Chairs with back in the kitchen: variety of models and choice

Chairs with back in the kitchen: variety of models and choice

Chairs are one of the mandatory furniture accessories in the kitchen, their range is very wide and is represented by models made from various materials and having a variety of forms. The most popular chairs with the back.

Advantages and disadvantages

Traditionally, the kitchen uses chairs with a back. This is due to the following advantages:

  • they have a comfortable design, since the back, being a support for the human spine, thereby facilitates the load on the back of the seated+
  • they have good stability+
  • The backrest, among other things, is an element of design that adorns the appearance of the product+
  • A wide variety of models allows you to choose the best option for a particular kitchen, for example, folding chairs are comfortable in small kitchens, because if necessary, you can be folded and removed by freeing the useful space.

But along with the benefits, there are disadvantages. This is, first of all, there are several large dimensions that require a lot of space. Therefore, to use such chairs in small kitchens is inconvenient, because occupying a lot of useful areas, they create closeness. And also they limit in the movements of the person sitting on them.

Forms and sizes

The furniture market is characterized by a large variety of models of chairs for the kitchen, which differ in the form and dimensions. However, there are standard requirements for their size. First of all, the height of the chairs in the kitchen must correspond to the height of the table. The convenience of the sitting person directly depends on this. For a standard table, a height of 72-78 cm, the dimensions of the chair may be as follows:

  • The height of the chair from the floor surface to the top edge of the back should be between 80 and 90 cm, from the floor to the seat – from 40 to 45 cm+
  • The height of the back should correspond about 45 cm+
  • The width of the seat and back should be at least 35 cm, depth – from 50 to 55 cm.

However, it should be noted that the width of the seat, like the height of the back, can change somewhat. Chairs can be both high and low back. Models with high and low back perfectly look in classic kitchen. The back can be carved, with a soft upholstery or with conventional wooden crossbars. Chairs with simple and smooth backs, both tall and low, highlight the laconism of modern styles.

The chairs with a low back and armrests are harmoniously look at the kitchen in the modern style and retro under the 60s, where minimalism is present.

The backing and seat form also happens different: rectangular and square, oval and round. Sometimes there are chairs with a back and a seat in the form of a trapezoid. Very beautiful chairs with oval and round backs. Smooth outlines, replaced straight lines, emphasize the aristocraticity of the product. Classic chairs with such forms are usually complemented by graceful thin legs and armrests with smooth outlines. Such chairs create an atmosphere of magnifies, refinement and are appropriate in classical kitchen.

Important! According to constructive form, such types of kitchen chairs with a back are distinguished as: classic monolithic, folding, stackable (installed in the column).


Chairs are made from various materials. It can be wood, plastic, metal, vine and other natural materials. In addition, there are combined models in which metal, plastic or wood can be combined in different options. Consider more in demand materials.


Wooden models are characterized by the unique design and versatility of use in the interior. Such chairs are perfectly combined with other wooden furniture objects: cabinets, table, as well as a kitchen furniture from a tree. They can be used in the kitchen with any style design – from the classics to high-tech and loft. Wooden chairs are beautifully combined with decorative elements made of glass, metal, natural stone.

They are characterized by environmental safety, reliability of design, durability, long service life and care.

Such chairs are high quality only if they are made of solid wood. But often natural wood is replaced by chipboard. Such models do not have the desired environmentality and strength. Chairs are made from such trees such as beech and oak (they have the highest strength), birch, but it has a strength less.

Model data can be performed in the combined version: Metal base, seat and back soft, and wooden legs. Soft upholstery are often used by ecocus, various dense fabric, natural skin. In the kitchen, it is better to use models with an upholstery and seats from genuine leather, having a long service life, high wear resistance and retaining its external look. Fabric upholstery in the kitchen quickly contaminated. Special (calendered) felt, spunbond and synthetone apply as seating filler.


Plastic products are distinguished by variety of shape and color. Plastic refers to materials, easy to handle, made of light, comfortable and very practical chairs. So they are of great popularity in consumers. Plastic models also possess the following advantages:

  • they have a low price+
  • Have a reliable design+
  • not exposed to harmful moisture+
  • With a low weight, they have sufficient strength and can withstand weight within 90 kg+
  • do not require complex care.

The deficiencies of these models can be considered the following:

  • Easily exposed to different mechanical damage – scratches and even cracks are formed+
  • poorly tolerate temperature differences and can be deformed+
  • fade under the influence of bright sunlight+
  • Some limitations in the style of use: compatible with the style of the style of the backlash and minimalism, do not at all harmonize with the classic style.

Plastic models are distinguished by a wide color palette – from restrained classic tones to original bright colors. They give colorful and bring freshness in the kitchen interior. Models with rectangular backs will focus on the restraint of design, round and oval – soften the space. Material for the seat and backs is usually the polyvinyl chloride, and for the legs – metal or wood, but also there are models completely plastic. Plastic chairs look well in the kitchen interior where there are many shiny surfaces. For the kitchen of a small area, models from transparent plastic are perfectly suitable: they are visually increasing the free space.


Metal chairs are distinguished by durability and ease of use. Metal products are practical, convenient and inexpensive option for the kitchen. They can withstand weight within 150 kg, have a long life and easily wash. They have such advantages as:

  • Resistant to moisture and temperature differences, well tolerate cleaning products+
  • have a long service life – do not lose appearance and are not deformed for long years+
  • have high wear resistance – over time the creak does not appear, they are not able to disappear and break out.

The main disadvantage is their some limitations in the style of use: the best option is the kitchen in the style of minimalism, but it is not recommended to use classical style or provence in the kitchen. Another disadvantage is that over time, metal legs leave the depressed traces on linoleum. Raw materials for the manufacture of these products serves aluminum and chrome steel, metal coated with powder dyes of different shades or with galvanic coating. These materials have high strength and are able to withstand a large weight load.

Seats can be as follows:

  • Soft, made of natural or artificial filler, covered with skin (natural or artificial) or dense cloth+
  • rigid, made of wood, plastic, chipboard, metal.

The back is either metal, or from a material similar to the seat of the seat. Some models provide for the ability to adjust the height of the back and the angle of its inclination. Combined models may include combination options such as: metal and wood, glass and metal, plastic and metal. Expensive and elite option are metal forged chairs, which are distinguished by original unique decor and uniqueness. They look luxuriously in the kitchen in the style of Provence.

Metal chairs with a soft back and upholstery of artificial leather or tight fabric wonderfully look at the Kitchen High-Tech, Loft and beautifully harmonize with elements of glass decor and natural stone.

Braided chairs

Raw materials for such products serves natural material: Line and Iva, Bamboo and Rattan, Rogoz and Reed. These models have a unique and extraordinary decor and are quite appropriate in the kitchen in Provence and Country styles. Their advantages are as follows:

  • High degree of ecology+
  • Small weight+
  • aesthetic decorative appearance, uniqueness and peculiarity, because they are made by hand.

The following are the following:

  • High cost of products+
  • susceptible to moisture and direct sunlight+
  • Require complex care+
  • low level of strength.

According to the type of design, wicker models are frameless (the role of the frame is performed by thick and strong stems) and framework, in which the frame is made of metal, wood and braid with any natural material.

Design and color

Designer and color solving chairs for the kitchen also differs in variety. Different decor is designed to make chairs harmonized with the interior. On the model from wood often apply varnish or paint. Especially popular white varnish. Such products are perfectly suitable for the kitchen and are combined with any style. For decoration, wood threads are often used.

The back may have the design of the correct form, with a distinct loop or oval, round and even curved configuration. Beautiful and exquisite appearance have a model with curved legs and an oval soft back. Models with a round back often decorated with floral or curly ornament. Often backs are made in the form of an intricate composition with intertwing elements. Speeciously look at the chairs with oval or round soft backs with a frame and a soft upholstery, contrasting color, for example, a bright red frame, and the upholstery of a milk or lemon-green shade. Often chairs are complemented by armrests of different shapes: rounded, twit or rectangular.

Important! Color gamut chairs should not make a dissonance to the interior, and be in harmony with color decoration of the kitchen, combined with the table and other furniture and decor. Usually bright shades are not recommended for bright design, and black chairs are inappropriate in the black interior.

How to choose?

One of the main criteria for choosing kitchen chairs is their comfort and compliance in size. When properly selected in size, the chair has a feet, the knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and the seat should not be resting in the poplite. There should also be taken into account such nuances as:

  • More comfortable for the back are chairs with high backs, having a slope no more than 5 degrees+
  • If the growth of family members varies too much, then you can choose models in which the height of the back and the seat position is adjustable+
  • The weight of the chairs is also important – if they are assumed to be transferred, then it is better to purchase light structures from aluminum or plastic+
  • Plastic and metal models do not require complex care, only it is enough to wipe them+
  • Textile upholstery of products is less durable and will last+
  • For kitchens with limited free square, folding or stacked models will be better.

An important point is the combination of chairs with the table. Under the classic table of wood will be suitable any wooden models. For the tables of modern design (from plastic, glass and other materials) the best option will be chairs with a metal frame, and combined options are allowed.

Successful examples in the interior

Classic wooden models are appropriate in any style.

Comfortable models with soft upholstery and curved legs emphasize the cozy kitchen atmosphere in Provence style.

Plastic chairs look perfectly in the kitchen in the style of minimalism. They emphasize the rationalism and severity of the interior.

Metal chairs with a chrome surface in the Kitchen style High-Tech emphasize the modern design, simplicity and atmosphere of perfect order.

About what chairs with a back in the kitchen is better to choose, look in the following video.

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