Cabinets for kitchen: varieties and selection criteria

Cabinets for kitchen: varieties and selection criteria

The kitchen interior is often complemented by such a piece of furniture as a wardrobe. This is a convenient and useful design, presented today in the Big Assortment. Usually in such cabinets store all the items necessary in the kitchen. This furniture is not only a good storage, but also a harmonious supplement headset.

What it is?

Standard case-penalty is a narrow furniture design made in the shape of a high column. The model can be executed as a separate module or be part of a kitchen headset. Despite the unusual parameters and compact placement in the cuisine, the appointment of the cabinet-pool extensively. It can serve as a convenient place for storage and a design element in the interior.

Kitchen cabinet “Conduct” with a variety of functions.

  • Storage of dishes, any other kitchen utensils. A sufficient number of shelves makes it possible to post tea, dining rooms that the owners are infrequently exposed to the table without reason.
  • Accommodation of household accessories, textiles. This category includes plumbing products, detergents, napkins, tablecloths, towels, bedspreads.
  • Location of large equipment. It can be a washing or dishwasher, usually these devices are placed in the section located at the bottom of the cabinet (it can close the special outer panel).
  • If the design provides a dedicated niche (at the level of 1-1.5 meters from the floor), it will turn out to be built in the oven, prepare in which it will be very convenient.
  • In the open niche, you can put a microwave oven. In furniture stores there are such patterns of penalties, which are designed for embedded kitchen appliances.
  • Accommodation of compact household appliances – Toster, Multicookers, Breadmakers, Coffee makers and other similar devices.
  • Storage of cans filled with spices, bulk goods – usually put them on the upper shelves of the cabinet, and the containers with preservation are easily placed in the departments below.
  • In constructions with retractable niches store bottles with wine.
  • If places remove the wall behind the cabinet, it will be possible to hide the pipes and counters.

In some cases, in the cabinets-polarms remain unoccupied steam of the upper compartments. There are various scenery, and other space is highlighted for the refrigerator. So he is “hiding” from prying eyes without breaking the stylistics of the interior. Taken a bit of a bit of free space, foals effectively and harmoniously fit into the kitchen atmosphere, made in any key.

Materials manufacturing

Cable cabinets produce from different materials. From this parameters depends the cost of the finished product. So, Most often, inexpensive structures from LDSP are found. Any furniture from this material refers to the budget class and has a rustic, template design. If you want to enter unique and original furniture items in the kitchen interior, then this option is definitely not suitable.

Furniture from LDSP will be more reliable and strong, if it is equipped with additional rigids.

Cable cabinets from this materials are bad in that in the composition of the LDSP there are hazardous components – formaldehyde resins. Subject to high temperatures, such furniture can be distinguished by harmful substances in the surrounding space. You can choose products produced from LDSP Class E-1 or E-0 (new material). In the content of such raw materials of formaldehyde, there is almost no, and they are more environmentally friendly.

True, it is for sale difficult to find furniture made from LDSP of the specified safety classes. So as not to come across the deception of unscrupulous vendors issuing toxic material for the safe, need to request certificates of quality.

The second most popular material in the production of cabinets was recognized by MDF. Its products are more expensive, but they look more interesting and do not have a negative impact on people’s health. If you carefully use furniture from such a material, it will last many years.

You can find cabinets from MDF, made in different styles and colors. Popular designs whose surfaces mimic more expensive, luxury materials of various shades.

But the highest quality and durable material of manufacturing cabinets is Natural tree. It turns out very beautiful and good furniture items capable of transforming the kitchen interior, make it luxurious. However, such products are expensive, especially if it was produced from rare rocks.

Wastewood wardrobes are not only very beautiful and durable (Such furniture can be transmitted from generation to generation), but also environmentally safe. There are no chemical compounds that can harm.

Behind the cabinets-polarons of natural wood need to be properly lit. Since such furniture will be in the cuisine, where the humidity is quite high, the penalty must be treated with special protective compositions that will not give the product to be spoiled under the influence of negative external factors. Temperature changes can also harm the wooden structure, so It is impossible to leave it without such processing.

Natural wood needs to be protected from wood parasites. For this use special antiseptic. If we neglect their use, the furniture can quickly come into disrepair. Many users do not suit these features of furniture made of natural wood.

Wardrobes penalties from such natural materials have an impressive weight. They are difficult to rearrange from place to place if necessary.

Furniture and plastic are made. But this material is not the best solution for the kitchen. In such conditions, it will not last long, and modern plastic often turns out to be toxic. When buying furniture from it It is necessary to carefully read the accompanying documentation to be confident that you acquire a safe product.

A little less common cabinets made of metal. These are very reliable, heavy, strong and durable designs. They are presented in a large assortment. Such products are not suitable for all stylistic directions. Metal is the perfect solution for the modern style, but for the classics, baroque, rococo or provence – this is not the most successful option.

Types of structures

Constructions of cabinets – penalties can be a variety of. Get acquainted closer with the main.


This is the most popular and common model of Penal. Spacious speakers, they are high and narrow. Inside such options there are many shelves on which many of the necessary items can be stored.

The column can be open, closed, single and two-dimensional. Often these products are complemented by retractable shelves, sliding boxes. They often keep even perishable products.

Classic outdoor options with deaf facades make it possible to fill the cabinet completely, but at the same time “hide” all the contents, so that it does not get into the eyes.

Very popular Speakers with open shelves, upstairs or in the middle of the design. On these compartments, you can place different decor items, decorations suitable for the kitchen. In the cabinets of this type, the lower part remains closed – there you can store things that I do not want or not need to set a deposit. You can find on sale and fully open modifications of the columns, but they are more likely to be called racks.

Furniture of this kind often decorated with statuette, textile details, vases and other suitable elements.


If we are talking about the organization of small-sized space, then it is worth considering the option of the angular cabinet-Penal. This modular design makes it possible to form aesthetic, convenient and functional interior. Consider the main advantages of angular models:

  • They gently smooth all available angles, freeing the useful space of the kitchen+
  • Have an impressive depth than standard varieties of penalties+
  • can be assembled from a certain number of modules.

For embedded machinery

No less demanded today cabinets under the embedded technique. Install in the module sufficient height, you can freeze wardrobe, microwave, food processor and other similar items. The result is a convenient workplace, where everything you need will be at hand. In modern kitchen headsets, the refrigerator can also be spectacularly hidden behind the facade part of the high model of Penal.

In some cases, the kitchen interior is complemented by a whole block consisting of several high case cabinets. In use, such a design is functional and practical.

How to choose?

To the selection of cabinet-foam should be suitable as possible. It is important to keep track of, so that this furniture unit is perfect and in size and design. The design should be combined with the rest of the headcase, without standing out from the general ensemble.

Choosing a wardrobe penalty, you need to pay attention to such important parameters:

  • The height of the product should be selected in accordance with the height of the entire furniture composition+
  • Depth of the selected model should be no less than the depth of all other cabinets present in the room+
  • High-quality, eco-friendly and wear-resistant material from which the furniture was made will serve as a guarantee of a long service life.

Should initially decide what exactly you want to store in such a closet exactly how exactly you are planning to use it. For example, if you want to highlight the place in the penny or microwave, then It is better to buy a modern model intended for embedded techniques, and not a simple column in which only textiles and dishes can be stored.

The main thing is to initially determine the purpose of the acquisition.

Proper attention must be done product design. Case-penalty must harmoniously fit into the kitchen interior. This applies not only to its design, but also colors. You can find a great many models of cabinets of various colors. Pick up the perfect solution is possible for kitchen and kitchen headset of any shade.

It is advisable to buy a wardrobe made by a well-known and proven manufacturer. So you protect yourself from the purchase of low-quality furniture, which will not last long. It is worth contacting good furniture salons. When selecting the model you like, it is worth familiar with quality certificates.


Little to pick up a high-quality and beautiful cabinet-penalty for the kitchen – it still needs to be right in it. Most often, narrow models put in the wall, with the edge of the kitchen headset, visually starting or completing the furniture composition as a whole.

If the kitchen is small, then the placement of the cabinet-polarla in the free corner is recommended. So it will be possible to save the useful place of the room, avoiding the effect of a cluttered and uncomfortable room.

It is not recommended to put such furniture in the space between mounted structures, because it will affect the conditions of its operation – to use the cabinet will be completely inconvenient.

Useful advice

If you are planning to purchase a wardrobe and put it in the kitchen, then You should listen with some useful advice to specialists.

  • No need to put such furniture between mounted cabinets, otherwise the overall geometry of the kitchen headset will break.
  • Pay attention to the condition of the materials of the structures during their selection. On the surface of the cabinet should not be damage – chips, scratches or scuffs. Furnitura should also be in perfect condition.
  • If you can not find on sale furniture suitable sizes, it is worth ordering a wardrobe for individual orders. It will cost more, but perfectly fit into your kitchen.
  • If you want to transform the interior of the kitchen, bring bright accents to it, then you can choose the original cabinets, the facades of which are supplemented with glass of different colors.
  • In no case can not be in one penalty, and household chemicals.
  • You can find designs, the facades of which have a veneer coating. Such models must be operated very carefully – they are subject to mechanical damage, scratches and scratching are noticeable on them.

Successful examples

Case-penalty is a useful and multifunctional object of furniture, which is very useful in the kitchen. Consider some successful interiors where there are such structures.

In the bright kitchen, it will be gorgeous to look separately standing white or silver wardrobe with an embedded technique. At the same time, the kitchen set may differ from this object of furniture in color. With a penalty will be combined gently brown, bright furniture composition.

Cozy cuisine, aged in unshakful dairy tones, will become a great base for a snow-white headset in a classic style. In such an atmosphere, it will be great to look high to the ceiling cabinet-penalty with a fridge and other objects of household appliances embedded in its design.

In a stylish kitchen, made in a modern style, the walls can be separated by white materials, and put a large tile on the floor with a barely noticeable stone print. On this background, the glossy headset, combining magenta and white paints. Wardrobe Case for a harmonious combination should be selected in purple tones, with embedded technique.

He must also be performed in modern style.

How to calculate penalties for embedded technique in the kitchen, see the following video.

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