Calculation of fabrics on bed linen

Calculation of fabrics on bed linen

Previously, when the textile industry suffered from a lack of technical support and qualified personnel, her handheld bed linen possessed rabid popularity. From now on, it is rather, thanks, the need: people pick up various fabrics and patterns not because they have nothing to close the bed, but because they want to have unique sets, calculated on their furniture and fitted in size.

On the one hand, ordering the like in the studio can be unnecessarily expensive. On the other hand, work on the creation of a pair of elements of linen, including a pillowcase and a duvet cover, can be associated with a bunch of difficulties and difficulties.

Consumption for standard kits

Bed linen made of fully natural fabrics – a good option for a strong sleep, because the skin with such a material will breathe all night, which means evenly cool. Stable thermoregulation will allow the body to relax by each cell of the body, and the owners of the kit will quickly understand that they did not lose. When manufacturers use synthetic components in the manufacture of their products, they make them more durable, more durable and strong, but this strongly affects the convenience of man.

Dynamic modern life requires a dream to be healthy and strong, otherwise no one will have enough energy to perform its work, there will be no opportunity to concentrate attention, so control over the quality of the tissues when creating your bed kit – a large plus of this technique. Feelings from ready-made sets that were washing, have undergone a small shrinkage and lost the silkiness of their surface, can only upset the mistress – and even more spur on creative work. The decatting process is able to alleviate the fate of the seamstress at home, but slightly.

When sewing linen, you need to remember: excessive savings can hardly harm everything, therefore rolls, compared with the norm, you need to take a metro.

Each flap, each millimeter can become decisive, so Before the direct work, it is necessary to correctly calculate the footage of the future bed linen, otherwise the high-quality thing can turn into a huge piece of fabric. On the seam in any case, it is worth postponing from 0.6 to 10 mm, otherwise the work will disintegrated during the first use.


For single beds that do not require a consumption of a large amount of tissues, these kinds can be used as Viscose, Satin and Batist. Soft and silky to the touch, these fabrics are pretty light, wear-resistant and breathable, so have a stylish set of linen – real joy. In this case, the patterns will make it easy: the fabric height up to 150 cm and the width to 120 cm is suitable under these purposes perfect. Equally good sizes for sheets and duvette, while over the pillow, have to spend more time. Depending on human preferences relating to the shape of the pillow, universal sizes are considered either 70×70 cm or 40×50 cm.


This set of linen is suitable for use not only on beds, but also on sofas. The dimensions for it will not be very different from those for a single bed: a piece of chill, flax or batista, which are suitable for these purposes best, should reach an average of 7 meters. With the width of the fabric in 150 cm, the dimensions of the duvette will be 150×120 cm, the total consumption of the material will be 4.3 meters. Sheet will succeed a little more: 150×215 cm with a total area of ​​2.2 meters of fabric. On the pillowcase in 70×70 cm leaves 1.7 meters.


Bamboo fiber and coarse, in addition to the above fabrics, thanks to its wear resistance and non-fraud, will become “frequent guests” in the bedroom of those who have a large bed. Variations for the creation of sets for two – weight. Among them, three are the most frequently used hostesses to build 2-bed linen patterns:

  • Sheet 220×215 cm – duvet cover 200х220 cm+
  • Sheet 210×230 cm – duvet cover 180×210 cm+
  • Sheet 175×215 cm – duvet cover 175×210 cm.

If the sizes of the bed are not suitable for non-standard, nor under frequently used, and therefore not tested by craftsmen, then the simplest method is to calculate the desired characteristics for, for example, the sheets are adding 5 cm on the seams to the total width of the piece of matter.

With a duvet cover a little more complicated: To sew it, it is necessary 2 times more fabric that would be spent on the sheet, so its parameters should be multiplied by 2 and add to them the same 5 cm so that it turns out a good pattern.

To sew bed pillows for two, you will need a segment of the fabric with an average of 1 meter thick. With a width of 70 cm and a 50 cm high, to which you also need to add a segment to create a seam, rectangular pillows contribute to the good rest of their owners.

In the end, the total tissue consumption was 8 meters.

How to calculate for eurosis?

Lingerie for Eurocurities is at the peak of popularity over the past few years. It is quite universally and convenient, so it takes great demand from the owners. Safe and hypoallergenic fabrics (by type of flannel, bosi, flax and silk) are best suited for such purposes, because they are pretty lungs and can easily maintain the temperature of the bodies under the blankets.

The widths and the length of the europy are such: 200×220, 212×225 and 220×240 cm. A duvet cover does not need any additional calculations: for it, the height of the sheets should take away a couple of centimeters so that the bed is not completely closed.

For seams, it is necessary to further postpone on the patterns up to 5 cm: This will make the underwear tight and more reliable.

As standard, the fabric is taken, whose width is 220 cm. A duvet cover will be released with such parameters as 175×210 cm, while the sheets will succeed in 200×220 cm. For pillows, several options options are available at once: 50×70, 60×60 and 70×70 cm. In total, family standard, the total tissue consumption can reach up to 9 meters.

For linen with a width of 240 cm, such indicators will be fair as 200×220 cm for a duvette and 220×240 cm for sheets. Its sizes will satisfy both one person and two, and they will be reached in total account 10 meters. European – a guarantee of convenience and good sleep, because there is enough space on it so that both members of the couple feel free. However, sometimes even in corporate stores can be very difficult to find linen kits with such parameters. That is why independent sewing is a good way to make your life more comfortable. Traditional cotton, tight bamboo and shining silk as it is impossible to come better for the embodiment of any idea.

Calculation for family and baby bedding

For family linen, such fabrics like Satin, Calica, Ranfors and Poplin will not be better fit. The size of the sheets will be very close to the standard for double or eurocation – 220×240 cm. Pillowcase parameters are often selected based on the convenience and wishes of the owner, but the most frequent and simple options are considered square with dimensions of 70×70 cm or rectangular 50×70 cm. The main difference and guarantee of convenience for a couple is to use separate blankets. This will help to comfortably divide the personal space of each spouse without harm to their rest and relationships. Characteristics of ducts in this case will fluctuate in the range of 145×210 cm.

The sizes of baby bedding are calculated on the basis of the characteristics of the child, his age and growth.

Depending on the above parameters, the sizes of pillowcase can reach 60×60, 50×70 and 70×70 cm. That is, to the size of the pillows to which they are sewn, 10 cm are added to flash the seams. If the tissue was not processed and the question of the shrinkage is still relevant, add an additional 10 cm will not hurt.

On average, the consumption of tissue on a duvet cover is 2.7 meters. The standard parameters for this element of children’s linen are considered to be 140×100, 150×120, 160×135 cm.

For a children’s set of linen, you should choose a soft and comfortable fabric. Natural materials should be given a strict preference. Accumulating heat in winter and allowing skin to breathe in summer – these fabric will provide healthy sleep and adults, and children.

About other nuances of bed linen sewing in the video below.

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