Children’s ottoman: features, models and choice

Children's ottoman: features, models and choice

Children’s ottoman has a wide, low sleeping place, to which the baby is convenient to climb. It provides healthy, comfortable and safe sleep. Modern tacht compact, endowed with a bright diverse design, it can be a real interior decoration.


Takhta is the Persian name of a large wide sofa without a back, brought to Europe in the XVIII century, the Turks called him a ottoman. Modern Tacht is much smaller, it combined the features of the sofa and bed, but is still rather a bed than a sofa transformer, since its main task is to provide a comfortable sleep.

Today’s ottta is more diverse, it can have a conditional back, armrests, pillows, but often costs and without them.

Besides, Such sofas are prone to transformation and in a certain way increase their sleeping place. The product often contains a box for linen, and if it rolls out on the rollers, the baby appears the opportunity to use it under his toys. Distinguishes the ottoo from the full sofa wider and lowered surface for sleep. The article will talk about children’s models, they are subject to special requirements, they must be:

  • Eco-friendly+
  • Safe+
  • durable+
  • they need to have anatomical properties+
  • match the age and semi+
  • be interesting, beautiful and approach.

Advantages and disadvantages

Often the ottoman in the children’s room looks like a toy – a car or an animal, she decorates the room and attracts children. In addition, the sofa has many more advantages:

  • It belongs to the multifunctional type of furniture (two in one): during the day it is used as a sofa, at night – like a bed+
  • It is compact, you can choose sliding options for small rooms+
  • Employed with a spacious drawer+
  • The design is very simple, it is easy to break+
  • To the low sofa convenient to climb the smallest+
  • Soft rounded furniture corners are safe for a child+
  • In most cases, the ottta has a solid wide sleeping place, which is important for the formation of a toddler’s healthy back for the same purposes. For the same purposes, you can choose models with an orthopedic filler or an additional mattress+
  • Large selection of models that can be occupied both an angle and any sect+
  • Easy to choose a product to the necessary atmosphere+
  • Loyal value.

Since the ottoman is not a full-fledged bed to use it in the afternoon, you have to remove the pillows and a blanket in the box, instead of just to fix the bedspread. This is the only drawback that can be noted.


The ottoman in the orphanage is infinitely diverse, it is easy to choose to taste for any boy and girls. Parents can arrange a sliding, folding model or with a lifting mechanism, with a limiter, drawers, soft back, orthopedic mattress. It is difficult to classify such a variety of products, but let’s try to distribute them by location, constructive features and transforming mechanism. Tahtu, unlike the sofa, do not put in the center of the room, at the place of location they can be divided into just two types: straight and angular.


This type of furniture takes place at the wall. The direct product may have a back, limiters, and even armrests, it is distinguished by more elegant sofas. Sleeping ottomans – wide and smooth, is closer to the floor.


For the Ottoman is the most common option. An angle is formed by a light back and headboard, that is, a place for a pillow. Even before buying, you should know what corner will be a product, since they are divided into left-sided and right-sided. In the form and constructive features of the model are the following.

  • Tahta-toy may look like a car, locomotive, bears, hare, butterflies, flower and other thematic items.

  • For the smallest sofa has Limiters from three or four sides.

  • Unusual options For lovers to rely on the handrails are endowed with armrests.

  • Products may contain one and more boxes under bedding or toys. Access to them is performed in three ways: the sleeping section is raised, under which there are storage locations, drawers are extended from the bottom of the tacht or roll out from under the bedroom.

  • Models of orthopedic purposes. They contain not only a mattress with a special filler, but also a head restraint repeating the anatomical shape of the head and neck.

  • Mini Sofa Employed with a transforming mechanism.

In addition to size, shapes, colors and design, the ottta can be varied by the transforming mechanism by which the bed is increasing, or access to the drawer.


Contains a section on the rollers that leaves the tacht. The roll-out mechanism is used in models of different types:

  • Section leaves to the side, Folded twice the mattress on the tacht, unfolds and covers a sleeping place+

  • Section leaves forward, forming a double place, the folded mattress is also unfolded+

  • The seat itself is rolled out, And in the resulting niche additional elements are stacked+

  • Departures the seat, A massive side handrail is stacked in the resulting niche+

  • Tahta is peculiar “Matryoshka”, From the bottom of which another full-fledged sleeping place leaves below the seat level, it is independent and can take any place in the room, such a model is convenient for two teenagers+

  • roll out Only boxes.

On gas shock absorbers

This device easily raises even a heavy bed, it is only worth setting a small effort – and access to drawers will be free.


Double tacht for adolescents may have a transformation “Eurobook”. This is an improved option of another Soviet mechanism “Book”, it reveals on the principle of opening a book.

To obtain a double bed, you should put forward the seat, and the back will take the resulting niche. Sleep place is flat, with almost imperceptible drop.


The mechanism was invented by the French and called it thanks to the sounds arising during the launching: one click is advanced (click), the second is installed (klyak). The mechanism is able to hold the Takhta in three positions: sitting, lying and half-sidia.


Little soft tacht, completely without corners and hard elements, turns into a comfortable seamless bed. To decompose the model, it is enough to just pull forward. Metal frame and durable mechanism is designed for daily use.


Dolphin model refers to roll-out mechanisms. The section leaves on the rollers and by light lifting, it is installed in a closure with a seat.

Materials manufacturing

The ottta consists of a frame, filler and upholstery, that is, each part of the product contains different material. Therefore, they need to be considered separately.


The best frame is made from the array of treble trees, such as oak, larch, nut, maple, beech. Nearby, durable and reliable, it will serve several generations of children. The wooden base from pine will help to reduce it, and you can also purchase a model that includes pressed plywood.

Unfortunately, another budget material is used for frames – wood chipboard. They are made of large chips and are sampled with toxic compositions, which, with an increase in air temperature, poisonous evaporations are distinguished into an external environment. therefore Chipboard can be considered the most inappropriate option for children’s rooms.

Transforming mechanisms

Most of them use metal to enhance the frame and for the most lifting or sliding mechanism.


The durability of the ottoman and the comfort of stay on it depends on. The modern industry has developed a lot of materials for filling up the upholstered furniture, they have different compositions, density and cost.

  • Polyurene Foolder is the most sought-after material, it is used in half of the products of upholstered furniture. He is hypoallergenic, inexpensive, practical, durable, has an average hardness level.

  • Duraphil refers to the rigid types of fillers, he forms the back of the child, does not cause allergies, opposes the burning, does not absorb moisture. It is not breeding ticks, mole, mold.

    • Hollofiber not intended for furniture that is exposed to intensive operation, it is soft and quickly sends. But if you add it to more hard fillers, the mattress turns out perfect.

    • Latex moisture-proof and durable, it has orthopedic properties, but refers to expensive products.

    • Porolon – not the best filler for children’s ottoman, as it has elements of toxicity, is short-lived, may not be.

    • Spring blocks There are dependent and independent. The first option is inconvenient, since the springs are intertwined between themselves and, if you press one, everyone else will stretch. Independent springs are set separately, each work independently, as such mattress is needed very comfortable.


    Upholstery material directly affects the reliability and durability of the tacht. If it is easy to pull out the threads, slightly hooked, as, for example, from the cargo, it means that such a cloth for a children’s sofa is not suitable. Many materials are impregnated with special compositions that repel water, it is possible for the child’s room they are not relevant, since they do not let the air.

    Kids will suit fabrics with a large content of natural yarns – tapestry, scotchgard, jacquard, shenill, although the latter can give tightening.

     Actual colors

    Fashionable colors come up with adults, children have favorite shades, they choose them for their clothes, toys and even furniture. Most children prefer a bright cheerful palette, playful and raising mood. To please each kid, the furniture industry uses the most incredible shades. By the way, it is noted that the children’s rooms of girls are made with delicate paints. Boys prefer tones active and saturated. Consider examples of color solutions in the interior of the children’s room.

    • Ottoman “Alice”, Despite the soothing green tone, turned out to be made and energetic.

    • The calm tonality of beige shades can fit Provence.

    • Model “Cosmos” The colors of the sky, the moon and stars adjusts the child to sleep.

    • Boys prefer blue, “imposed” them from birth. But some juicy shades of blue look cheerfully.

    • Energetic colors For the children’s room you will need too calm baby.

    • In the tonality of this sofa laid Theme of sun, rainbow and many delightful paints.


    Tahtu for a child can be used from 3 years. But there is a special kind of structures that are applied from year to year, they are protected from all sides, which makes it possible to kid not to fall during sleep. Sofas have a variety of sizes, like the children themselves. They are encountered with dimensions close to the chair (with a decomposition mechanism) or with a full-fledged seamless wide bedroom (80×160 cm).

    The parameters of the ottoman, taking into account the age of children, differ noticeably, but there are such furniture that “grows” with the child, adding by section. For a teenager, you can choose a large, but lightweight product with a comfortable sleeping place: 100-120 cm wide and 170-190 cm long. Unlike a full-fledged sofa, the tacht of large sizes will not look cumbersome.


    Every designer at home is waiting for his child, love for it is felt in the created models. They are incredibly beautiful, comfortable and diverse, they find approaches to any kid, feel his desires and inner world. Parents can only listen to what the child wants, and they will get extraordinary furniture in the interior of the children’s room. Look at how diverse products for sleep and leisure for small users are.

    • Tacht for teenage girl, built-in furniture with penalty and shelves.

    • Snow-white tacht with a carriage screed looks very solemnly.

    • Bed for a small princess may look like a cinderella carrier.

    • And for sea princes – in the form of a big seashell.

    • Kids love sofas-toys, it can be a machine, boat, train or representatives of the animal world.

    • Royal Taht’s Bed for the Girl looks smart and majestically.

    • Compact Sofa for Little Football Player.


    Products for the children’s room have special characteristics, they should be durable, reliable, safe, they should be made from environmentally friendly material. Products of companies producing children’s furniture is carefully checked. therefore It is worth purchasing a Tahtu from famous factories, which meets all extended requirements.

    These include the following companies.


    This is a Netherlands company founded in Sweden. Its simple, inexpensive, but durable and functional furniture today is known to the world. In the children’s room, together with the Takhta, you can also purchase the rest of the situation using ready-made interiors from the designers of the company.


    Polish manufacturer of children’s furniture produces beautiful European quality sofas. Its products satisfies the demand from the smallest users and to adolescents.

    Cia International

    Italian brand produces delicious bright high-end sofas for school children. The company pays great attention to the latest developments, aesthetic and specific characteristics of models. Products correspond to European quality, but the cost of them is high.


    Children’s furniture from the Turkish manufacturer Cilek enjoys in great demand in 30 countries of the world. In addition to the ottoman, the company can offer a fully finished interior of the children’s room, in this regard, the brand has more than 700 thousand developments. Models of sofas for children are endowed with streamlined rounded shapes, equipped with safe side.


    The German Factory of Children’s Furniture Paidi launches cots for newborns, all siblings, including Takhtu, bunk gaming beds. Their products are equipped with all sorts of boxes, it looks attractive.

     Tips for choosing

    From a properly selected bed, a comfortable sleep depends and the state of the female posture. If the baby is inconvenient, and he does not fall out, capricious notes will appear in his character, the nervous system will suffer (and muming too). So choosing a ottoo, you need to pay attention not only to the delightful appearance, but also to other criteria:

    • than the sofa is hard, the better for health, But the baby can not evaluate care, so it is better to stay on the model of medium hardness+
    • The ideal solution will be Selection of products with orthopedic properties+
    • If the ottta contains a chipboard, withIce familiar with the certificate to understand the degree of danger to the child+
    • Upholstery material must have the “breathe” property, otherwise the baby will be stuffy and uncomfortable+
    • choose bed better with son or daughter, Taking into account their opinion, but if technical specifications and security, which the child is not yet able to judge, must be gently insisted on its decision+
    • During the purchase, you should check the operation of the transforming mechanism, Suggest a child to decompose the Taht, while any complexity or tension should be alerted and become a reason for the consideration of another option+
    • Little child should not take a model on “grown”, She may be high for him and not having safety collections.

    Examples in the interior

    Upholstered furniture for children is incredibly beautiful and diverse, you can make sure that you can, examined examples in the interior.

    • The ottoman “Ladybug” is compact, laconic and very effect.

    • The model “fabulous lodge” can take its place even in the most tiny rooms.

    • Beautiful ottoman for girls gentle shades.

    • Mini sofa with applications.

    • Model on legs for a girl stylized under the situation in the room.

    • Shebbi-Chic Sofa.

    Modern Children’s Tacht is not only a convenient place to relax, it revives the interior, makes it comfortable and attractive.

    About how to choose baby furniture, look next.

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