Choose a pillow on a chair

Choose a pillow on a chair

To create a unique interior, use different little things that fold into the common ensemble. It may be cute decorative figurines, paintings, backlight. But often decor elements are capable of carrying practical benefits. For example, Soft pillows on chairs will help not only give a beautiful appearance of furniture, but also make it more comfortable.


Textiles is always associated with comfort and comfort. Pillow on the chair perfectly fit into any style of the interior depending on coloring and shape.

  • Such accessories differ in functional, design, fastening type.
  • If you purchased upholstered furniture, the pillow can additionally protect it from pollution.
  • Little children pillow need to comfortably sit at the table, along with adults.
  • Adults such a thing will come in handy to reduce the load on the back. In the modern world, work is often associated with a long-term seat behind a computer or papers, and additional comfort does not prevent if you are worried about your health.
  • This solution is very popular for the design of summer veranda, arbors, country terraces. Removable soft pillow is easy to hide from rain and dew, remove for storage in the house for the winter period.

Buying must have the following qualities to bring joy and comfort:

  • Durable, durable coating material+
  • Good breathability+
  • Convenience when cleaning+
  • Beautiful appearance.


Products differ in place and type of fastening, practical purpose, and they can also have different options.


Most often you can meet models that wear the back of the chair or chairs. Such pillows have an unusual form with protrusions to massage your back during seating and improve blood flow.

There are options with a motor or heated, which are included in the outlet and knead your body. The compact options for the lower back or for the neck are very popular, the most susceptible to the diseases associated with a seating lifestyle.

You can often find pillows with a massage effect filled with polystyrene foam balls, beans or buckwheat luzga. They are also called antistress pillows.

For back

Distinguish several types of pillows whose function is to help your back.

Sensomotor pillows Support your back, help keep muscles in a tone even in a sitting position. They are used to unload the spine, they use the muscles of the back to support posture.

Wedge-shaped prompted to take the right position, train posture, help develop a beautiful gait and stay straight.

Preventive pillows Help maintain blood flow, adjust the load on the lumbar department, remove pain syndrome in hernias or prostate diseases.


The perfect solution for office or home workplace. Orthopedic pillows will help unload the back, ensure the influx of blood to the lower back. Long sitting for important affairs will not torture for your spine. Most often such products have inside a special filler, which adapts to the shape of your pelvis.

Such a choice make pregnant women in the last months when it gets hard to sit for a long time. As well as the use of special pillows is shown to people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system: with osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neuralgia. Often orthopedic pillows choose motorists for long journeys.


Such accessories are aimed at creating an interior. When choosing is guided by the common style of the room. In order to fit the pillow in the design project perfectly, you can consider sewing it from the same material as curtains. As well as a decorative pillow can fix the imperfections of already existing furniture. For example, you chose the most comfortable and suitable chairs, but you don’t like up the upholstery. Or your furniture for some reason came into disrepair, has stains. Decorative textiles for the house will come to the rescue.

For convenience

In the end, ordinary sids are needed just for comfort. For example, For a wooden chair or a stool does not interfere with an extra soft layer. As well as pillows are used for daca shops and furniture outdoors.

Textiles can adjust and improve the existing furniture upholstery. For example, in the heat, it is not very comfortable to sit on the dermal coating or on the coating of the dilated materials.


For sewing pillows on a chair, furniture fabrics are used. In terms of selection of the material, it is important to pay attention to the surface, and for packing. The service life and purpose of the accessory depend on these parameters.


The choice of packing material often affects the functionality of the product and, accordingly, the scope of application.


The most common and usual view. Such sids carry a purely decorative function, adjusting the softness of the seat. Porolon perfectly passes the air, absorbs excess moisture and quickly dries after cleaning.

Wash the product from foam rubber not recommended not to disturb the integrity of the sheet.

Sintepon and syntipeh

Soft and light artificial material. Often used in a duet with foam rubber, because the synthepson does not allow sticking and makes the surface softer. Thin quilted pillows with such a filling for a long time hold the shape and withstand a delicate washing in a typewriter at low temperatures.

With buckwheat husk

Natural environmentally friendly material with massage effect. Due to the small size of the granule pillow with buckwheat, it turns out soft and comfortable. Different shape of each individual granules allows the product to “spread” on the seat so as not to form emptiness, evenly distributing the load.

Polystyrene foam

Elastic elastic balls have orthopedic and anti-stress effect, well hold the shape of the pillow. Often they are used to fill the chairs.

True, over time, the material is crushed and requires replacement.


Granulated silicone has the same advantages and properties as the previous filler. However, the elasticity of silicone elements above, the granules easily restore the form and volume after crushing. Such a thing will serve longer without replacing packing.


The flowing and soft filler has a beneficial effect on the muscles. However, there is a risk of addiction in constant use. Apply to create supporting and massage gel pillows.

Latex and polyurethane

Elastic, elastic material for orthopedic models. Often has a memory effect, adjusting to a specific owner. Large service life and health care has won this duet of materials a durable place in the production of supporting pillows for correction.

Pick the product with stiffness and layer thickness.


Yes exactly. Rubber inflatable pillows are very popular. It is convenient to store them in the drop down, compact folded. Frequent travel satellites or on vacation in nature.

Waste sewing

If you decide to independently make such pillows on the chair, then you can use trimming fabrics from cutting. Independent production – the key to the purity of the planet and the practical way to take from the needlework maximum.

Feathers and Pooh

To date, feathers and downs are not very common, because through thin fabrics of the cover they can be born, and during operation it is constantly knocked down and crushed. But fans of natural things still pay attention to the feather as a filler for furniture accessories.


The material of the cover should be primarily resistant to abrasion. So buying will delight you for many years. Select textiles according to the place, season and application objectives.


Very beautiful and durable fabric. Most often has embroidery in the form of an ornament or geometric pattern. Weaving tapestries withstands huge loads, does not break and is not erased over time. Tapestry fabrics are widespread in furniture production and in the sewing porter. The disadvantage will be the possibility of advent of hooks, for example, from domestic claws.

Velor and Flock

Pulling texture warms in the cold and pleasant to the body. Such pillows are very easy to clean, they perfectly carry the neighborhood with pets and do not absorb excess moisture. Drops of water just roll with wool. These fabrics are withstanding up to 10,000 abrasion cycles, are not subject to hooks and have a wide variety of colors. Of the disadvantages, the inclination to the fallout of the Village in mechanical impacts.

Silk and Atlas

Beautiful and noble fabrics. Have a cooling effect that is very relevant in the heat. True, these species are very slippery, so the attachment of the accessory should be reliable, otherwise it will constantly roll from the seat.


One of the most durable materials. Leather pillows are very durable, perfectly hold the form, not deforming with time. Sometimes products are removed from the inside, because the dense coating does not allow to evaporate excess moisture.


Natural or artificial – to solve you. Authentic and stylish choice for design in the spirit of ethnics, rustic, boho or country. Fluffy fur cushion on a chair will make the seat soft and incredibly pleasant to the touch. The disadvantage will be complex cleaning and a tendency to fall apart, if we are talking about a natural skin.

Shinil and Jacquard

These fabrics are as often used for upholstery of upholstered furniture. Manufacturers love them for increased strength due to woven wicker structure. Both options hold well and fit perfectly for square or rectangular rigid scenes with foam rubber inside, on the manner of sofhed pillows.


One of the most expensive materials. Soft synthetic tissue is breathing, does not fade under the influence of ultraviolet and is not inclined to the appearance of katoshkov. However, it is worth protecting from high temperatures when washing or drying.

Knitted covers

Openwork knitting – a great way to create a pillow for a chair or chairs. 3D-yarn from plush allows you to make bulk and soft accessories. There are so-called “grass”, a shaggy yarn, from which they do not make patterns, but its advantages are not in ornaments. With it creates things that they would be covered with fur.

Knitted yarn, essentially, is a thin strip of fabric sweeping in the ball. Very interesting solution, often used in knitting hands


Planning shopping, think about how the pillow will fit into the common style of the room.

For design in country style or Provence perfectly fit the stem pillows with floral or vegetable motifs. Very good looking quenching multicolored products in country or ethnic style.

For laconic interiors High-tech or minimalism choose monochrome cushions of quiet tones. Square or rectangular seats from simple fabrics without decor perfectly emphasize ascetic design without loss of useful features.

Eastern style room will be decorated with embroidered pillows from tapestry with golden thread. Additional elements of the decor can be brushes, fringe, buttons and rivets. Purple is considered to be the color of kings. In ancient times, such a dye was the most expensive and rare, and beautiful pillows from satin or velor with rich strings will emphasize the decoration of the living room or bedroom in the Baroque spirit, Rococo, Ampir. Along with purple, the turquoise, deep blue. These colors allow the eye to relax, not loading the nervous system.

Round pillows are good for stools. It is very convenient to mount them with an elastic band around the perimeter to securely fix it from slipping.

For the seat expanding to the edge, the product is suitable for a trapezoid. So the whole surface and depth of planting will be closed with a soft layer.

The beauty of replaceable pillows is that with their help you can quickly change the mood of the room. New Year’s red and green covers will help create an atmosphere of the holiday at the table. Knitted accessories with a pattern will add comfort and warmth to sitting with friends.

Beautiful kitchen pillows bright colors will raise the mood during breakfast or lunch.

Selecting the color, strive for harmony with the appointment of the room where the pillow will lie. For working areas, white, black, gray shades that will not be distracted by cases are best suited.

For children’s rooms choose bright yellow, green, orange colors. These cheerful strokes are very familiar with children and simplify the cleaning of the furniture itself.

Soft shades of beige, pink, silver shades are suitable for bedrooms. In this way, you can decorate and make a comfortable seat at the toilet table or PUPPU by the bed.


The dimensions of replaceable cases are focused on standard dimensions of the chairs of factory production. Usually, kitchen furniture has a small depth and the same width. For such seats, thin pillows with ties in the corners will be suitable. For wooden furniture, you can choose the seat slightly less. It is usually 30×30, 35×35, 40×40 cm.

For the living room, it is customary to do a little larger furniture, because it means that you will sit at the table longer. Parameters of such products – 45×45, 50×50, 40×45 cm.

For the dining area it is appropriate to choose thin and light replaceable pillows. They are often contaminated, especially if you eat food you are there, where you cook. High pillows are more difficult to clean, they drown longer, so they are used for living rooms, bedrooms, jobs.

The thick pillow of foam rubber and dense fabric can easily become a landing place on the floor, if you decide to play the game or just stay on the carpet in an informal setting.

Despite the fact that the most comfortable consider the depth of 50 cm, there is also non-standard furniture. The long and elongated pillow can turn the chest or sofa in the banquette, and also come in handy for a garden bench or a swing in the country.

How to choose?

When choosing primarily evaluate the material of the case. He should not be slippery so that the pillow will not roll from the chair. Texture should be pleasant to the body. Depending on the purpose, chosen cooling or, on the contrary, warming fabrics. For example, for a country house there are pile, terry or velor options for gatherings by the fireplace of winter evenings. And for summer terraces, it is better to stay on satin or silk species on which it is so nice to sit in the heat.

Pay attention to fasteners. Most often, the pillows are tied to the chair with special ribbons in the corners. And also there are pillows covers that put on the whole. Such products do not go and do not slide.

Remember that the parameters of the cover must be 3-4 cm more than that of the furniture itself. So you will easily wear and remove the product.

Very comfortable covers on velcro or strings. And elastic stretching models can be used to different furniture, without selecting a specific subject.

The kitchen best suits simple thin models on strings. They are easier to quickly remove and wash in case of contamination.

The same applies to the selection of seats on the garden plot. Rain can start suddenly, and the easier textiles is removed, the faster you can hide it in a dry place.

In the living room pick up the pillows above and thicker, because there are spending long evenings at the festive table or family dinners. Comfort in everything is important for home focus: it is not bad to have spare foam or latex elastic pillows in case small children will be hard to reach the plate. By holding the second layer, you can rejoice at the feast along with the kids.

Wooden furniture can leave hooks and bypass in pillows. Pick the material from wicker, dense fabric, so as not to ruin the decoration. Atlas, silk, thin knitted or terry fabrics will be unreasonable in such conditions very quickly.

How to choose a pillow on a seat, look in the following video.

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