Choose a corner sofa in a small room

Choose a corner sofa in a small room

Little residential area always dictates certain conditions for the selection of furniture. In order not to clutter the space, at the same time “squeezing” the maximum of the available square meters, it is necessary to purchase functional, but not bulky interior items. Today I choose the corner sofa in a small room.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

To begin with, consider the features of angular structures, namely:

  • The main distinguishing feature of such a sofa, of course, his form+ it can be M-shaped or P-shaped + you can pick up the one that perfectly fit into your room+
  • on such a sofa much Comfortable to talk with relatives and loved ones, Since at the expense of the corner you can sit face to each other+
  • You can choose a suitable model For any room: Bedrooms, Kitchens, Living Room, Balcony, Cabinet, Children.

Now let’s get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of small-sized corner sofas. The pluses should include the following:

  • Thanks to compact dimensions, even a tiny room can fit+
  • The price of such sofas is lower+
  • If you choose the product and plan to sleep on it, you can easily choose the appropriate transformation mechanism+
  • The standard length of the mini-1.9 m sofa is 1.9 m, but it is enough to sit even to sit even a few people.

Among the minuses need to highlight the following:

  • comfortable sleeping on it can only be a small man or child, as the sofa is still narrow+
  • The impossibility of the location of decorative elements in the seat zone+
  • Corner sofas-small-slickers, unlike their standard “fellow”, as a rule, are not equipped with additional shelves, minibar, coffee table, drawers, drawers+
  • Not too much variety of models.


Depending on which room is planned to put a sofa sofa, You can choose one of the following varieties:

  • Sofa transformer Equipped with folding mechanism, it can be put in any room+

  • Kitchen corner sofa, As a rule, the component of the dining area is not laid out+

  • Mini-sofa (single sofa sofa).

Let us dwell on the products equipped with a folding mechanism.

  • “Dolphin”. The most common option. The technique of its layout is as follows: The bottom of the sofa is advanced and no matter how “emerges” up (hence the name).

It is equipped with an extra mattress, which forms a sleeping place, lifting.

  • By type of sofa. A distinctive feature of such a sofa is the laying of an additional mattress by the second layer on the elongated soft part, under which the hollow niche is located. When laying a sofa, it serves as a frame for a bed.

Lingerie is located in a smaller part of the Svan.

  • “Book”. To transform such a sofa, you need to pull up the seat to the characteristic click, then return it to the starting position.

  • “Eurobook”. The decay mechanism is a bit different: it is necessary to push the seat on yourself and lower the sofa back on the vacant place.

  • With a swivel mechanism. Unfolded by turning the main part of the sofa to the Pot.

  • “French clamshell”. The sofa turns into a bed thanks to the folded bed mounted in the seat with a sleeping place.

  • “Accordion”. The mechanism of his laying resembles the movement of harmonic fur.


Choosing a small-sized corner sofa, you should navigate to place it. Before you go to the store, make measurements and remember: the product should be 5-10 cm in short in both directions to avoid challenge problems. For angular mini-sofas are characterized by the following parameters:

  • Standard width is 1.9 m+
  • The sofa with the Dolphin mechanism has dimensions of 2.22×1.58 m, sleeping place – 1.55×2.10 m+
  • Dimensions “Eurobooks” – 1.32×2.10 m, sleeping place – 1.3×1.9 m+
  • Sleeping place “Accordion” has dimensions of 1.95×1.2 m or 1.95×1.4 m.

Materials and colors

Very great importance is the cleaning material of the sofa. The price and functionality of the product depends on it. Consider the following main varieties:

  • velours – The material looks attractive, has a low cost, but when regular use is being abrasion+

  • Term mayachard or jacquard characterized by density, beautiful pattern, durability + subspecies “thermo” is exposed to special heat treatment to protect the surface+

  • Shenille It has “fluffy” threads in its structure, is distinguished by complex weaving, density, wear-resistance, hypoallergenia+

  • Flock It is a campus coated base from different materials + dirt-resistant, it is easy to wash it+

  • Scotchgard – Cotton compacted fabric+

  • Microfiber – “Breathable” material, quite pleasant to the touch, hypoallergen + it contains both artificial and natural fibers, is practical in application+

  • Artificial suede fabric is a velvety, it’s nice to touch it + it does not fade in the sun, wear-resistant, but wet cleaning excluded+

  • leatherette Visually and to the touch resembles natural skin, it looks expensive + minus material – instability to mechanical damage+

  • Ecocient The third consists of cotton fibers, combines synthetic and natural components, due to which it is functional, will not stick to the body, causes pleasant tactile sensations + it is practical and durable.

Consider which colors are most preferable for furniture of such a plan, namely:

  • If the color gamut of the room consists of ahromat (black, white, gray), then it is quite acceptable to focus on the sofa, choosing a model of linom, purple, terracotta or other bright color+
  • If you wish to create a general concept of premises, make sure that the hint of the upholstery coincides with the main tone of the room+
  • Beige, and the rest of the bright shades of brown, it is considered universal, but here you need to “play” in contrasts, choosing a complex drawing or upholstery+
  • White angular sofa is a practically a win-win option for a small room, since it not only does not “steal” space, but also fills it with light, air+
  • Gray is also good, but you need to pay attention to the total color gamut of the room so that the sofa does not get out of it, since gray has a lot of shades+
  • As for the black, here you need to be extremely careful – it is best to fit into the room where white prevails and there are several dark “spots”+
  • As for the sofas with a print, again, again, you need to look at the environment + so that there is no feeling of adhesiveness, preferably products with a pattern are placed in a room with monophonic walls, floor and ceiling.

Tips for choosing

Buying a sofa, a person, as a rule, is counting on the fact that he will serve not one year. Let’s look at what you need to take into account to make the right choice, namely:

  • The color of the product should like all family members and do not get out of the overall palette of the room+
  • When choosing a folding structure for the sphany, consider that the sofa should remain enough space for its location in a disassembled form + it means that neither the coffee table, nor another subject of the interior you do not put there+
  • The folding mechanism must be convenient for who will sleep on the selected sofa.

Best of all in a small room looks models equipped with a flat back.

Accommodation options

Angular sofa in a small room can be placed as follows:

  • Next to the window – Then on people who are sitting on it will fall natural light + it will especially like to read or needle how to read+
  • in the corner of the room – Perhaps the optimal option + 2 walls are involved and the angle formed by them, there is no excess non-functional space+
  • along the wall – Then, at a small corner of the sofa, it will be possible to put the cabinet, cabinet or small comedom+
  • If the room is not too little or you wish to zonail him (relevant for studio apartments), you can install the angular design in the center + it will be visually divided by the room, for example, on the kitchen-dining room and living room.

How to choose the right sofa, you can find out below.

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