe, but in order for the selected product to work for many years and pleased with its appearance, Experts recommend paying attention to the goods of the following trademarks.

  • Manresa – A popular brand that is engaged in the issue of high quality branded designer cranes for ancient. Before selling, all models are undergoing individual testing and are absolutely safe to operate at home. A distinctive feature – the presence of a mirror glitter and a high level of resistance to corrosion processes.

  • Zorg – the famous German trademark, which is engaged in the release of not only bronze mixers, but also brass and stainless. The company also deals with the release of luxury goods that have decorative gold elements.

  • Delinia Eva – Brand that only high-quality raw materials and most modern equipment use for the manufacture of its products.

Specialists recommend paying attention and All Italian brands whose products are the result of the work of famous designers. Italian taps harmoniously combine high quality and affordable price range.

In recent years, thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies, many buyers choose Russian goods, the quality and design of which is not inferior to the European, but the price range is significantly lower. Indisputable plus is also availability of acquisition of component elements for repair.

Rules of choice and care

A wide range of bronze mixers, which are characterized by price, size, design and functional features, may make it difficult to choose even experienced masters. In order to make the right choice, you must take advantage of the following recommendations:

  • Comparison of several models+
  • Objective weight grade+
  • Check permissive documents and quality certificates+
  • Attentive examination of the instructions for installing the crane.

Experienced consultants recommend to give preference to products with aerator, as well as nozzles with self-cleaning function. Specialists are recommended Refuse to buy products with plastic handles and enamel coating.

In order for the bronze crane for more than one year, it is necessary not only to choose it correctly, but also comply with the basic requirements for the care of it. It is strictly prohibited when cleaning plumbing use hard metal brushes and acid containing.

To remove forged dirt, experienced hostesses recommend Mix in equal proportions of flour, vinegar and salt. The resulting composition must be applied to the crane and withstand at least 15 minutes. Clear all hard-to-reach places will help a simple toothbrush. Give the glitter to the product will allow the usual means for glasses to be applied to the crane at the end of the cleaning process. Also help A few drops of flax seed oil.

In order for the premises to have a finished look, designers recommend paying attention not only to the main elements, but also for auxiliary, which will help accurately and very effectively add space. One of these elements in the kitchen is a mixer. In many design projects, decorators use bronze cranes, which look especially effectively if the washing and kitchen apron are made of the same material. Stress the style and high costs will help tablecloths with bronze color finishing, as well as furniture facades with bronze spraying.

All items used must necessarily comply with the internal state of the owner and harmoniously combine with the general direction of the premises.

In the next video you will see the Migliore Arcadia ML mixer.ARC-8312BR.

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