Choose a sofa for a teenage boy

Choose a sofa for a teenage boy

More recently, the key elements of the arrangement of adolescent rooms were beds. Today they are increasingly replaced by comfortable sofas, which are simultaneously convenient, and are suitable for daily sleep. From the material of our article you will learn which models for rooms guys 14 and 15 years old and what the fineness of the choice of a good option.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Teenage furniture has a number of differences from products for children and adults. She has optimal dimensions and a special type of material designed to support the spine during sleep and rest. Produce such products from high quality raw materials, harmless to human health. At the same time, models can have a different type of transformation.

This furniture has a lot of dignity. Sofa bed for a guy is different:

  • universal means of organization of space+
  • Easily user and useful area savings+
  • functionality and attractive design+
  • Transformation mechanisms variable+
  • wide color gamut and variety of forms+
  • Environmentality and the possibility of using covers+
  • The presence of internal storage systems of optimal capacity+
  • variability of the size and manufacturing materials+
  • Wide range of price solutions.

Noteworthy and the fact that the bathrooms for guys are designed for specific interior styles. This allows you to successfully entertain furniture in the interior, pointing out to identify a certain design. At the same time, in addition to functional boxes, they are often supplemented with spacious cabinets. However, along with the advantages of teenage sofas there are several drawbacks:

  • Not all models are suitable for small-sized rooms with a challenged uncomfortable planning+
  • Not all products for teenage boys are designed for daily transformation+
  • Not all sold for adolescent furniture is characterized by an orthopedic effect+
  • Not every type of filler is distinguished by durability, which reduces the service life of products.


Sofa for a teenage boy can be different. Manufacturers produce typical and folding models of direct and angular type with different types of transformation. All of them are equipped with bed storage boxes. The type of opening of storage systems is varied, and more often in the rules there are options with roll-out systems.


Such a sofa bed is calculated on 1 place and differs from the bed presence of 2-3 backs. Similar furniture does not provide folding. For maximum functionality, it is equipped with built-in sections for various things. Since such a sofa does not need to lay out, its elements are not wearing too fast.

Sections and boxes can be both with one and two sides. Their quantity depends on the designer idea. Boxes opening systems in addition to roll-out can be folded.

In the width of the sofas are 80-90 cm, the length vary from 1.8 to 2 m. The height of the boxes is in the range of 30-45 cm.


This furniture is distinguished by the presence of two floors. The bed is located at the bottom, the comfortable sofa is located below. Direct type model can have a different transformation mechanism. The average dimensions of the width of such a model are 80-90 cm. Length is usually 190 cm, height from the floor level before the start of the second tier does not exceed 130 cm.

These models do not provide permanent transformation. Their side walls depending on the placement in the room can be used as racks for storing any necessary things, such as educational literature.

Ladders can be used as brackets for school uniforms.


Such sofas may have a different transformation mechanism (roll-out, sliding, lifting). More often manufacturers produce such furniture with “Book” systems, Eurobook, “Click-Klyak”, “Accordion”, “Dolphin”. The size of the bedroom in the unfolded state is 150-160 cm in width with a length of up to 2 m. Use them can guys older than 16 years old.

Models of this type have a wide variety of color solutions, shape and design. Oneither laid forward, and in folded form do not occupy a lot of space.

In view of this, they can be put even in narrow rooms for children and adolescents. Often such sofas have orthopedic seats and backs.

With a lifting bed

The lifting mechanisms of transformation of the sofas appeared not so long ago, however, they managed to love many. Such models are convenient and durable, because they do not require sharp jerks when opening. They are characterized aesthetic attractiveness, originality of design, simplicity and soft management, as well as the presence of several sizes. Product dimensions are distinguished, in length reach 2 m, the width of the bedside site is 1.6 m.


In the production of teenage furniture use different raw materials. The highest quality material is a tree. Such sofas Eco-friendly, reliable and durable. They differ in solid appearance, wear-resistance, are designed for large weight loads. Minuses of such sofas are high cost, high weight, the need for restoration.

Analogs of MDF are cheaper, their design can hint on belonging to different interior stylistics. Such teenage sofas are environmentally friendly, do not need special care and stand out by a large model. Along with this, they are short-lived and are subject to mechanical damage. Models from chipboard even worse, such sofas do not serve and several years.

Metal frames, on the contrary, more practical and durable.

However, the metal adds the weight of the whole structure. Often move around the room such furniture will not work. As a upholstery material, manufacturers can use velor, jacquard, shenill, flock, arpate.


Designer sofas solutions for teenage boys can be the most diverse. At the same time most of the guys prefer the most simple models in the modern style. Unlike girls priorities, guys like ordinary forms without any excesses. The main criteria for choosing for them are functionality, color and form.

At the same time, the stylistics may vary. Someone like manga, others prefer minimalism, third like furniture in style constructivism, art deco, modern, high-tech. The texture of the material can be lounge or pile, rough or optimally soft. Upholstery tones must comply with the resources of a specific interior design.

The priority color group includes sand, gray, graphite tones, cold brown, smoky-gray, blue-gray, woody. Two-year-old adolescents you can choose the models of orange and pistachio. The finishing of stylish models can be wooden or metal under chrome.

The decoration of models is concise – it is a seat cushion, with a pattern or without it. The backs of the sofa can be soft and hard, like armrests. Facades do not have carved patterns, backs are usually without thread. The trim is the metal racks between the shelves, as well as racks on the sides of the attic models.

Tips for choosing

Choosing a sofa into a teenage boy’s room, you need to consider a number of criteria. Key of them are form, size, transformation mechanism. The product must be successfully fit into the interior of the room on the style and color decision. Based on this, you should take a note of several tips.

  • Colour The sofa should be practical, combined with another furniture and a tint of walls.
  • Form must be comfortable, without sharp corners and elements, which can be cropped.
  • Transformation mechanism Must be simple, reliable, durable, smoothly.
  • Bed width must be optimal in length and width, backs – comfortable for seating.
  • Preferably Spacious boxes For storage of things.
  • Opening system of compartments Storage should be comfortable and reliable (in priority Retractable systems).
  • Sofa material Pick on the basis of practicality. In priority Wooden products on metal frame.

When choosing a transformer version, it is necessary to consider that some models when laying scratching the floor with advanced legs. In this regard, the lifting systems of the opening are considered the best. If the parents choose a stationary type model without transformation, it is advisable to take options on legs. Under them you can spend the floor and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Beautiful examples

We offer 10 examples of successful selection of a sofa for teenage rooms guys:

  • Modular type model in the interior of the teenage room in the style of Loft+

  • Non-standard selection of a sofa bed for a teenager who is fond of boxing+

  • Selection of a concise sofa with pillows decorated with photo printing of sports topics+

  • An example of a teenage room arrangement sofa in a single design with bed+

  • Compact sofa with drawers for embedding in a small room wall+

  • An example of a teenage room with a soft sofa with armrests and pillows+

  • Modern soft folding gray furniture in spacious guy room+

  • Laconic functional sofa with high drawers and hard sidewalls+

  • Corner-type design with spacious drawers and shelves+

  • Compact sofa of dark color with contrasting pillows in the color solving of the teenage room.

Sofa bed review for a teenager is presented.

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