Children’s mini-sofa: features, varieties and choice

Children's mini-sofa: features, varieties and choice

Children’s mini-sofas in modern small-sized apartments are essential detail of the interior of the children’s room. Let’s wonder the features of such sofas for children, consider their varieties and those moments that need to pay attention to make the right choice.


Not every family can afford to put a bed and sofa in the children’s room at the same time, and for a small apartment the latter is a win-win option. Having preferred a mini-sofa, you need to try to make this subject of the interior as soon as possible and safe.

The main distinguishing features of children’s sofas are:

  • small size+
  • Cute children’s design+
  • Upholstery is made of soft bright material.

Advantages and disadvantages

Compact sofas for children have a number of advantages:

  • Because of their small sizes, they help to free the place for children’s games, because the child can not sit in one place long+
  • This universal piece of furniture gives a room cozy and well-kept species+
  • Compared to beds, children’s sofas are small: in the folded state, their width is only 90-100 cm, while the width of the children’s bed is usually about 110 cm+
  • Also, unlike beds, children’s upholstered furniture does not have sharp corners and iron parts, which can be broken+
  • Convenience consists in the fact that often the sofa is equipped with drawers for storing bed linen.

    Let’s talk about the lack of such furniture for children.

    • Its mechanical parts may break.
    • Updated over time abruptly.
    • Since the skeleton of the child has not yet finally formed, there are sanitary requirements for its bedroom place.

    Than younger than the child, then he needs to sleep on a more rigid mattress, so as not to get serious problems with the spine in the future. Find a sofa with the right filling – the thing is not easy and often quite costly. In the case of a sofa bed, a bedroom surface may be uneven due to joints.


    Depending on the shape of the sofa bed for children are divided into three groups:

    • Island+
    • Corner+
    • Classic.

    Corner sofas are convenient because they are ergonomic, form an additional recreation area in a small room, they can be settled with all sorts of comfort. Upon completion, the angular design is often more compact, and when departing, on the contrary, forms a wider bed.

    Classic model It is considered the most reliable and easy to operate.

    Island requires more space, so when buying needs to be good to pay a report how good the sofa of this design will fit into your children’s room.

    Depending on the design of the sofas are also divided into groups.

    • “Book”. This is an old good model of folding sofas, its advantage in the simplicity of design. However, such a sofa is laid out with difficulty + here is not provided by the latch, which may be unsafe for young children. In addition, the sofa book has a junction between the back and seat.

    • “Tango”. In its design, this is the same sofa book, but with the retainer, which increases its functionality and safety.

    • “Eurobook”. It has a more complex mechanism: the seat is rolled out, the back goes into the resulting free space, it turns out a wider bed.

    • “Puma”. The design is more convenient than that of the Eurobooks: In order to decompose this sofa, there is no big effort to apply. The mechanism works himself, even the child will fully cope with the layout.

    • “Dolphin”. The most popular model is easy to use. The disadvantage is that when active use, the mechanism fails.

    • “French clamshell”. Very easy folded. Folded sofa compact, no joints can be seen. However, when active exploitation quickly fails.

    • Sofa bed. In the unfolded form, a small child is easy to climb on it. Disclosed without effort.

    • “Accordion”. Easily folded: the back is lowered, armrests remain. In the twisted form is very compact.

    • “Spartacus”. Advanced version of the “clamshells”. A special grid is provided, which when laying unfolds and forms a more flat surface.

    • “Elf”. Very popular model, the seat is not laid out, the armrests are lowered at an angle, the slope of which can be adjusted. No power is required, sleeping place is quite wide.

    There are also special varieties of children’s sofas For kindergarten.

    Usually such mini-sofas are part of the modular sets of game furniture or they are used by solo.


    The design of any sofa assumes the presence of a frame, covered with filler and covered with upholstery.

    • Frame from chipboard. The only positive moment of such a material is its low cost. Sofa from chipboard quickly fails, the material is not environmentally friendly.
    • Wooden frame. The plus of this material is its natural and hypoallergenicity. Minus – High Cost.
    • Metal carcass. The difference of this material in its strength and durability, but such a sofa is quite heavy.

    Fillers are spring (blocks of dependent and independent springs), from synthetic and natural materials.

    A characteristic feature of all spring fillers is that upholstered furniture with such a frame does not absorb smells.

    Synthetic fillers:

    • Polyurethan – not very comfortable from an orthopedic point of view+
    • Strettotofiber – orthopedically comfortable, hypoallergenic, does not absorb moisture and smells+
    • Polystyrene balls – the filler has excessive softness+
    • Holofiber – the most commonly used modern filler for sofas.

    Natural fillers:

    • Latex – characterized by the highest orthopedic properties+
    • Coconut Cleans – Too Hard, Hypoallergenic Material+
    • horse hair – softness average, most expensive of all fillers.

          Sofa upholstery is highly varied:

          • Velur – Natural velvety material, pleasant to the touch+
          • Flock – soft, durable, however, absorbs odors+
          • tapestry – it is easy to clean, it serves for a long time, but it costs expensive+
          • Microfiber – high-quality synthetic material+
          • Echelur – produced on the basis of natural raw materials, soft and pleasant to the touch.


          Modern mini-sofas for children have the most diverse forms and colors. For the smallests are produced in the form of locks, machines, heroes of popular cartoons and so on. For older children, there is a wide selection of sofas with a pattern and without combining the function of a bed and writing desk.

          Sofas with drawing perfectly suitable for younger schoolchildren.

          Monophonic – You can easily choose a product of gentle pastel shades under the color of wallpaper or curtains.

          Sofa table – Excellent solution for a small apartment.

          Tips for choosing

                The safety of this subject of upholstered furniture plays a big role. In no case can not allow the baby because of your miscalculation.

                • Children’s sofa should not be sharp corners, all metal parts should be well hidden under the upholstery.
                • It should not be too narrow to prevent the fall of the baby, or should be equipped with special soft side.
                • The folding mechanism must be working to eliminate its snatching and injury to the child.
                • Boxes for linen must be as secure as possible so that the child’s playing is not stuck inside such a box.
                • It should not be purchased with a sofa with a synthetone or foam filler – these materials are too low-quality and short-lived.
                • Before purchase, you should consult with the orthopedic doctor and choose a sofa in accordance with the state of the repetimate of the child.
                • Do not buy sofas with skin upholstery or leatherette. Their upholstery is too slippery, with her always will slip sheets.
                • And the last advice: invite your child to discuss the issue of choosing a sofa for its room. After all, it is very important that he liked the color and shape, and then the purchased thing will deliver only pleasant emotions.

                How to choose a sofa for a children’s room, you can see in the video below.

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