Choose kitchen curtains for small kitchen

Choose kitchen curtains for small kitchen

Kitchen room may have different sizes, and they must be considered when choosing textiles. In the case of oversized rooms, the selection of the curtain requires special attention. Far from everyone knows which curtains will be as organically as possible in a small kitchen. It is also important to take into account the design, materials of products, compliance with the size and silhouette of curtains layout and furniture. On how to deal with these criteria and choose the appropriate window textile for a small kitchen will be described in detail in this article.

Views and sizes

Among the variety of varieties of the curtains, there are models that should be viewed precisely for small kitchen facilities. These include several options.

  • Roman curtains – Products with direct croes, which, as a rule, do not lower below the windowsill level. If you want to raise them, then soft folds are formed. Due to such a feature in a slightly raised or even assembled form, they give the kitchen comfort, and they will not focus on.

  • Longer model – Curtains with lover, which are rings at the top of the curtains framing holes, through which the fabric is worn directly to the cornice without additional loops and hooks. Using data curtains, you can visually increase the height of the ceiling in a small kitchen.

To the window does not look overloaded, for such a room, you should choose curtains from thin tissues.

  • Straight tower mini curtains to the windowsill will look concisely in a small kitchen. They can be attached to the eaves with wooden rings and other simple fixtures.

  • Self-sized kitchen is suitable – Curtains consisting of straight threads. Such products in the right color scheme look very piquant, while visually raising the ceiling and leaving the kitchen space well lit. They can also transform for the diversity of the interior, for example, to share for 2-3 parts, fixed with the help of grabs or simply tie.

The threads are not always completely smooth, they may contain decorative elements made of the same fabric or other materials.

  • A small window can be decorated with curtain cafes. The essence of this design is to accommodate the fine horizontal plank at the level of the middle of the window opening. A small curtain is hanging on this bar, sometimes equipped with a small drapery and no longer lowering the windowsill level. The upper part of the window remains open, but it is permissible to select a lambrene for her to tone by lower element.

  • Models with lambrenenami look good and beautiful, however, in a small kitchen, you should be careful with the choice of data curtains. Not allowed not very volumetric lambrequins made of loose tissue, which will be harmonized in color with the rest of the design concept. In such curtains, asymmetry and the length of a bit below the windowsill may be present.

  • Blinds always remain a relevant solution for making small windows. Presented in the form of both horizontal and vertical structures, these products will not only be less exposed to pollution in contrast to fabric curtains, but also to skip the amount of light, convenient for kitchen owners. The size of these products for the kitchen corresponds to the size of the window itself, and in the unfolded form they completely overlap the window opening.

Choosing materials

Since the window opening of a small kitchen has small dimensions, it should be remembered that the curtains should not blame this source of light and overload it. To do this, take care of the choice of fabric for window textiles. The most acceptable materials include several options.

  • Tulle – Thin fabric that transmits the maximum of light. Being almost transparent, it adds the effect of lightness to the whole interior. At the same time, models are made of interesting silhouettes, drapering and unusual details, so tulle will not look everyday.
  • Another subtle material with similar characteristics is organza. It looks especially beautifully on the curtains of the long cut.
  • Speaking of materials for the manufacture of blinds, it is worth mentioning plastic, bamboo, wood, multifactore raw materials. As well as blinds can be made of dense tissue.
  • For many kitchen curtains, natural materials are used, such as cotton and flax. Their advantages are environmental friendliness and comfort, which they create due to the simplicity of their appearance. The minus is their tendency to deformation.

Color palette

When choosing a curtain on a small kitchen, it is important to remember not only about their silhouette, but also about the colors. Optimal options for such a room will be several shades of the palette.

  • White give the interior of lightness, especially if it is embodied on thin tissues. It will suit many classic and modern styles, but it is worth remembering that in the kitchen, such curtains can quickly get dry.

  • Beige Color Also inherent Universality. Due to such curtains, the window is infrequently able to make an accent detail in the interior of a small kitchen. However, due to its neutrality, he creates an additional comfort, not annoying with time.

  • Light green The color is undoubtedly refreshing the interior of a small kitchen room. If it is used in curtains from light fabrics or abuse, it will give an atmosphere in the dynamic kitchen and at the same time calm. Better if green is used in the design of parts, such as curtains, if at the same time it does not dominate the rest of the kitchen.

  • Yellow Saturated colors are unacceptable in small space textiles. Therefore, it is better to give preference to muted tones, or imitating slightly burnt fabric. This shade can be combined with white to dilute the palette.

  • Textile accessories will look at the windows Gray Gamma. It must be translucent fabrics are not too dark tones, for example, silver.

Blinds in small kitchen, as a rule, are one-color. They can be white, bright, pastel. Sometimes there are models with such a design that their upper part is painted in a special way, imitating lambrequin blinds on the surface. Can be done on similar curtains photo printing.

Design options

It is also worth considering the interior concept that is chosen for small cuisine. Each direction corresponds to special types of curtains. For small kitchens can be used by several window design options in accordance with the style.

  • If you decide to arrange your country-style kitchen room, then you should look at the Roman cascade type curtains. Even in the open form on such curtains there are folds made in the form of cascading drapery.
  • Products with lambrequins It is better to choose for a kitchen decorated in a classic style. For modern design, such products will not fit. And also for the classics should not choose ultramody novelties.
  • If you have chosen modern concepts, pay attention to the blinds. They correspond to such styles as minimalism or high-tech.
  • For the Mediterranean stylistics, you can choose beautiful curtains made of natural fabrics.
  • Choosing a rustic design, refrain from long curtains with a complex silhouette.

Features of the selection

When choosing kitchen curtains for small kitchen or “Khrushchev” It is worth considering a number of additional nuances.

  • The maximum transparent option is suitable for a less sunny side, but if the sun shines most of the day in the window, sometimes it is appropriate to hang under Tulle Roman curtains.
  • It is also important to choose the right eaves for the window in the kitchen of a small area. Preferred are forged structures or ceiling patterns attached as close to the ceiling.
  • For kitchen facilities apartments located on the upper floors, it is worth choosing curtains of lightweight fabric.
  • If you decide to enter the interior of small curtains curtains with an ornament, give preference to small unobtrusive patterns.

How to issue a window?

Choosing a curtain suitable for small kitchen, it is worth thinking about the overall design of the window opening. There are several options that personify the harmony of the windows of a small kitchen with the rest of the interior details.

  • In the case of short curtains separating into two parts when opening or fixing with clothespins, the plants on the windowsill will be alike to interior the liveliness.
  • Some rustic concepts can be added by the window at a window with a monochrome short curtains of decorative kitchen utensils or statuettes.
  • Pay attention to the europe of the window, the form of which can erode with other parts of the interior, for example, frame chandeliers.
  • If the window opening is divided into two parts by a wall of the wall, it can also be used in the design. Place small photos there, in which colors will be used, switching with curtains.

What curtains to choose for a small kitchen, look in the video below.

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