Children’s corner sofas: features, types and selection

Children's corner sofas: features, types and selection

To choosing a children’s bedroom Parents are very careful. After all, it should like the child with bright color or interesting design. With a small children’s room, you always want to save place. For this, adults often stop the choice on the corner sofa.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The main feature of the angular sofa in the nursery is its form. With it, you can create a cozy atmosphere, closing a free angle and installing a compact place to sleep in it. For a small child, a small sofa of up to 1.5 meters is suitable for a small child, which in folded form can serve as a chair and significantly save space for the game.

Children over 5 years old you can choose models with a long bedside location about 2 meters. This will be enough to adulthood.

The main advantage of this choice will be a wide place for recreation or reception of friends, where additional chairs will be required. Of course, angular structures and disadvantages.

If the room is very small, the angular model will look at cumbersome at the expense of the side back. If you need to make the permutation you need a replacement angle, and when it is absent, it is difficult to make it difficult. For the preservation of a new type of sofa, it is better to order a replaceable case.


Assortment of sofas is very large. They differ not only in coloring and design, but also by the transformation mechanism.

By type of construction, angular sofas can be divided into 4 types.

  • Modular. Has several blocks that can change places if necessary.

  • Sofa transformer. It has a design of folding bed and a sofa, a cabinet with a shelf. A wardrobe will be built into the sofa, which will save space in a small room.

  • Sofa book. Pickled form has a full-fledged bed.

  • With a replaceable angle. Perfectly suitable for rearrangement of the main section in the right or left side.

Materials of the top and filler

When choosing a sofa, it is necessary to consider the material of the top. After all, children are not the way adults spend their leisure. The upholstery of the bed must match the needs and age of the child. The fabric should be the maximum wear-resistant and hypoallergenic, so when choosing a top material, consider the following points.

  • Flock. Pleasant to the touch with a velvety surface. Spots are well removed from him, no moisture is afraid, quickly wipes and strongly absorbs moisture. Suitable for more adult children.

  • Teflon fabric. Perfectly cleaned and resistant to pollution, so such a coating can be used for small children.

  • Shenille. Pretty steady material to physical exposure. It practically does not wear out and perfectly cleaned pollution.

  • Jacquard fabrics. Quickly rubbing and difficult to clean.

  • Velours. Natural material with large color gamut. Hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch, has a low cost. Quickly wipes, forming whole stains from scuffs. Badly cleaner from pollution. Suitable more adult kids.

Fillers may be such


The best and safest filler for the children’s sofa is a spring block. He supports the spine well and evenly distributes the load on it. Such fillers are called orthopedic. They are withstanding a fairly large load, have average rigidity, long service life, do not distinguish harmful components and do not decompose. Do not cause allergies.

Block of dependent springs consists of a box and spring canvase, which begins when it falls on it. Serves such a system for about 10 years. Then begins to creak and join certain places.

Independent Spring Block consists of independently arranged separate springs, each of which is separated from others. Can serve without defects about 10 years. But it is possible to change the sold parts of the block by replacing the requested parts.

Has a valuable orthopedic function and quite a high price. Frames from such structures have a good air exchange and do not absorb smells.

Synthetic fillers

Despite the origin, these materials are environmentally friendly, do not cause allergies, are not inclined to reproduction of mushrooms inside the structure.

  • There are two options from polyurethane foam. Material can cut into blocks or make design from it. Also pour into the shape and receive a finished part of the sofa. They absorb the smell, last for a long time, have the rigidity of moderately. Orthopedic qualities are absent. Designed for a small load, respectively, for young children.
  • Strettoofiber has a large orthopedic function, does not absorb moisture, does not burn, hypoallergenic. High price and high rigidity. For a small child, a soft lining is needed to soften the rigidity of the sofa.
  • Polystyrene balls. This type of filler is intended for the sofa, on which the child will mostly play, and sleep occasionally. Balls clearly repeat the bends of the body, do not absorb moisture, do not burn. Quickly knock and very soft, so they do not keep the posture of the child during sleep.
  • Holofiber – most worthy of synthetic materials. Not afraid of fire and biological threats. Does not absorb moisture.

Natural materials are used less often because quite expensive.

  1. Latex. Produced from rubber juice. Service life up to 20 years. Has the highest orthopedic indicators among natural fillers.
  2. Coconut. It turns out of coconut hairs. Absolutely safe and hypoallergenic. Has low cost. High degree of hardness makes such a type of filler not very convenient for recreation.
  3. Horsehair – the most comfortable and expensive of natural fillers.

Color solutions

For upholstery of children’s sofas typically use bright colors, harmonizing with room design. They can be combined with images of heroes from cartoons or flowers for girls and machines for boys.

May contain several colors. For girls, pink shades with the addition of white or orange colors are usually selected. Boys like blue, blue and khaki.

Tips for choosing

      In order for the purchased model to serve a long time and liked your child, and also did not occupy a lot of space in the room, Decide with several nuances before buying.

      • What function is the most needed sofa. Will be this option for playing or overnight stay, meeting friends of the child. If this is a sleeping place for two, then the sofa must be folded in width. If it is for two boys, you can choose a model with two angles so that for each of the guys there was their space.
      • Before you buy a sofa with a concrete top material, take a child with you in the furniture store and ask him about the choice of fabric. Let him touch ready-made models. The fabric should be environmentally reliable and hypoallergenic.
      • The sofa mechanism should be simple and safe for a child.
      • Protruding and tight details should be absent.
      • Sleeping place should be in a width of about 80 cm, and in half a half of the child’s height.
      • Height drops on the bedroom should not be.
      • The height of the sofa must correspond to the child’s age.

      Review of the children’s corner sofa “Bravo” in video.

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