Cabinets in the living room: types, tips for choosing and placement

Cabinets in the living room: types, tips for choosing and placement

An integral attribute of each living room is a wardrobe. It is this subject of the interior emphasizes the style of the premises, streamlines things, makes a single whole with a room. In this article we will look at the features of cabinets for the living room, their types and design options.

Features and advantages

Convenience and practicality – the main characteristics to which the cabinet must match in the hall. The following can be attributed to the features of models.

  • Wide range of. Modern manufacturers produce today various options for the living room. You can choose the models based on individual preferences and needs.
  • Availability. Furniture stores have not only expensive options, but also cabinets at an acceptable cost. Of course, such products may not be high quality and practical.
  • Attractive appearance. The cabinet in the hall emphasizes the stylistics of the room.
  • Capacity. Many models accommodate a large number of things. The cabinet will help properly organize space.
  • Different design. You can make a product to order. It will be pleasant to hit guests with its originality.

Review of species

Choosing the perfect cabinet in the living room, should consider the type of product.

  • Classic direct option. It is located along any wall of the room. This product will fit a lot of things. The model will have unpaved doors, have an impressive size. Moving such a wardrobe will not be easy.

  • Closet. Doors of this model are moved through a special mechanism. Such furniture does not require a large space. Design successfully fit into any style room. Usually models are made to order.

They can be equipped with a mirror, decorative elements. Use such furniture comfortably.

  • Built-in option. Walls of furniture will be the walls of the room. That’s why it will not happen to rearrange such furniture.

Its advantages include a significant capacity of the product. It is suitable for various clothes, interior items, accessories, technicians.

  • Corner cupboard. Such a model is located in the corner, ergonomically distributing the living room space. The product is two cabinets that are connected at an angle of 90 degrees. Such a model is suitable for a small room.

  • Radius. Such cabinets have an original semicircular form.

  • Cabinet. This design is usually located in the middle of the hall. Alcoholic beverages are stored in it. Typically, a similar cabinet is installed in spacious rooms.

When creating products, glass is used to be clearly visible their content.

  • Wardrobe Penal. Usually such furniture prefer to choose for small living rooms. Multifunctional model and spacious.

The undoubted plus is the compactness of such furniture.

  • Wardrobe Buffet. Often such models are executed from glass. They can store sweets, sweets to indulge themselves and treat their guests. All content is usually visible in the buffet. There are even models with a refrigeration unit.

  • Sideboard. Such models include bar, bedside tables, as well as doors and lockers at the bottom. Products are produced in different colors, sizes, design embodiments. Standard Cabinet Situations Small.

  • Combined. These include models that include several types of products. For example, it may be a cabinet-servant, combined with a cabinet-penny or buffet.

  • Wardrobe showcase. Put in the hall such a model – an excellent idea. The design is represented by glass shelves, glazed facade. Inside, you can store significant items to demonstrate the surrounding. You can arrange it in both the wall and in the central part of the living room. The framework of the showcase can be made of metal or natural wood.

  • Wardrobe wall. It is similar to the previous version. Only here are not all elements of the facade, so you can store things for opaque doors.

  • Hinged. Such special models are used in the living rooms. They are perfectly harmonized with the interior in the style of minimalism.

Mounted cabinets look original, add space of lightness and grace, are well suited for small rooms.

  • Bookshelf. This furniture includes many shelves, where you can place your favorite books.

  • Wardrobe Stellazh. This universal product will organically complement any room design. In its main part there are numerous shelves, fixed on the side walls. Wardrobe rack can be semi-open or turn on lockers.

  • Cabinet-dresser. It can accommodate things, objects, important accessories. The model for the hall has a worktop where you can place the interior items, as well as put the TV. Other models have open shelves for books, dishes, decorations.


Filling cabinets in the living room can also be different. It depends on the design of the product.

  • Open. Such a model has open shelves, stands or elements for storing objects. In terms of cost, such cabinets are available for most people. In some products, the rear wall may not be absent.

Often designers use similar models for living room zoning.

  • Closed. Such furniture, in accordance with your name, has no open shelves. She has drawers with doors that close tightly, hiding from extraneous eyes the contents of the cabinet.

  • Combined. Such a model will include open and closed compartments. It is convenient to place books, photographs, souvenirs, various decor elements. There are special clothing storage compartments, linen and other items.

  • Wardrobe. If you have an impressive room, you can create a dressing room there. To do this, put a spacious cabinet with the corresponding filling.

Such a compartment model look great. They are beautiful and spacious.


Modern cabinets for the living room are made from a variety of materials.

  • MDF. Raw materials for material serves wood compressed with vacuum dust. Its main advantages include safety, strength and durability. Basically, similar plates are covered with varnish, laminate. Furniture from MDF looks attractive and stylish. At the same time, care for the design will not be easy.

Certain microclimate should be maintained in the room so that the product has served a long time.

  • Chipboard. Wood-chipboard used in the production of economy-class furniture. Raw materials obtained by fastening wood chips with formaldehyde resins. Such substances are harmful to human health. Smell like this furniture is also unpleasant.

But not all manufacturers can guarantee the safety of their products, but it is believed that European models better.

  • DVP. Warfather stove gives stiffness wall walls. With this material, the furniture will not be deformed during use.

Mainly from this raw material makes the lower parts of internal boxes.

  • Wood. Natural wood furniture is considered high-quality and elite. The cost of it is high. Walls can be made of various breeds: walnut, oak, cherry.

Basically, wood is used in the formation of facades and decoration elements. This material should carefully care.

  • Glass. The glass option will become a highlight of the room, perfectly decorate the room, combining lightness and transparency. Usually used durable and reliable tempered glass.

Such a wardrobe can be used for dishes, important trophies, creative things.

  • Mirror. The facade of the cabinet may include a mirror. Frequently applied on it with sandblasting equipment. Beautifully look wardrobes with completely mirror facades.


To properly organize the living room space, it is worth paying attention to the dimensions of the furniture. The height of the cabinet can be different. If you allow the ceilings, you can buy high models that will be located on the subject to the ceiling.

For the spacious hall, the cabinet is often chosen in the wall. It looks such models effectively and fashionable. They may have different filling. Such a large wardrobe mainly consists of a natural tree. This material gives an additional furniture charm and a room as a whole. Use options for various shades.

Narrow models are suitable for small living rooms. They help to save square meters, create comfort in the room. You can put a closet in the corner.

But you should not put a high wardrobe in a close room. He will look ridiculous.

Design options

Modern manufacturers offer customers a variety of cabinet models in the hall. Stylish options may be laconic and easy to execute or in creative design embodiment. Choose furniture based on the concept of your room.

Well in the interior looks White color. It does not lose popularity for many years. Such a wardrobe is usually performed in a classic style. Light shades brought into the space of the coat, visually add the light of the hall, form a psychologically comfortable atmosphere.

However, such furniture will have to carefully care.

Those who do not fit the classics, you can choose other directions.

  • Modern style implies a refusal of unnecessary comfort. It is characterized by straight lines, a combination of flowers close to colors (beige and white, black and gray). Applied chrome details.

  • Country. In such an apartment it is worth using a natural tree, gentle pastel shades. Rustic style involves naturalness in the interior.

  • High tech. It is characterized by the presence of smooth shiny surfaces. Cabinet can be a monophonic or bright accent living room.

Criterias of choice

To make a pleasant and profitable purchase, It is necessary to be guided by some advice of experts when choosing cabinets in the hall.

  • The quality of the materials should be at the height and comply with modern standards of furniture production. The safest materials include a tree. It is environmentally friendly, durable and reliable. If finance allows you, it is worth choosing a wardrobe from it. Pay attention to the tree of wood. You can pay attention to cheaper models from MDF, plastic, glass.
  • Safe must be not only materials, but also their assembly. All items should be able to have relevant certificates. Do not hesitate to demand them. Give preference better accessories and working mechanisms of foreign manufacturers. All moving elements must work silently. If you heard outside sounds, it can signal furniture malfunction. Do not buy such a model.
  • If you attracted a wardrobe, see the videos of it were aluminum. They are more reliable and quiet when working. Parts of plastic will not serve for a long time, although they are cheaper.
  • To safely close the facades, swing doors must have closers. This is especially important if there are children in the house.
  • Before going to the store, You should think in advance the size of the cabinet, its filling, tint and style.

Placement features

    You can place a wardrobe in different ways in the hall.

    • As a separate item. Such a model has no hard binding to any segment of the living room. It can be put in any place.

    Basically, these are case versions that are easily transferred. Often they are placed along the wall of the room.

    • Corner options. They help engage the corners save space. Basic designs are small sizes, but large capacity.

    • Built-in. Furniture is installed in the niches of the room. Often such products are made to order.

    • Around the door. This option looks interesting and creatively. Many owners are trying to use the hall as soon as possible. For these purposes, they are solved to install furniture around the doorway. This design will be located all over the wall plane. Thanks to a good depth, such a wardrobe will be roomy. The inner space is divided into the deaf section to conveniently look for things.

    It’s amazing that the cost of such options is much cheaper, since the part of the furniture is the walls, the floor, the ceiling. The only disadvantage of such a cabinet will be the impossibility of rearrangement of furniture.

    Beautiful examples

    For the hall you can choose a variety of options for cabinets to decorate the room.

    • Hinged. Such a wall closet, for example, green, will help ease the space, stylishly complement the interior of the hall. This shade is perfectly combined with bronze, wood, suitable for ecosil.

    • You can arrange bright accents using a closet Red. It can have closed shelves, a place for a TV and other techniques.

    This shade is worth using carefully and skillfully in order not to create an aggressive mood among others. You can choose other color variations of this tone.

    • Closet. This model will fit perfectly in any room. Use such two-door furniture will be convenient to the whole family and even small children.

    • With leather finish. The trim from the skin perfectly will fit into any living room, give her luxury and charm. However, such options are not cheap.

    Cabinet overview coupe in the whole living room wall View in the following video.

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