Children’s bunk beds with a sofa: varieties and tips for choosing

Children's bunk beds with a sofa: varieties and tips for choosing

Holders of small-sized apartments are forced to think about the smallest details of the bedroom in order to maximizely ergonomically use the available square meters. In our article, we will tell you how practical to become a bunk bed with a small sofa from below, as well as give examples of the beautiful placement of such furniture in the interior.

Pros and cons

For small houses and apartments in which a family with children lives, the optimal option to equip several sleeping places is considered to buy a bunk bed, where the lower floor is represented by a small folding sofa, and the second – the usual bed. Such furniture allows you to solve several tasks at once:

  • Provides households with full-fledged sleep places+
  • allows you to rationally plan the placement of functional zones in the room+
  • frees the space, gives the interior originality and stylish look.

The advantages of such a design is difficult to overestimate:

  • Saving free space in the room+
  • Stylish design that promotes the creation of a cozy atmosphere in the house+
  • If the bed is equipped with a high-quality orthopedic mattress, then such a furniture will create all the conditions for a full healthy sleep.

However, without flaws, they are primarily referring to those who sleep on the second tier. If this is a child’s vacation spot – then the sleeping place must certainly be protected by sidelights that warn random drops and injury to the baby. The dangerous elements include a lifting staircase, it can be a significant threat in cases where:

  • Made of low quality materials+
  • inconveniently located+
  • Made with violation of technological requirements+
  • It has cracks, as well as chips and burrs – which significantly increases the risk of injury during operation.

On the second tier, people can be placed with a small and medium weight, for obese users, finding at height can be unsafe.

We draw attention to the fact that any bunk furniture is allowed to install when height ceilings in a room from 250 cm.


The furniture industry offers several ergonomic options for a two-level product:

  • For a family with two children+
  • For one user+
  • For a joint bedroom guys and parents.

The most common is a model staffed at a minimum: down – a sofa, and from above – the attic. However, products that are additionally equipped with shelves, storage boxes or a small cabinet use no less popular. Depending on the capabilities of the budget and personal preferences, it is possible to establish structures in different designs.

  • Two-level model with sliding sofa. In this case, the bed is located at the top, and the stationary sofa is located below. Such products create two functional areas – a place of rest and a day for daytime strengthening (communication with friends, reading, games and t. NS).

If the sofa size allows you to use it as an additional place for a full sleep.

  • Bunk bed with eurobook. As in the previous version, there is a bed forms a bed, while the sofa delivered from below acts as a guest area during the day, and with the onset of the night.

  • Bed-attic with a sofa. This model is usually used to furnish with children’s rooms and premises where teenagers live.


Definition of bed-location directly depends on the following factors:

  • Ages will users+
  • their anatomical features+
  • Purpose of furniture and, in particular, the sofa.

As practice is evidenced, to create conditions for a healthy rest, the length of the bedroom must exceed the growth of a person by 20-30 cm and more. This factor is very important to pay attention when choosing furniture for an adult room. If we are talking about children and teenagers – then it should be more to be more, because children grow rapidly, and if you select the furniture “backdrop”, then it will last no more than 2 years.

Traditionally, the size of a bed-bed bedway make up:

  • For children 5-9 years – 1600×800 mm+
  • For children 10-14 years old – 1700×900 mm+
  • For users from 15 years – 900×1900 mm.

The sofa sizes affects its purpose, it can be used:

  • exclusively as a rest space+
  • like sleeping place+
  • combine the functions of the day of day relaxation and healthy sleep.


The basis of the structure can be performed from different materials, each of which has its advantages and cons. The framework experiences the maximum load, so first of all it must meet the requirements of the strength – That is why it is most often performed from metal or wood.


Natural tree is an environmentally friendly material, which is characterized by increased strength and long service period. A bed made of wood, made in natural shades or painted can harmoniously fit into a variety of stylistic directions. This material is most often used to design a children’s room.

Usually use the following wood varieties.

  • Beech and ash – the most common breed in furniture business, they differ in noble shades, so that the furniture looks exquisitely and aesthetic.
  • Pine – The most affordable material in terms of price solution. Made from array of pine designs and durable, however, when choosing a similar model, be sure to pay attention to the presence of bitch – what they will be less, the longer your furniture will serve.

Much cheaper, the designs of which are made of chipboard and chipboard.

This material is obtained from pressed chips, however, it is not as environmentally friendly as wood, since the binding component on adhesive basis is used for its manufacture. This is less practical and durable material, however, due to the low cost and the possibility of creating models in the form of houses, cars and ships, it is very popular among users.


The main advantages of metal can be attributed Relatively low cost in tandem with practicality and long operational period. However, such material is selected infrequently, since metal structures do not always fit harmoniously into the general style of the interior. In addition, metal products refer to honeycomb, so they are not recommended to install them in the children’s room.

Design options

For girls

A bunk bed with a sofa for girls is usually made in bright gentle shades – white, pink, soft lilac, blue. The second floor is often manufactured in the form of a fabulous house or carriage – in this way, sleeping place can be used not only for recreation, but also for games. For girls teenagers, the focus is on the sofa – the upper block looks like a standard bed, and the bottom is done more stylized taking into account the interests of the owner of the room.

For boys

Bed for boys are separated in brown, blue, olive and light gray colors, the upper floor is usually decorated, giving the similarity with a typewriter or ship. The use of black colors is allowed only in the teenage room, while the kel must be supplemented by prints, corresponding to the stylistic decision of the interior of the teenager.

How to choose?

        When choosing a bunk design, it is important to consider all possible nuances and features of the room where the bed will be installed. Special attention should be paid to the following factors.

        • The quality of the material used, And if we are talking about wood, then the level of its “maturity”. The fact is that the “raw” tree as drying it starts to breed, as a result, the furniture creaks and deformable. The presence of cracks of chips, protruding knots and poorly processed surfaces.
        • Functionality. Features of using the design of the sofa and the basic requirements for the model – if you are going to equip a couple of beds, then the sofa must be laid out. If the bottom of you are needed exclusively for rest, there will be a fairly stationary model of a mini-sofa.
        • Separate attention to secure security issues. On the second floor there should be sides, the staircase must be durable and stable. If there is a full teenager or an adult on the bed, it is desirable that the staircase is placed an angle. When lifting and descent, there should be no inconvenience, otherwise the risk of overturning the bed.
        • When buying certainly check the bottom of the sleeping zone – the strength of the foundation is of fundamental importance. For an adult user, it is determined by weight of the user’s body, and for a child – his activity and the desire to jump.
        • Another point that should not be ignored – Psychological comfort of man, Sleeping on the Lower Floor.

        Some people are unpleasant to the type of furniture hanging over them – if such sensations take place, it is necessary to give preference to products in which the distance between the blocks maximizes.

        Beautiful examples

        A feature of two-story beds with a sofa is their compactness. This is especially true for small rooms. Bribes and large varieties of materials and models that are used for production.

        If you wish, you can always choose a product that can be installed in different places of the room, even in the center so that it does not disturb the overall design, and harmoniously fit into the existing situation.

        In the children’s and teenage rooms, the sofa often serves a place to communicate with friends – it is much more convenient than placing peers on the bed.

        In the children’s room, preference should be given to bright collections and primed upholstered.

        And in the teenager’s room under how it is impossible to fit the furniture in the style of high-tech.

        Girls will be comfortable if it is surrounded by a product in olive decor.

        Adult duplex models are rare, but they are indispensable if parents live in one room with a child.

        Review bunk bed with sofa Look in the video.

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