Choose bed linen for boys

Choose bed linen for boys

Bed linen for boys of different ages should be selected very carefully. Today the range of beautiful and high-quality sets is very large and diverse. In this article, we find out exactly how to choose the ideal suitable bed linen for young gentlemen.


Today Bed linen for boys is made from a variety of materials. Among them there are both synthetic and natural options. Of course, natural tissues of high quality are recommended to purchase.

Bed linen’s configuration themselves are a peculiar set of covers performing 2 main functions.

  • Lingerie sufficiently protects all sleeping facilities that it is not easy to wash. We are talking about pillows, blankets, mattresses.
  • Bed linen protects the body of a young user from coarse covers and mattress covers.

In addition, the beautiful design underwear acts as an interesting decorative addition to the interior of the children’s room.

According to the standard, bed linen is completed with the following components:

  • Sheen+
  • duvet cover+
  • Pillowcake (in the set can only be 1 or 2 pillowcases).


Bed linen for boys produced with different sizes. Mostly in children’s rooms put a single bed or one-hour bed. Based on its parameters, the bed sheets and duvettes should be selected.

There are several common sizes of sheets:

  • 110×150 cm (optimal sizes for a nursery bed)+
  • 120×150 cm (sets of standard type)+
  • 150×220 cm (suitable size for bedroom, which uses a schoolboy or a child of adolescence).

However, sets are implemented in stores and with other sizes. For example, you can find items 110×140 cm or 80×120 cm.

The sizes of pillowcase vary. As a rule, there are sets for sale, in which pillowcases with parameters 50×70 or 70×70 cm.


Selecting high-quality bedding for boys of all ages, it is important to pay attention to the material from which the kit is made. We learn about the characteristics of popular fabrics, which are most often used in the production of products under consideration.

  • Biaz. At the heart of this canvas there are dense cotton fibers of frequent interlacing. Material is natural and environmentally friendly, not subject to fermentation, is quite easy. Even after numerous styrics, the hawk remains bright and beautiful.

  • Satin. Bed linen for children and adolescents is made of this popular material. Satin is characterized by double weaving twisted cotton thread. Material is natural, hypoallergenic. It is almost no electrified, does not mind. Satina underwear boasts long service life.

  • Poplin. To create the specified material as a basis, the fiber of cotton is most often taken. Silk or synthetics are a little less often as the basis. In the considered canvas combined thin threads, as well as coarse transverse fibers.

  • Flannel. Material, perfectly suitable for cold weather. Flannel canvases are made of cotton threads having a characteristic fluffy pile. It is the vile and allow you to well hold heat. The only minus of the material under consideration lies in the formation of katoshkov in conditions of frequent operation.

  • Viscose. Source raw materials of this material – wood pulp. This fabric is simultaneously synthetic, and natural. Its fibers are carried out in a chemical way, but consist of this from 100% cellulose.

  • Sitz. This is a cotton-type material, created from dense threads characterized by rare weaving. The canvas are obtained smooth, but slightly rigid and glossy.

  • Linen. Quality fabric of natural origin. Is a soft canvas that has neither thickens or nodules. Linen underwear perfectly absorbs moisture, but it will dry in a short time.

  • Polykotton. Semi-synthetic fabric. It is obtained by adding synthetic fibers in cotton. Such combinations make it possible to get large strength indicators and durability of cloths. Polycotton’s bed linen is less than the saturation of drawings and paints.

  • Microfiber. Synthetic type of matter, polyester present in composition. The material is fragilely dismissed, not crushed, not afraid of external influences. Microfiber remains beautiful and bright for a long time.


For boys of different ages makes sense to buy bed linen with different designs.

  • Little users whose age is 1, 2 or 4 years, It is worth buying brighter and colorful kits. It is better to give preference to cheerful and pleasant shades, admissible images of animals or cartoons.

  • Boys aged 5, 6, 7 or 8 years The options are ideal, where saturated trains are depicted, cars, animals, various cartoon characters (for example, a “puppy patrol”, “cars” and so on). At this age, the appropriate option can be selected independently. The main thing is that all images are high quality, well distinguishable. Then they will definitely like the child.

  • Yunoi aged 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 years will adhere to completely different preferences. However, cars, airplanes, trains and other similar technique will continue to be in priority. Suites and sets in beautiful marine style. At this age, bedding is best bought with a boy. Thus, parents will be able to show the son that he respects his choice, consider him quite adults.

Tips for choosing

Consider how you need to choose bedclothes for the boy.

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the kit. They must correspond to the dimensions of a single or a semi-gun bed or the original bed machine. Parameters should not be a little more or a little less sleeping space.
  • It is recommended to buy linen made from natural and high quality hypoallergenic materials. It is not recommended to save on it.
  • You should buy such kits, the design of which will correspond to both the age and the preferences of the younger user.
  • The set of linen should not have the slightest defects, as well as faded plots. All seams should be high quality, without protruding threads or missed lines.
  • Lingerie should not exude unpleasant chemical smells, leave traces of paints on hands when inspection.
  • Bed linen for a child of any age is recommended to buy in specialized stores, which sells high-quality textiles or sleeping facilities. It makes no sense to look for good products from natural materials on the market.

 Care rules

It should be properly guided by bed linen, which is located in the use of the boy. Read the basic rules of care:

  • Lingerie is better either in a washing machine, but at water temperature up to 40 degrees+
  • no need to whiten the lingerie, as well as use strong chemical compositions+
  • It is necessary to iron underwear under the condition of moderate iron temperature+
  • It is best to dry products in the streets of the street, in a shady, on the balcony or indoors that can be well venty+
  • It is allowed to use a drying machine.

Norms of washing and drying are also often indicated on laundry tags made from different materials. These indicators also need to pay attention.

How to choose a cloth for baby bedding, look in the video.

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