Built-in sinks in a table top for kitchen: varieties and selection criteria

Built-in sinks in a table top for kitchen: varieties and selection criteria

A variety of model range of kitchen sinks allows each owner of individual housing to find a convenient version of the shell. Especially popular managed to be decisions in which this element headset is not just harmoniously complements the worktop, but embedded in it. In this case, the sink can be located under the working surface or integrate into it, forming a monolithic connection. This option looks especially attractive.

Modern embedded shells in the countertop for the kitchen are mounted both at the stage of manufacture and when installing the headset itself. There may be a variety of design and selection of materials, but The main advantage is still preserved – the ideal fixation without sideboards, spoiling the aesthetic design. Kitchen sinks of stainless steel can be built-in, and expensive products from natural stone or solid acrylic models. The main thing is to correctly define a suitable solution and take care of the accuracy of its installation in the tabletop.


Kitchen sinks embedded in the worktop – a popular design solution that can harmoniously fit into modern design of kitchen space. They can form a single integer with a common tabletop or installed on a separate end. Depending on the installation method, such kitchen structures can be located under the tabletop or to form a solid monolithic block with it.

In addition, the built-in kitchen washing is not subject to loosening, it looks respectable and ensures the preservation of wholeness of the headset, because it is delivered from contact with moisture.

Integrable, mortise, overhead, semi-confined mileware models – an excellent solution that allows you to optimize the development of the working area. Such kitchen sinks can have different design options.

  1. With one cup. Classic version that can have different forms. Oval, rounded, rhombid, rectangular, square sinks of embedded type are comfortable, aesthetic, durable.
  2. With two bowls. A convenient solution for the kitchen on which a lot and regularly prepare. One of the cups can be equipped with waste chopper, supplement the flexible hose and use exclusively for processing vegetables and fruits. Also in the second shell it is convenient to cut fish, defrost meat and bird. Another bowl at this time will be free for washing hands, rinsing dishes.
  3. With wing. Such an additional platform can be located on one or several sides of the sink bowl. The presence of the wing greatly facilitates the drying of manual dishes, vegetables, berries and fruits. The surface of the departure must have a corrugated ribbed coating.
  4. Corner. The most complicated. It is better to choose models integrated into table tops and form a single monolith. The most aesthetically, the combination of countertops and sinks of artificial stone looks.

Types of designs

The sinks built into the worktop at the bottom, as well as other models, are somewhat different in the fastening method from all other options. The most popular are the following types of their designs.

  • Semi-confined. Washing with front side, acting as apron. They are usually made from ceramics, have a decorative or monophonic panel in the frontal part. This element slightly stands for the front edge of the headset, giving the designs similarity with classic overhead sinks. Products of this type can most often meet in a typical American interior.

  • Overhead. They are fixed on the end of a flush with a tabletop without sideboards and protrusions. Speakers as a lid, are fully sealed with the other elements of the working area.

  • For embedding under the tabletop. Sinks that are attached from below to the back of the working surface. Special mounting elements are used here. The whole design requires careful sealing.

  • Integrated. Kitchen sinks of artificial or natural stone carved or cast entirely with a tabletop. May have a different shape and depth, do not have installation gaps, are set as part of a solid design of the working surface.

  • Intended. They are similar to integrated, but their place in the headset occupies due to the formation of adhesive compound with the tabletop. Mounted using professional equipment and compositions.

  • Currency. Sinks installed in a predetermined hole in the tabletop are fixed flush with the rest of the surfaces or with small sideboards on the edges.

    Sinks of each type have their advantages. But their main feature is the need for professional installation.


    Among the materials used for the manufacture of kitchen embedded washes can be distinguished by a number of variants that give the finished product unique properties. So, modern ceramic shells are characterized by aesthetic. Copper looks expensive and respectable, but less practical than steel and stainless. Dear models from natural and artificial stone look luxuriously, but require an appropriate framing.

    Stainless steel

    Kitchen sinks made of stainless steel are made of alloyed 18% chromium and 10% alloy nickel. Ready products have a wall thickness of 0.4-1.2 mm, the recommended indicators are at least 0.6 mm. Such steel embedded washers have sufficient mechanical strength, well hold the form, do not bend when mechanically pressing.

    Stainless steel sinks do not differ in the variety of colors and textures. But they can be decorated with mirror polishing, matte chrome plated, have a decorative textured coating. Such washers are optimal in terms of price and quality ratio, they do not require complex care, easily installed in place in different ways.


    Interesting Design Solution – Copper Wash. Such an accessory harmoniously fit into the interior in retro style, vintage, country. Manufacturers create interesting designer solutions, glossy copper coating or aged antique. Unusual reddish metal color looks very effectively, for such moels, the presence of an antibacterial effect, the available cost of the product. But thin-walled products can create too high noise, it is better not to save and acquire more expensive thick-walled products.

    Copper sinks look beautiful and unusual, but need careful maintenance of order.

    Without a care, the surface can change the color, sweep. Metal need to be regularly subjected to cleaning.

    Fake diamond

    Making embedded miles for a kitchen made of artificial stone can be made on the basis of stone crumb and acrylic binder. From the resulting material solid products with high mechanical strength, practical in care, durable. Plumbing equipment of this type has good water-repellent properties, it is diverse in design and color scheme. Embeded washes made of artificial stone are quite heavy, massive, create a serious load on the surface.

    Needs to keep certain recommendations: do not use aggressive household chemicals, eliminate contact with mechanical abrasives.


    Made from ceramics Kitchen sinks due to the characteristics of the material are usually made in a half-way form. Porcelain and faience shells are characterized by aesthetic, high enough strength, practical, undemanding in care. The surface of the clay base to increase its resistance to external influences is covered with special protective glaze.

    Ceramic sinks are well harmonized with Provence style, Country, Shebbi-Chic. But their cost is one of the highest on the market.

    Also on sale you can find metal shells covered with protective enamel. Enjoy the popularity of integrated or separately outdated products from natural stone. Luxurious granite and marble, onyx and travertine in the cuisine looks very original. But the big massiveness of such countertops complicates their application without additional strengthening of the frame part of the headset.


    Typically, the manufacture of built-in shells occurs on an individual basis, especially if we are talking about artificial or natural stone products. But there are a number of averaged parameters that allow you to determine which is small or large, sink is suitable for kitchen interior. Among the most popular options, you can select models in length:

    • 40 cm+
    • 45 cm+
    • 50 cm+
    • 60 cm.

    But these are averaged indicators. Among the mortise models under the table top you can find options with a size of a bowl of 22 cm wide, they are embedded as an additional module for a full-fledged shell. The length of the single bowl is rarely more than 40-60 cm, doubles can have 80-100 cm indicators. The sink depth must exclude intense splashing of the liquid, the indicators from 18 to 24 cm are optimal.

    For round kitchen models, diameter 50-60 cm. Oval can also have a similar length. Corner structures usually have a size of 100 cm, equipped with two wings on the sides or have an additional mini-bowl for washing fruits and greenery on one side.

    Tips for choosing

      When choosing an embedded type for kitchen, it is worth considering the following important points.

      1. Dimensions. Even half-standby models in width should not exceed the size of the table top. If you have to install a sink in the finished headset, this factor will have a weighty value.
      2. Color gamut. The optimal version of the embedded washing, in color and texture completely merging with the tabletop. 100% conformity can be achieved only when installing integrable models. But the currently pasted models also allow to achieve impressive results. Ceramic sinks can be white and colored, decorated often only the outer side of the front side.
      3. The shape of the bowl. In the straight line of linear type, a square or rectangular type of embedded washes is installed. This allows rationally to use the area, vary the depth of accommodation of the agent relative to the side. Oval, round, rhombid and other complex models are recommended to be mounted in an angular format where the saving of space is essential.
      4. Number of cups. Single must be quite spacious and capacious, suitable for immersion of a large pan, frying pan, brazier. If you wash massive items, it is not planned, but there is a need for regularly dividing tasks in the kitchen, it will be better to choose the sink option with two more compact bowls.
      5. The presence of a hole for the mixer. With its absence on the sink itself, the plumbing equipment in the wall or in the tabletop, producing excessive work. In the kitchen, a good solution can be a flexible hose with a holder attached to the wall – it is convenient to use it for washing vegetables and fruits, when installing does not need to do slots at the base of the table top.
      6. Kitchen sizes. If we are talking about a small space, a reasonable solution will be the choice of an embedded round or angular sink, complemented by wings, mounted mesh for washing of greenery. Spacious kitchen allows you to accommodate in the interior of truly large double sink.

      Following these advice and recommendations, it is possible to choose the optimal version of the design of the kitchen sink of an embedded type.

      About how to install a sink in the worktop correctly, look next.

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