Cherry kitchens: Color combinations in the interior

Cherry kitchens: Color combinations in the interior

Cherry color looks bright, noble and stylish. Experts are confident that such a color charges energy, increases the mood and is able to make your day more productive. Proper use of cherry blossom on the kitchen space will help you create a room in which it will always be pleasant to cook and dinner all family members. Read more about how to make the original and comfortable cherry kitchen, you will learn from this article.


Cherry color creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Moreover, the furniture of this color looks noble, rich and stylish.

The main disadvantage of this color is that It is able to visually reduce the room, like other dark colors. This determines the need to combine it with other brighter colors and dilution of the interior with various light elements and accessories.

It is important to note that such a color can be dangerous and for a rather spacious room with poor lighting. With a lack of light, the color of the cherry will look even darker.

Psychologists argue that such a color is ideal for strong or romantic agents. This tint creates an excellent atmosphere for mental conversations, because it relaxes. In Fengshui culture it is used to attract luck. And in medicine it can be used to strengthen the nervous system and the normalization of blood pressure.

There are four main shades of cherry.

  • Burgundy. This is a saturated dark shade. It combines red and brown tone, making it warm and calm.
  • Ripe cherry. It’s bright and catchy. It is the most dark, but at the same time most saturated and bright of all four shades.
  • Pomegranate. This shade is also bright, however he is a brighter ripe cherry. Pomegranate perfectly combined with white.
  • Carmine. This is the coldest shade having a flare black and blue colors.

What colors are combined?

When using bright and deep color, such as ripe cherry, it is worth minimizing the use of other dark or bright colors. They can be used to create small accents or in elements of the decor, but at the same time they should not drag all attention to themselves. Otherwise, the interior design will look strange and inorganized.

Ripe cherry is perfectly combined with different colors.

  • White. This is the most common and traditional combination. White color perfectly complements and emphasizes the beauty and depth of the cherry. White-cherry kitchen will become an excellent solution especially for brightness and classics lovers. Moreover, if the interior is mainly used, the white color will be used, the room will look more spacious.

    • Beige. Such a combination will become softer compared to the first option. Beige color although it is contrasting for cherry blossom, but he softens it a little, which makes the interior kitchen warmer and cozy.

    • Black. This classic combination is considered quite dangerous and is suitable only for spacious and well-lit rooms. This option looks strictly and concise.

    • Brown. Such a tandem will create a warm and cozy interior. Especially good will look cherry blossom in combination with wooden surfaces. Another successful option is the color of coffee or chocolate. Such a combination looks unusually stylish and rich. But as in the case of black, this option can be implemented only in spacious and bright kitchen.

    • Grey. And this combination looks very unusual, but no less beautiful. Glossy panels in such a range look especially interesting and stylishly.

    • Yellow. Gentle yellow shade interesting looks on the background of deep cherry blossom. However, it is impossible to use too much yellow. It is better to make a small focus in one of the kitchen zones, for example, the yellow chairs will look beautiful.

    • Green. This color is also an excellent companion for all shades of the cherry. However, it is better to choose bright shades of green – so you will be able to create a calmer interior.


    Cherry kitchen headsets are quite widespread in modern interior design and are used to create various stylistic solutions. Such furniture is able to supplement the kitchen in any style, and the kitchen set itself can be both monochrome and using other colors and shades.

    Consider the most popular styles.

    • High tech. This modern style appeared relatively recently, but is already quite widely known and in demand. It is characterized by the use of two color contrast for placing. Furniture in this style features functionality, rigidity and concise. Frequently used metal and glass inserts and elements.

    Moreover, you can buy a non-critical metallic color technique, which is perfectly combined with cherries and complements the interior well. And also the kitchen in the style of High-tech will perfectly decorate transparent plastic chairs.

    • Classical. The unsalted classic always remains in demand. At the same time, the style periodically undergoes some changes, for example, the expansion of the color gamma. This is due to new designer solutions and trends of modern fashion. Classic cuisine in cherry tones will look noble and original. As a rule, furniture is made of natural wood, it is characterized by rounded shapes and carved decorations.

    Apron and countertop it is better to purchase in neutral shades, but the wallpaper can be on the same wall with a print, for example, with floral motifs.

    • Minimalism. The name of this style speaks for itself. Its main feature is simplicity, conciseness and functionality. Minimalism does not use a large number of decorative elements. The main decoration of such an interior is a color gamut and glossy surfaces.

    Cherry blossoms perfectly complement metal handles and other fittings. Such an interior looks interesting and stylish due to its simplicity.

    • Country. Ripe cherry in the country interior is often used as a bright accent. The kitchen set for such an interior should be made of wood, you can meet wooden models of the cherry scene. They look noble and original. However, it is impossible to forget that Country style itself is bulky, therefore only for large-sized premises.

    • Japanese. In such style, natural textures and materials with which the cherry shade is perfectly combined with. Such an interior looks mysterious and original, it is perfect for lovers of the East.

    Beautiful examples of design

    Classic combination of white and cherry tones. The top white cabinets with the image of the cherry make the interior brighter and interesting, and the walls, the floor and the ceiling in neutral tones add calm.

    The kitchen set of natural wood of a cherry shade with a black table top of granite looks massively, elegant and rich.

    The snow-white interior with a kitchen sliced ​​color ripe cherry and a contrasting black apron will be a bright and non-standard solution. Moreover, glossy facades make interior self-sufficient, so there is no need to use any additional decor elements.

    The combination of shades of cherry and brown will make the kitchen very cozy, and each meal in such a room will become a real holiday. Snow-white table with chairs looks contrast against the background of a warmer tone, highlighting a dining area.

    The kitchen in gray tones will perfectly complement the bright garnet headset, and a small insert from a multicolored tile in the apron area will make the interior more stylish.

    Kitchen in style minimalism in white and cherry color. The headset of non-standard form makes the interior of cosmic, and glossy surfaces emphasize its originality.

    Bottom Dark cabinets and light tops visually increase the height of the ceilings and expand the room. And metal fittings and black accents perfectly complement the design.

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