Choose a children’s sofa in the form of a machine

Choose a children's sofa in the form of a machine

To choosing a children’s sofa must be treated very seriously. It must be remembered that such furniture must comply with certain requirements, but do not forget that she should like the child visually. Recently, sofas for boys in the form of a car use in demand. In this article we will talk about how to choose such a sofa.


Children’s sofa car today is at the peak of popularity. And this is not surprising, because representatives of the strong half of humanity – both adults and small, love cars.

The demand for such furniture is justified, of course, its features and advantages over the analogues.

So, we highlight some key features of such models:

  • Multifunctionality: Furniture can be used for both relaxation and as a conventional sofa for gatherings+
  • Design is equipped with drawers in which it is convenient to store bedding+
  • Made from safe materials+
  • Almost all sofas are sold with mattresses+
  • The design and form of such furniture will certainly be interested in a child+
  • No sharp corners.

The sofa car is the perfect option for parents who, for example, want to teach a child to sleep alone.

Varieties and design options

Assortment of children’s sofas in the form of a car is very large. Models differ from each other with color, size, design and decomposition mechanism. If we talk about the color scheme, then it is the most diverse. Dimensions also do not have restrictions: You can choose a model that is ideal for a child’s growth. As for the designer design, then the choice is worthy of respect.

In the process of creating a sofa as a basis can be taken by any of the existing cars – both real and fabulous.

But the most popular mechanisms that are used for transformation are:

  • accordion+
  • Picky+
  • Dolphin+
  • tango.

Materials and sizes

The material from which the furniture frame is made is the main selection criterion. Each parent buys a child’s safe product that will not harm the baby.

The manufacturer, in turn, makes the frame of children’s sofas-machines from a variety of materials.

  • Chipboard. A photo printing is applied to collected from this material. Externally, the furniture looks spectacular and plausible, but the chipboard does not apply to moisture resistant and durable materials. Most likely she will last long.
  • Ledp. This is the same chipboard, only laminated, due to which the moisture resistance coefficient increases and the service life. Also, due to lamination, the number of evaporated harmful resins decreases.
  • MDF. This is the safest and environmentally friendly material, moisture-resistant and hardy to mechanical exposure.

Often used plastic, which refers to durable, durable, safe and fire resistant materials.

As a upholstery, jacquard, teflon fabric, Shenille. As for the size of a children’s bed machine, they may vary. The optimal is considered to be the size of 190×90 cm. According to consumers and manufacturing companies, such furniture is quite compact, and from a variety of existing options you can choose a sofa, which in its dimensions perfectly fit into any square meters.

Tips for choosing

Pick up the furniture in the children’s room – a rather difficult task, and especially it concerns the place to sleep. Choosing a sofa bed to the baby, you need to consider:

  • The type of material from which the framework is made+
  • Type of fabric used for upholstery (give preference to the most wear-resistant material)+
  • Functional mechanism+
  • Softness mattress+
  • Color and Design Design+
  • Manufacturer+
  • price.

Very good if you have the opportunity to take a child with you to the store. Let him look and say, what model he likes most. So you will be sure that you buy exactly the subject of furniture, which will like the child.

Also be sure to ask the seller quality certificates and product conformity.

Beautiful examples

Machine sofas today are a lot, but there are several models that like children most.

  • Lightning MCQUEEN. Every child is well familiar with this character. The sofa is presented in different colors, made of high-quality material.

  • Lunohod. It is made from different materials. Great for a child from 2 years. Sleeping Size – 162×66.5 cm.

  • Boomer. Thanks to bright and different colors, such a model can be perfectly fit into any interior and design. Folded quite compact. Discharge mechanism. Sleeping Size – 190×86 cm.

  • In the form of a racing machine. Creating models, the manufacturer tried to fame: Today you can find a huge number of sofas representing racing cars in miniature.

Baby Bed Review in the form of a machine in the video below.

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