Choose a large sofa in the living room

Choose a large sofa in the living room

It is impossible to introduce a modern living room without furniture, which would accommodate all family members. If you are the owner of a big and spacious hall, you can safely pick up a dimensional sofa that can accommodate a large number of people and will help to get together the whole family for joint pastime.

History of origin

The first products similar to modern sofas appeared in ancient times in the West. Greeks have such a type of furniture called Triklin. In the Roman Empire, the sofas got a headboard, decorated with ornaments and were located in the houses of rich gentlemen.

For oriental culture, it was characteristic of a product with a lot of soft pillows and decorate bright colors cloth. Emerging on such furniture, representatives of Eastern cultures took guests and led secular conversations.

However, not everyone could afford to buy this furniture, so it was placed, as a rule, in rich houses.

The extensive spread of the sofas got in the middle of the XVII – early XVIII century.

Sofa selection rules

When choosing a sofa, it is important to choose its color gamut and model under the style of the room. Currently it is possible to find furniture of any color: from bright screaming tones, to soft and muted shades. Choosing the color of the product in the hall, It is worth repelled from the style of the room and how much you want to give the sofa. If you wish to focus on this part of the interior, it is worth picking bright colored products that will rush into the eyes and will not let go past this object of furniture.

The second important factor is Product size, Since in a small living room, the overall sofa will look ridiculous. Based on this, Furniture should be selected commensurate room size.

Take into account the overall design of the room to avoid ridiculous combinations.

Select the sofa is worth and from its functional purpose. If you want it to be also a sleeping place, then you should stop your choice on folding products. Also worth paying attention to the furniture with wear-resistant upholstery and the presence of an orthopedic mattress.

Types of unfolding sofas

Depending on which some sleeping place you need, There are several types of unfolding mechanisms:

  • “Dolphin”+
  • “book”+
  • “accordion”.

Type of mechanism “Dolphin” refers to retractable or roll-out systems. He is the most sought-after. To decompose the sofa, it is enough just to pull out the hinges, which are coming to the section of the sofa under the seat, and pull it out. Sections form a sufficiently large bed. Such a mechanism is equipped mainly by P-shaped sofas.

Mechanism “book” Equipped with folding sofas. To get a full-fledged bedroom, it is enough just to lower the back. Such a sofa cannot be placed close to the wall, as it will make it difficult to lay down.

Type of retractable mechanism “accordion” Possess direct products, because to turn it into a bed, it is necessary to stretch the sleeping space of furniture. In decomposed state, this subject of the interior occupies a significant place.

Materials for upholstery

Currently there are many furniture upholstery options. Before stopping the choice on some specific option, It is necessary to take into account the presence factor in the house of domestic animals, because then you should not choose the upholstery from some materials.

As materials for upholstery, both artificial and natural fabric are used – this directly affects the cost of this object of furniture. The advantage of using natural fabrics is their comfort at any temperature, as they have air permeability.

Natural tissues include:

  • cotton+
  • jacquard+
  • tapestry+
  • silk+
  • leather.

To artificial+

  • Arpate+
  • Scotchgard+
  • Flock+
  • Shenille+
  • Microfireber+
  • Forest+
  • Kurtisan.

Sofas with cotton hurt harmless and safe. Life of such upholstery for about 6 years. The price range is quite low, so everyone can afford them.

Furniture covered with jacquard, quite spectacular and expensive. Choosing such a type of fabric, it is worth remembering that it does not fit every living room. This fabric is wear-resistant and does not fade if ultraviolet.

Excellent, such furniture will fit into the classic interior style, because it looks expensive and stylish.

Jacquard upholstery has a multitude of shades, which can be attributed to undoubted pluses of material. Of the minuses: Jacquard is sensitive to moisture and refers to a high price category.

Tighten the flush in mostly antique furniture. Material itself is very smooth and durable. The fabric has hypoallergenic properties and easy to care.

Skin sofas can be found in people who want to emphasize their financial position. Furniture with such an upholstery is quite expensive, but has a number of advantages, namely:

  • Natural+
  • Durable+
  • Durable+
  • moisture-resistant+
  • Light in care.

Furniture coating Roget gives her an increased elasticity, thanks to which the day on the furniture does not remain dents. In care, such a fabric is unpretentious. However, such sofas are most often one-photon.

Another popular furniture coating is velours, It has a number of benefits: easy to care and hypoallergen. Also velor is resistant to abrasion, thanks to his long service life. However, products from such fabric are quite expensive and unstable to mechanical effects.

Picking up the sofa in the living room from natural materials, it is worth remembering that they are quite expensive, but have a long service life.

The advantage of artificial materials is their cost in comparison with natural, but such materials have a number of minuses.

Modern tissue Scotchgard externally similar to Jacquard, however, it burns out in the sun, and fabric cleaning is preferably not carried out at home, but use the services of dry cleaning.

According to many designers, Flock fabric is the perfect coating for the sofa. It is similar to velvet and has refractory. Its advantages can be attributed to:

  • water resistance+
  • wool light cleaning+
  • Transfer the differences of temperatures.

Such furniture is perfectly suitable if you have pets. Also this fabric has a large color palette, which allows you to choose furniture in any interior.

Dipping popularity with coated furniture from Shenill, Such material has good strength, hypoallergenia and wear resistance. However, its price is high enough, and he absorbs moisture well.

Perhaps one of the most durable artificial materials is Forest. It is not deformed during the entire service life, well withstands temperature drops. The surface is processed by a special composition, due to which it has a dust-repellent property.

Modern material that can be cleaned by any means and wash in a typewriter without fearing the loss of the initial type is Microwlever. It has a porous structure, which makes it breathable.

Models of sofas

Currently, there are many varieties of upholstered furniture diverse shape. For large living rooms and a large family, excellent options will be a sofa letter “P”, because it can accommodate a large number of people.

The dimensions of such a product are quite solid, the width of such sofas is usually 3 meters, in some cases 4 meters, which requires a significant area of ​​the room.

Sometimes such models of sofas can be produced with a large table, which allows you to place various snacks or decorative interior items on it.

There are models that are sofas-beds that are with ease are transformed into a bed. Typically, such products are performed with the size of a bed of 140 x 195 cm, or 150 x 210 cm. Such models are soft enough, which allows you to get enough sleep on them.

Some models of angular sofas have removable orthopedic mattresses. This makes it possible to replace them at any time. There are also products with removable covers and upholstery, which can be passed into a dry cleaning or wrapped in a typewriter if the quality of the fabric allows.

Many models have a box for storing bedding, which allows you to save space in the cabinets and always have the necessary things at hand.

Learn more about the features of the selection of the sofa in the living room are in the following video.

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