Children’s sofa couch: features, design and selection

Children's sofa couch: features, design and selection

Replacing new furniture on the old one is always a time-consuming and complex process. Especially when it comes to choosing a bedroom for a child. Currently, there are a large number of options, one of which is a sofa couch. It is a folding sofa having an armrest on one side and a back.

Features, pros and cons

A similar sleeping place has a number of features. First of all, among them I would like to note the simplicity of the mechanism of the sofa couch. Due to its small size, any person will not be difficult to disassemble or collect such a sofa. This feature is a certain plus.

Also, this type of sofas features compactness and versatility from all other options. Compact sofa becomes a comfortable sleeping place. Furniture-transformer can be a good solution for rooms with a small area. Folding sleeping place will free the place for games and classes in the children’s room during the day, without prejudice to the night comfort of the child.

A couch can be a full-fledged sleeping place for both the child and I am for an adult, thanks to the possibility of acquiring a sofa with an orthopedic mattress. This is a necessary thing for a developing skeleton of a child.

Therefore, it is extremely important that when choosing a bed, this fact was taken into account.

Everything else sofa Couch pleases buyers by the ratio of price and quality. Choose such furniture possible with any criteria and budget. Considering all the above features of this interior item, it is clear that it has a fairly wide range of advantages. However, has a number of minor minuses.

First of all, among them you need to note Low wear resistance. Of course, it all depends on the material selected from the manufacturer, however, do not forget that it is still upholstered furniture. Her upholstery requires careful care, especially when it comes to a children’s room. Also, a similar bed of a child can be an excess dust collector. This deficiency can be easily leveling full regular care. However If the child is inclined to allergies or suffers from bronchial asthma, the selection of a sofa couch as a bed – not quite successful.


Currently, there are several types of couches sofas, so everyone can choose the most comfortable option. Primarily, sofa can be folded or not. The folding option will be more spacious, but, in turn, it will facilitate the use of.

Folding sofa suggests 2 provisions that requires permutation for sleep time, as well as additional time.

Sofa Tahta – Another breakpoint for a child. By analogy with folding couch, there is a simple mechanism and a spacious bed. Also, the sofa couch can have bags for storing sleeping clothes, which, of course, is an advantage. Boxes can have both folding sofas (drawers will be located in the extended part of the sofa) and in the unprofinal single couch.


The sofa couch is a stylish and modern solution for the nursery, which is why the design of this furniture can be completely different. It can be a classic rectangular couch on wooden or metal legs, with high or low sideboards, with straight or fantasy armrests. Selection of a bedside design for a child should be done taking into account his interests.

Sleeping can acquire the shape of a car, a ship, a castle with princesses and a lot of other. Also, this furniture may be distinguished by the upholstery material, which is also important. Here you need to take into account not only design, but also, for example, availability of pets.

There are specially designed upholstered furniture for upholstered furniture that are not subject to homemade cat claws.


The color of the baby’s bed can be absolutely any: bright or muted, suitable for the rest of the interior or accent. It is worth paying attention to the wedroom of the material to avoid the rapid damage.

Tips for choosing

The ottoman or the couch will become a successful purchase that can please you for a long time and baby, If when it is selected, you will follow some recommendations.

  • Choosing between the folding couch and the in -urest, consider the possibilities of space and age of your child. If the child is already quite an adult to prepare a bed for a bed before bed on his own, and its room is spacious – boldly take the folding option.
  • When choosing a material and color, think in advance which external factors will be able to spoil the upholstery material quickly and irreversibly. For example, if you have more than one pet, buying a black sofa couch can be not the best solution.
  • Consider the age of your child And do not forget how children grow rapidly, if you do not plan to change a sleeping place every year.
  • Pay attention to sofas with an orthopedic mattress. In the future, this will positively affect the development of your child.
  • Choosing design, Think about the near future of the child: A boy who wants a sleeping place in the form of an 8-year-old car, after 3 years, it is capable of abandoning him due to the change of interests.

How to choose a children’s sofa, see below in the video.

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