Choose a statuette of wood

Choose a statuette of wood

For decoration of residential premises, figurines made of natural wood often choose. Natural raw material has charming appearance and amazing texture. For the manufacture of figures, different types of wood are used: both rare and widespread.

What kind of breeds do?

Figurines can be made practically from any variety of wood. Each type of material has certain aesthetic and operational qualities that the master takes into account before starting work. Depending on the characteristics, the raw materials are treated and prepared for work.

Coniferous trees have a charming pattern, however, they are difficult to process. For example, when inactive circulation, they can easily damage them. Specialists often choose the root of juniper. It has an interesting texture and is also wonderful polished and processed.

Large cultures obtained widespread:

  • ash – resistant to cracks+
  • Elm – has a special pattern+
  • Oak – durable and strong material+
  • Platan – grade with a charming texture+
  • chestnut – depending on the view it can be tough or soft+
  • poplar – easily processed and does not dry.

Wooden silk and acacia figures are very popular. The second variety is wonderful, but hardly processed. Under the influence of sun rays – dark. The first view has high aesthetic qualities, but rather fragile.

    Masters also use fruit trees. Cherry, cherry, pear and Alycha got widespread. Wood attracts attention to the amazing color, which varies from the center of the trunk to the edges. Some varieties boast charming shades and unique texture.

    Some statuettes are made of rare and expensive wood varieties. Demand have products made of red or sandalwood. Also charming models are obtained from black wenge. Wood in the dark color scheme gives the interior of sophistication and chic.

    Variety of models

    Wood figures are presented in a wide variety. A rich selection makes it possible to choose a specific option for any style in the interior. The most common and popular models can be divided into categories.

    Animals and birds

    Miniature statues in the form of animals or birds have already become classic. They have long been used as decorative elements. It can be like floor outdoor products (more than one meter and above) and compact options that can be placed on the shelf or table. Depending on the color, shape and style of them, you can decorate the room both in classical and in modern style. Products are often chosen for ethnic directions.

    Survived options:

    • Birds and animals (eagles, owls, wolves, bears, foxes)+
    • Pets (dogs and cats)+
    • Exotic beasts (giraffes, zebras, lions, tigers, panthers).


    Figures in the form of a person can be both abstract (for modern interior directions) and realistic (classic style). Frequently found pair statuettes where man and woman are depicted. Popular options depicting lovers. Such a compact statuette will be wonderful to look in the bedroom.

    To decorate the living room or the hall you can Film “Family”, which personifies love and home comfort. The image of a person can have any meaning depending on the author’s plan. Women’s figurines from wood, personifying tenderness and passion, often become decoration of the living rooms of bachelors.


    Fans of contemporary directions in decor style choose abstraction. These can be products of various shapes and colors. Such statuettes are wonderful to decorate any room in the house. If you are going to post in one place several figures, they must be combined with each other.


    This is the largest partition where several groups can be attributed:

    • Mythical creatures (dragons, phoenixes and others)+
    • Ethnic figurines (Egyptian, African, Slavic and other directions, personifying the culture of a specific people)+
    • Products to order – if financial capabilities allow you to order the masters on the masters on personal sketches.

    Note: To give products a more expressive appearance, the masters use threads and volumetric decorative elements.

    Child Nuances

    When choosing a statuette for the interior, it is necessary to take into account the style in which the room is decorated. For each direction there are certain rules that should be taken into account. For example, in classic styles, gold-plated elements are used, and the chrome-plated parts of the futuristic shape are selected for the innovative direction of High-tech.

    If this rule does not comply with the decorative element will be knocked out of the general concept and disrupt the integrity of the interior. The modern selection of the statuette of the tree is so diverse that it is not difficult to choose a suitable model.

    Also should pay attention to the size of the product.

    For compact apartments, it is better to choose a small figure that will not take much space in the room, but at the same time decorates it.

    If the size of the room allows, you can pick up a large product. To make a statuette with a central element of the interior, it can be placed in the center where it will attract the focus.

    Some fans of wood products collect them. If you wish, you can arrange a small art museum. All items are installed in a separate zone. It is recommended to arrange the backlight to disclose the beauty of products as much as possible.

    When choosing the main thing – do not litter the room.

    A large number of figurines will negatively affect the appearance of space. Excessive decorations looks rough and sloppy. If there are several products in one room, they must be harmonized between themselves and create a single composition.

    Considering the features of a particular interior style, when the statuette is selected, you must take into account personal preferences. The figure should like the tenants of the house, otherwise it will not fulfill its aesthetic destination.

    Tips for care

    High-quality wood products can serve for many decades. The main condition is a competent care for products.

    To extend their service life and save the charming appearance, the figures are covered with varnish.

    The tree needs to be protected from negative impact on the part. Some wood varieties do not tolerate sunlight. They can also suffer from strikes about a solid surface. Dents, microcracks and other defects appear on the product. If it was damaged by the lacquer coating, it needs to be updated.

    Under the influence of the rays of the Sun, some varieties can start dark. Also on figurines negatively affect aggressive chemical components, which may be contained in the composition of household chemicals. Therefore, they cannot be used for cleaning products. Also give up alcohol lotions.

    So that products from natural wood looked presented after a long time after purchase, they need to regularly wipe the soft and dry cloth. Wardly terry material, flannel or microfiber.

    If the figure has a complex shape and dirt has been hammered into it, it can be removed using a conventional drawing tassel.

    It will get to hard-to-reach places and easily remove pollution. You can also use a brush, but only with a soft bristle that does not damage the varnish coating.

    If you need to return the statuette of the former shine, use the usual polyrol for furniture from natural wood. The liquid composition will also help save the product from small damage. To restore the layer of varnish, you need to buy a special composition in any building or shopping store.

    To preserve the charming appearance of the product, it is recommended to listen to the recommendations.

    • Place a decorative element away from sharp items, contact with which can spoil the lacquer coating.
    • Also you can not put a figure next to the battery or heater. Some wood varieties are susceptible to cracking. Hot dry air can spoil the integrity of the product (cracks will appear).
    • If pets live in the house, you need to place the figure so that they do not get to it. High wooden statuettes often attract the attention of cats that begin to accumulate claws about them.
    • There are still such enemies of wooden products, like high humidity and sharp temperature fluctuations. These factors often cause cracking. Put the product away from the windows that create drafts.

    The process of creating a tree statuette – very complicated, filigree. To make sure this, look the following video.

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