Children’s ottoman with sides: what happens and how to choose?

Children's ottoman with sides: what happens and how to choose?

The little man is growing, time comes, he is already closely in the infant crib. Then an excellent option will be a children’s ottoman with sides. Parents will be useful to know which it happens and how to choose the best option.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The peculiarity of such furniture lies in the approach to the design. Tahta-bed has no sharp corners that a child may be injured. Children’s ottoman with sides protects the baby from falling during sleep. Back, sidewalls and sides, if any, in many models are covered with upholstery. It makes them soft and safe.

The following advantages of this type of children’s furniture can be noted:

  • Compactity+
  • variety of design+
  • No sharp corners+
  • Availability of protective side+
  • Options of the lifting mechanism+
  • Attractive exterior design+
  • Availability of retractable or roll-out box+
  • Sleeping Takhta always has a smooth surface+
  • Ability to use a ottoo-bed as a gaming space.

    A variety of proposed models is so big that you can choose for every taste, request and price tag. Baby beds made of solid wood, chipboard, fiberboard. Wood products are more expensive, but stronger.

    Disadvantages of ottoman are not so significant. In some embodiments, the mattress will have to raise manually. If the frame is made of an array of wood or metal, it will be a problem for weak people. With spring type, lifting much easier. However, over time, the springs lose their elasticity; they have to change them.

    Gas springs work on compressed air, they are warranty up to 5 years. This mechanism has a smooth move, it is easy to raise and lower it, it can withstand heavy mattresses, up to 80 kg. The lack of some models is high cost.


    There are several basic options offered by manufacturers.

    It is pretty expensive Orthopedic model. Sleeping such a model exactly repeats the bends of the right position of the back, neck, head. If the child has problems with the spine, it is best to buy just such a bed.

    Takhta Transformer May be similar to the car, flower, carriage, plane. These models have a folding mechanism and an attractive appearance. In this case, the dimensions of the ottomans increase due to decorative designs. There are models with drawers where you can fold toys or clean bedding.

    Children’s ottoo bed can be chosen for baby from 3 years and older. For your beloved Chad you can buy a bed with a soft back to indulge in, he did not hurt himself. There are products on sale, sliding. A large designer series is represented in the form of sofas with side sides.

    Bursts also have a number of differences, they are removable and stationary. May be half, it is for older children. In this case, on the one hand, the bed protects the wall, on the other side. Quadruplends guard the baby so that he does not fall during sleep. Frames protect the child, but at the same time play a significant role in the design design.

    Upholstery materials

    On the upholstery of the ottomans go fabrics like synthetic and natural. Natural fabrics such as velor, velvet, cotton, have high hygroscopicity, comfortable, but short-lived. Synthetic, on the contrary, have a long service life, but less useful. They have a property of accumulating static electricity, especially in the dry air of the winter apartment, breathing badly.

    Mixed fabrics will be the best choice for upholstery. They skip air perfectly, but the added synthetics increases strength and increases wear resistance. It is flock, tapestry, jacquard.

    They are not only durable, but also very beautiful. For the ottoman with soft backs and sides, the most suitable fabrics with a terry pile.


    Designers of children’s beds develop different models for style solutions and design. The ottoman can be made in the form of a cozy, soft sofa with sides, can be in the form of a typewriter for small men. The ottoman decorated in the form of a princess crib with a canopy, very much like young girls. There are carriages, fabulous houses, racing cars.

    The color palette, represented by manufacturers, size range, will allow you to choose a product to any interior, in a room of any size. When buying it is worth considering the taste preferences of small owners of the future bed. Designers did everything so that the kid can get in his possession of the fabulous bed of dreams.

    Tips for choosing

    When choosing a product for small children, first of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the design. If the base from the wood array, the tree should be well succeeded, do not creak, do not have cracks. Mandatory attention paying the lifting and sliding mechanism. All parts having rubbed surfaces should have a lightweight, without jail and squeaks.

    Find out which filler used the manufacturer is the following need. For the child, polyurethane foam and holofiber are considered the most appropriate. These fillers breathe well, easily take the shape of the body of the child, have sufficient elasticity and are available at a price.

    Of course, the furniture is chosen taking into account the desired sizes and colors. It is important to remember, children love bright, screaming colors. But not every color with a long-term neighborhood with a small owner has a beneficial effect on children’s psyche. It must be borne in mind that some colors have a soothing effect. This is a light green, blue. Deep blue can shoot emotional stress, pink and purple can calm the hyperactive child. But if the kid has an increased emotional background, then you should not choose an orange color. It strongly excites the nervous system.

    The most important criterion is children’s desire.

    The main thing is that the bed like the small owner. Then his sleep will be healthy, strong and full.

    Next, watch a video review of children’s ottomans with side.

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