Chocolate kitchens in the interior

Chocolate kitchens in the interior

Choosing a color gamut for the kitchen, many designers are “repelled” from the overall interior of the apartment. However, bright rich notes are important for this premises. Extremely popular chocolate color kitchen wins. Saturated brown tone allow creating a modern room, techno and high-tech style.


“Delicious” color of chocolate refers to deep saturated shades. It is suitable for spacious premises with high ceilings. Chocolate color headset with glossy texture looks just luxurious. Matte surface is relevant for the kitchen, which is distinguished by miniature sizes.

Such a color choose practical people who value calm and comfort. All shades of brown are able to implement the most bold design decisions, while maintaining comfort and restrained elegance.

Brown has many shades: from a gentle milk to the tap of coffee. And he also harmonizes with many bright and bold shades.

Fashionable combinations

First of all, the “sweet” tone is perfectly combined with a light palette. So, the following colors are harmonized with brown.

  • White. The classic fusion of shades is suitable for any premises. Such contrast will resemble the Yin-Yang symbol. White-chocolate kitchen choose conservative personalities who prefer the classics in everything. Light tone on a chocolate background Visually will make the room spacious and lighter.

However, many designers believe that this contrast is too sharp and boring.

  • Lactic. Soft gentle tone dilutes dark color gamut. The combination of chocolate and milk is suitable for miniature premises. Such a fusion of tones will make the interior of any kitchen restrained and neutral.

  • Yellow. Beautiful sunny shade perfectly harmonizes with brown. Chocolate background with yellow furniture objects looks knuckle, bright and trigger.

  • Beige. The kitchen set of cream shade will look simply amazing against the background of chocolate walls. In addition, this interior implies the use of bright, juicy parts (curtains, tablecloths and covers for chairs).

  • Pink. Amazing combination of tones is suitable for bold and creative personalities. Most often, such a designer solution is chosen by young couples. However, the overabundance of saturated raspberry tone is able to cause irritation.

In addition, the chocolate tone is not always worth using as the main. For example, dairy wallpaper and beige ceiling are perfectly harmonized with brown chandeliers, coffee tint curtains. Designers advise to use in the interior of brown kitchen tulle made of light flowing cloth.

In addition to bright tones, chocolate color is perfectly combined with dark, bright shades. These include:

  • black+
  • grey+
  • Red
  • blue+
  • coffee.

Just a combination of coffee and chocolate looks especially spectacular. However, do not forget that the oversupply of the dark tones in the room is able to “drive” the owner of the apartment depressed. In the design of the kitchen made in chocolate colors, bright accents must be present: bright utensils, household appliances and countertops.

Do not forget that the brown kitchen set is best suited for compact cuisine, with the walls must be mostly light tones. A similar combination will help visually expand the space and make it cozy, comfortable.

It is also important to remember the lighting. Dull light in the kitchen of chocolate color will make the room gloomy and dull. And also important color ceiling. With the “delicious” tinge combines white matte and silver glossy coating. The same applies to the floor in the kitchen. It must be performed in bright colors (gray, beige, milk). For brown kitchen Actual images of coffee beans on wallpaper and tablecloths. Original and stylish.

Advantages and disadvantages

Chocolate kitchen first looks like a rich and effectively. Kitchen set and wallpaper dark tones are not dirty and long retains saturated color. Brown shade is out of fashion and does not lose its relevance for a long time. Furniture objects and a kitchen set of rich brown can have both an even glossy surface and a rough structure. In the kitchen, the color of chocolate looks great furniture in vintage style.

However, color has flaws. For example, chocolate tone is capable of burning out, especially if the kitchen is located on the sunny side. In addition, a divorce and dust will be visible on the kitchen headset of chocolate color with glossy texture. Remove ordinary water similar contamination will not work. Need special cleaning products whose price is quite high.

Subtleties of choice

The kitchen made in this color will look as much as possible, if you add it to the interior of natural wood furniture, leather, ceramics and vines. Dark leather sofa, wicker chairs and granite washing perfectly combined with wallpaper and brown dyeing. You can also use only small chocolate inserts (handles, curtains and tea services).

Don’t forget about fur and silk. Similar items will make the room in chocolate tones truly luxurious and spectacular.

Much attention should be paid to the details and elements of the decor. For example, if we are talking about the studio apartment, it is important to remember about bright accents. In this case, the curtains of a saturated dark chocolate tint may be present in the living room combined with the kitchen. And also relevant a catchy apron in the same color.

For miniature kitchens are suitable:

  • Beige and Milk Lights+
  • Clock and paintings made in dark chocolate color+
  • Curtain coffee curtains.

As for other colors in the interior of brown kitchen, they must be gentle or neutral. Perfect apron, made in mint colors, or light yellow dishes. Household appliances can be different shades: from rich black to steel.

Of particular interest of designers attracts kitchen color cappuccino. This is the shade of a famous coffee beverage that can be compared with saturated caramel. Color causes the most pleasant associations and makes the room light and cozy. Saturated coffee sets can be decorated with lilac or emerald drawings – the room will be filled with freshness and novelty.

Note that the kitchen of the coffee shade is relevant snow-white furniture. A similar interior will look luxurious and unusual. In addition, in addition to dark walls, coffee can be:

  • dinner table+
  • Kitchen apron+
  • Table top+
  • Paul and ceiling.

And also for chocolate kitchens, transparent crystal and bronze elements are suitable. In addition, large vases with beautiful decorative plants are relevant for it.

The presence of greens will fill the dark room with fresh air and bright colors.

How to choose the color of the kitchen, you will find out in the following video.

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