Built-in sinks in the bathroom

Built-in sinks in the bathroom

The times of the same type of washbasins passed: today the focus of the embedded shell. They are multifunction and have a number of their advantages. In the article, we will consider their advantages and disadvantages, let’s stop at the species, production materials, and also note the key nuances of such plumbing.

Pros and cons

Built-in type shells are bowls mounted in the cut-off holes in the table top either the roof of the floor stand. Their level coincides with the working surface or towers over it by 2-3 cm. Such sinks can be mounted in the base of different material. In comparison with other analogs they have a number of advantages.

  • Due to the compactness, they save valuable centimeters of useful area – it is good for small-sized bathrooms.
  • They are practical and ergonomic. When they are installed, there is a place for the organization of storage systems, inside the Tumba can be stored detergents and personal items.
  • Bowls are comfortable in the installation, cope with the installation under the breeder. This saves on the call of the master.
  • Models are variatives in terms of form, which is good to arrange the interior of any interior design.
  • Products are easy to care. Due to drowsiness in the worktop, they are protected from pollution and random mechanical damage.
  • Modifications do not limit the buyer in creating a washbasin area with an unusual design. With them the form of the table top can be not only linear, but also round, oval, curved.
  • Sinks provide different types of embedding. They are suitable for both ordinary outdoor and suspended cabinets with different internal filling.
  • They are aesthetically attractive, do not need to be fixed to the wall and allow you to increase the surface of the table in the washbasin zone.
  • Products are based on the price, if desired, it is easy to buy a decent option, taking into account your own preferences and the scheduled for the purchase of a budget.

Along with the advantages, the embedded shells have several flaws.

  • Options with protruding sideboards are uncomfortable in cleaning. Dirt can be clogged in the seams.
  • Not all products are resistant to random mechanical damage, they can crack from strikes.
  • Some of them have a lot of weight, which requires the right choice of the type of installation and base material.
  • Bowls can not long keep the appearance of appearance, if water in the water supply system is dirty and rusty.

These are models for headcards under the order, which increases the cost of the general set of furniture.


Embedded sinks for bathrooms differ in type of installation. They can be built-in and semi-confined. Embedded bowl is distinguished by complete leakage in the table top. The half-standing is installed half. However, in each case, their auxiliary fixation is required to the adjacent wall.

The embodiments of the built-in type according to the method of fixation are divided into 2 varieties: embedded from above and below. Sinks, cut-in top, are placed in a cooled tabletop. Top with sides in this case rests on the table. External boards countertops do not give a wash to fall and shift.

The disadvantage of models with the top type of installation is Washbasin Connection Vulnerability With Table Surface. Solving this problem is accounted for by sealant. The lower type of installation is distinguished by the arrangement of the shell in the tabletop of the suspended or an outdoor tube. This type of installation is notable for the fact that Mixer can be installed on any side.

The producers’ rules are encountered and modifications of combined type. In fact, it is integrated into the working surface of the Washing Table. On store shelves, they can be represented in the form of single, double and triple modifications. At the same time, countertops are sometimes supplemented with panels that increase the working surface. Due to the whole surface, options with monolithic bowls are easier than others in cleaning.


In the production of mortise shells for the bathroom use different raw materials. Based on this, the aesthetic and operational qualities of products.

Ceramics and Fayans

Ceramic and faience wobbies are considered optimal from points of view of value and quality. They are sold in any specialized store, can be traditionally white or colored. Materials are considered hygienic, products of them do not lose the freshness of the original shade for a long time. The disadvantage of such materials is fragility: from harsh blows they are covered by cracks.

Fake diamond

Artificial stone products are in great demand. They are aesthetically attractive, significantly increase the status of the interior of the bathroom, differ in strength and durability. Sinks are easy to care, have a smooth surface type, variable design and color plan.

However, such products are more expensive than ceramic and faience analogs.


Despite the wide selection of modifications, metal washbasins in the bathroom buy infrequently. In their production use stainless steel, copper, brass and even cast iron. More accessibility is different options for stainless steel, They perfectly fit into the Loft Stylistics, Modern and High Tech. Products from other materials are bought to create in the interior of the bathroom Retrodizaina.


Glass products produced much less often in comparison with hinged and overhead modifications. They are made with a monolithic tabletop, because embeding transparent glass bowls in opaque materials inexpedient. These products are expensive, although it looks unusual, bringing an atmosphere of lightness and airiness. The lack of glass is the need for frequent cleaning, any contamination is visible on it.

Natural stone and wood

Such modifications refer to elite plumbing. They cost expensive, selected under the appropriate interior with expensive furnishings and decoration. However, most models are manufactured in a monolithic solution. Buy separate mortise bowls are not so easy.

Forms and sizes

Built-in bathroom washbasins can have different shapes. They are:

  • Round+
  • semicircular+
  • oval+
  • Square+
  • rectangular+
  • figured+
  • Asymmetric.

By type of location, they are divided into Standard and corner. Bowl angle are relevant for small-sized type rooms, they significantly save space. Rectangular options today are often acquired for mounting into suspended stands in the interior of the elite and economy class. Square analogs are considered more ergonomic, they give the interior of rigidity and conciseness.

Often in the interior of the bathroom use not one, but two sinks. At the same time, their form can be both square and round, oval and streamlined. Options for asymmetric type allow you to create an interior with a figured table top. For example, she can have a speaker semicircle.

Product dimensions vary depending on the width of the size range.

For example, oval varieties may have dimensions 475×630, 570×410, 585×450, 605×485, 540×440 mm at a depth of 200-400 mm and more. The dimensions of rectangular analogs can be 520×433, 320×525 mm at a depth of 175-450 mm, square – 433×433 mm.

The diameter of round modifications can be 433, 465 mm at a depth of 175-180 mm, 430 mm with a depth of 200 mm. The dimensions of the monolithic type modifications can be up to 800 mm with a total width of 450 mm. The length of the angular models in front can be 365 mm with side sides of 320 and 220 mm. There are models with a bowl of 495 mm long with side sides of 350 and 500 mm and a depth of 155 mm.


Designer solutions of embedded shells can be the most diverse. For example, sinks can be drowned, trapezoidal, with straight or wavy edge. Depending on the shape, color and proper selection of fittings (mixer and cranes) Products can be fitted in any direction of interior design.

For example, For the embodiment of Eastern Stylistics appropriate models of oval and rectangular shapes. These shells differ with conciseness and minimalist. Clear forms, simple lines, how can not be emphasized by the characteristics Asian interior styles.

Options for embodiment classic interior composition Different streams. These are oval or round forms, gilded, bronze or silver fittings in ancient design. Shape bowl is preferable deep, it can be made of stone or modern materials. At the edges may have a pattern in the form of imitation of stucco.

Built-in sink in modern bathroom May be technological. For example, the washing can be complemented with highlighting accessories, which gives the interior special charm and expressiveness. Bowl materials may be artificial stone, faience, ceramics, glass.

To implement ethnic interiors, select the modifications of a symmetric type. This is a white plumbing, built into outdoor stands with an old design. Special attention is paid to the choice of mixers: their view should be similar to the ancient plumbing, have fusion forms. Bowls can perform above the surface of the table top.

At the same time, their fittings should, if possible, coincide with the handles of installed furniture and the couch.

Review manufacturers

Many companies are engaged in making embedded shells for bathrooms. Among them, several trademarks can be distinguished, whose products are in great demand among buyers.

  • Roca – Spanish manufacturer, producing not only the usual forms of shell, but also asymmetric models of high-quality bathroom washbasins for bathrooms.
  • GSI and Galassia – Italian trademarks producing high-quality plumbers for a wide range of buyers, distinguished by a wide price range and design conciseness.
  • Ideal Standard – Belgian company, producing single and double-type models with narrow and wide sides, round and square shape, intended for interiors of bathrooms of different status.
  • Jacob Delafon – French manufacturer, producing concise and elegant plumbing models for bathrooms of different areas, distinguished by sophisticated geometry.
  • Vidima – Bulgarian brand, producing products, taking into account the latest technologies and reliable mechanisms in the spirit of European traditions, models with practical design at an attractive price.

Tips for choosing

Choosing a line of mortise shell for its bathroom, it is necessary to take into account a number of criteria. In addition to the aesthetic component, their operational characteristics are important. Separate attention must be given to the dimensions of the bowl. It is from them that will depend on the functionality of the product.

In the assortment of stores you can find options with dimensions from 40 to 90 cm. Optimal dimensions will be values ​​within 55-60 cm. The total height of the built-in worktop product is usually varied from 40 to 60 cm. The smaller the bowl, the greater the likelihood of splashing water when washing and cleaning the teeth.

Important and fixation of the shell. The design can be conceived with the design of the cupboard speaker, the type of installation from above or below. In this regard, the buyer decides for itself on his own, what method is preferable for him. Practical options for a monolithic plan, slightly protruding is more difficult to wash, and the moth-mounted twigs are considered the optimal solution.

The color solution depends on the choice of color of all plumbing. If it is white, the sink will be the same, since plumbing in the bathroom will look like a single ensemble. However, if the design is conceived by the use of glass elements, you can buy a transparent sink.

When buying a product, you must pay attention to the accessories: some models need an additional siphon.

Examples in interior design

We offer to refer to the examples of the photo gallery, clearly demonstrating the design capabilities of the built-in type washbasin.

  • Round sinks with curly worktop in the interior of the bathroom neutral tones.

  • Sink with an upper type of embedding with metal fittings of laconic design.

  • Curling in the cabinet Sink rectangular white-colored shape – Stylish focus of Loft Stylistics.

  • Installation of washing Vrown in the tabletop-shelf of the mounted type.

  • Sink mounting option from bottom table top, white bowl contrast game with brown table shelves.

  • Design Countertops with semi-confined white bowls and round shape in the worktop under marble.

  • An example of the installation of washing with upper embedding in the shelf, located in the bathroom niche.

  • Registration of the wiring zone of mortise shell.

    • Design table top with one sink built-in type of rectangular shape and two mixers.

    On how to choose the sink in the bathroom, see the following video.

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