Built-in showers: varieties, brands, choice rules

Built-in showers: varieties, brands, choice rules

Many people have come across such a problem as a small-sized room for adopting hygienic procedures. Involve the opinion that in a small bathroom is almost impossible to install the necessary furniture and technical devices. Today it is easy to solve this problem thanks to built-in shower systems that not only save the necessary meters of the room, but also create a unique comfort in it, and also make it possible to choose your favorite modification.

How it works?

Built-in shower system is not only convenient, but also stylish. Built-in shower system of hidden installation is used for 50 years, and today buyers can choose any improved option.

Typically, such a kit is a mixer, hose and watering can. Thanks to the mixer, you get the necessary water pressure, which across the hose falls into the watering can. As for the jet, it depends on the form of nozzles of watering can be solid or scattering.

Cold and hot water flows over two different pipes, which are located at different distances – it all depends on the sleeves. In a special cartridge with a ball mechanism, the arch is mixed, and you get the required water temperature.

The users are visible only shower panel, where the mixer, shower and watering can be attached.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all plumbing devices, hidden shower has both pros and cons. Talk about the benefits.

  • Domestic communications are hidden from a prying view, and therefore, they are not easy to damage them, moreover, this is significantly saved by the space of the shower room.

  • The hidden system does not spoil the appearance of the room, so it can be easily installed in any room design.

  • Temperature controller is convenient to clean, which cannot be said about the standard device with an outdoor mounting mixer.

  • Only the built-in thermostat mixer is able to file the required “default” water of the desired temperature. This function is absent from standard shower outdoor systems. The hidden system allows you to pre-establish the necessary water temperature in advance, and then if you wish to reconfigure it on another degree.

This mixer works on one zone, and even if your system has several functions: drain, tropical shower or hydromassage, then they will all serve water set.

  • The functional and stylish key button of the built-in shower system is very convenient for the user – you can adjust the desired water temperature by simply pressing the button.

  • The built-in system with the top shower looks in any room quite exquisite: there are no visible hoses, do not see the holders for the soul, because all the necessary components are built into the ceiling or wall.

  • The built-in shower system is very convenient for washing children – they do not have to knock on their heads about beautiful, chrome, but protruding ordinary mixers.

Do not threaten your kids and fall on them shower watering can with holder.

  • Convenience of additional features: If you have a waterfall souls, then with the built-in configuration, it will really be right above your head, and not the wall in the bathroom, where it is necessary to go down to enjoy the procedure.

  • The ideal will be such a device if your bathroom is decorated in a minimalist style or you just love “clean” lines: On the walls of the shower, there will be only sophisticated shampoo and gel tubes without often confusing shower wanders.

  • The hidden installation system will allow you to install at the same time not only one shower can, and a set of two or three: for example, one – tropical, the other is standard.

  • The absence of a set of chrome reinforcement will allow you to contain your shower installation in absolute cleanliness.

The mines of the hidden installation systems include the following:

  • Compared with standard plumbing, the built-in system is an order of magnitude more expensive+
  • Installation of such a design may require a specialist intervention, it’s quite difficult to cope with yourself.

Variations of embedded shower systems

Each shower headset consists of the following components:

  • mixer+
  • Rod rack equipped with watering+
  • Additional adaptations for the diversity of water procedures.

Install the hidden system in different variations.

  • Top shower and spill. This option is installed in any bathroom: the water “runs” directly from the wall, and the rack and shower can be arranged or on the wall, or literally on the ceiling – as you are more convenient.

  • Top and hand shower. Such a design is pretty in demand and is different from other things that, in addition to the wall attached on the wall or on the ceiling, there is the same, manual, on a flexible hose. Quite convenient option.

  • Shower and mixer. Simplicity of such a “oil” headset causes his practicality and a low price. The consumer sees only a shower from which water is pouring, and the mixer is hidden in the wall.

      If you decide to choose a simple option – a mixer and watering can, then it is better to stop On the tropical soul: With such a design, there is a large panel, from where the real pouring rain flows on the bathing. This double pleasure is useful for health and unforgettable for the soul.

      What a rack is better?

      To meet the needs of many buyers, manufacturers offer racks of different sizes: long, short, conventional holder.

      In order not to make a mistake when choosing them, you should pay attention to the following details:

      • Together with a watering unit, which comes with a stationary barbell, there must be another additional small sprayer with a small hose, which will make it easy to wash the bath or pallet+
      • If there are 2 waters in the configuration, it means that the presence of a mixer in this design is not at all+
      • constituent shower – watering can and mixer – can be purchased separately+
      • repair the system built into the ceiling is much more difficult than the one in the wall.

      How to choose?

      With the manifold selection of hidden shower systems Experts recommend paying attention to the following important factors.

      • Basic design. Attention to the top shower: the length of the hose, through which the water enters the watering can, and the possibility of its adjustment under the necessary height. Normal size – from 90 to 200 cm.
      • The size of the upper watering can. By diameter in wide models, it can be 40 cm, but remember that it increases water consumption.
      • Like or manual shower. It is better to choose a model with a diameter of no more than 15 cm. If the system is manual, then you can choose a watering can of up to 20 cm.
      • Experts recommend choosing designs from chromium, bronze, brass or nickel alloy.
      • Very important nuance – the choice of fittings of the mixer. Find out the seller from which the cartridge is made – from ceramics or plastic. Ask how lubrication of this element pushes water.
      • If the soul is included with an excessive number of nozzles or parts, then There is a considerable risk that the system can fail.
      • Models are often offered with excessive variety of water supply options: Hard jets, tropical rain, bubble aeration. As practice shows, only a pair of modes is used in everyday life, and nozzles for other options are simply covered with lime.

        Shower headset, the price of which is not very high, must cause suspicion – durable and reliable system can not cost a penny.

        When choosing a design, experts recommend paying attention to systems from well-known and tested manufacturers.

        Mounting nuances of hidden systems

        Many people are afraid to install embedded shower systems in their bathrooms, as it is believed that when problems occurred, you have to break the walls and spoil the design of the room.

            Specialists installers argue that this is not the case, you just need to accurately follow their recommendations.

            • First of all, it is necessary to prepare a draft future design, in which it will be indicated at what height and how pipes to central water supply will be laid. At entering, it is recommended to install ball valves, which will allow not to overlap water throughout the apartment.
            • When buying a mixer, be sure to calculate which depth to install it is necessary.
            • Next Stage – Stroke. This is a rather labor-intensive process. Depending on which walls (concrete, brick or gas silicate block) are made, either a perforator, or a Bulgarian, will be required. In case you have no experience in construction work, it is better to contact the specialists.
            • After that, pipelines are laid and a hidden mounting mixer is installed. In this case, special attention must be paid to the strength of threaded compounds. It is important that the mixer does not “fail” in the wall, but also should not be the protrusions.
            • The next step is broaching pipes from the mixer to the fastening site of the flexible hose. Only after that begin to facing the walls.
            • Final works – installation of decorative plugs and external elements.

            Rating manufacturers

            Many manufacturers today represent decent models of embedded systems.

            • German manufacturers Grohe and Hansgrohe It has long been firmly occupied by the leading position in the production of plumbing. Various premium options, Ceramics accessories, a five-year warranty on the design – the main differences between the shower of Germany.

            • Spanish manufacturer company Roca offer customers exquisite models from nickel and chromium.

            • Domestic manufacturer IDDIS Pleases buyers with high-quality plumbing, her strength and aesthetics.

              Hidden mounting shower designs will make any bathroom of exquisite and spacious. The main thing is to determine the choice of model.

              In the next video you will learn how to install a built-in tropical shower.

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