Choose the distance from the countertops to the mounted cabinets in the kitchen

Choose the distance from the countertops to the mounted cabinets in the kitchen

Undoubtedly, the furniture in the kitchen is necessary, since the dishes need to be determined somewhere, and the supply of products to be folded, and the sink to set something. And all this requires quite a lot of space. Therefore, we usually acquire a complete set of furniture for the kitchen – from the desktop to Penal, from the shelves over the table top to the full attached lockers. When installing the kitchen naturally arise questions about which height you need to hang on the hostesses and shelves and from which it depends.

What are standards?

Standards exist in order to avoid any unpleasant excesses related to security (fire, personal, public and so on). In addition, standards are designed to take into account the convenience of operating products and possible measures to ensure the normal service life.

To each furniture purchased from the reliable manufacturer, an instruction is attached to its assembly, and it necessarily indicates individual nuances with which the buyer may have problems. These nuances include rules and norms of installation of mounted cabinets and shelves of both kitchen furniture and other destination furniture, which includes these elements.

So, many manufacturers of kitchen furniture are recommended to hang cabinets at a standard distance from tabletops of outdoor furniture in the range from 450 (minimum) to 600 (maximum) millimeters.

Standard figures arose, of course, not from an empty place. Everything was not calculated by NAVAUM, but the practice of operation of the respective types of furniture. We will get acquainted with what considerations the specified standard distances are based:

  • The normal installation and work of household appliances, usually placed on one or several bottom cabinets, was taken into account+
  • A number of factors adversely affecting the material of the lower forming wall of mounted lockers are taken into account, among which heat isolation and steam from washing, home utensils or household appliances work on the table top of the floor cabinet, the couch, the desktop+
  • Considered the average growth of women, that is, those tireless household workers on whom, in general, the whole kitchen and keeps – to be comfortable and comfortable in the kitchen+
  • The height of the sample housing ceilings was also attracted to the issues of standardization of the size of the manufacture and placement of kitchen heads.

Standards standards, but life sometimes dictates their conditions. Consider them, and we will tell how to get out of difficult situations on the placement of mounted lockers.

As in fact?

People can still adhere to the standard At the bottom recommended altitude of 450 mm from the tabletop to the bottom edge of the wall cabinet. To go below this strip itself more expensive: the juicer does not fit, the kitchen combine is not enough space, or even worse – the coating of the door of the top closet cracked from a pair of a kettle. Everything is clear here.

But the upper boundary is sometimes malicious. The fact is that it is often in the kitchen to operate with pots at all, not an average woman, but a man with gastronomic abilities and endless love for the kitchen. Perhaps the woman, but with a rising growth suitable for volleyball. Neither to another cook kitchen furniture will not like it, as it just does not suit them in growth – the cabinets hung too low.

You have to be tilted to completely count the workspace, get the products and dishes from the lower parts of the wall cabinets and so on.

Therefore, when planning plates of attachment of mounted cabinets at the place, some physical features of the person who will be kept most often. At the same time, human growth is especially important. Another important factors can be considered the following points:

  • Dimensions of the hinged cabinets themselves+
  • Dimensions of used household appliances+
  • Height ceilings room.

To calculate the height of the warded cabinets, not only the height of these products is important, but also their depth. The more depth, the lower the height of their mounting on the wall.

In connection with the growth of a person, such recommendations can be given on the optimal height of the shelves or lockers:

  • with growth to 1.60-1.65 m, the height of the cabinet – from 1.70 to 1.75 m from the floor+
  • If an increase in the limits of 1.65-1.75 m, then the height of the cabinet fastening is 1.80 m+
  • Growth more than 1.75 m – cabinet at an altitude of 2.0 m.

    In this case, under the height of the cabinet is implied its lower edge. You need to trace so that the vent hole does not turn out to be a closed cabinet.

      Due to the latest digits recommended for use when hanging shelves or lockers kitchen headset with adjustment under human height, The following dimensions of the distance from the surface of the table to the lower edge of the hinged furniture elements are obtained:

      • Standard smallest distance for a woman of medium height (up to 1.6 m) – 450 mm+
      • Standard Maximum (Recommendative) Distance – 600 mm+
      • Recommended distance for a person with an increase of 1.60 to 1.65 m – 800-850 mm+
      • Recommended distance for growth from 1.65 to 1.75 m – 900 mm+
      • The recommended distance for a person with an increase of 1.80 m and above – 1100-1150 mm.

        At the same time, we believe that the height of the kitchen desktop from the floor to the top surface of the countertop has standard dimensions: 850-900 mm.

        Other methods of calculation

        For someone, the above methods of calculation to determine the height of hanging upper cabinets in the kitchen may seem complex (although it is absolutely wrong), so you can use other, simpler methods.

        Method number 1

        As the basis, the growth of the hostess at home is taken. 15-20 cm is added to this growth – this will be the height of the fastening of the shelf or mounted cabinet. by the way, The results of this method practically coincide with previous calculations. You can check.

        Method number 2

        The results of this method will differ slightly from the first. But they are still optimal, because coincide with standard. Here, the growth of a person is also taken as the basis, which will mainly manage in the kitchen. The height of the mounted cabinet must pass along the line of his eye. For a woman of medium height, this line will be just at a distance of 60 cm from the top of the desktop of the desktop (maximum standard distance).

        In cases where the kitchen set consists of two levels of the upper cabinets, then you need to focus on their common dimensions. But if standard lockers in one level have dimensions in a height of 600-700 mm, then the two-level in total is usually 800-900 mm.

        This size is quite fitted in the standard when the bottom mounted cabinet will be at a distance of 500 mm from the table top.

        Useful advice

        In conclusion, several tips for those who are first engaged in aligning kitchen furniture, including hanging wall cabinets.

        • Inspire cabinets alone – performed, but risky business. Find a partner who will always need. Otherwise there is no guarantee that the cabinets will hang perfectly and reliably.
        • Do not hang hinged cabinets above the stove, they will not last long: water vapor, oil and soot will make their “black” business. In addition, it is prohibited due to fire hazard. Electric hood should be arranged above the slab. The norms of the distance of its samples are: at least 600 mm from the surface of the electric stove and 700 mm – from gas burners.
        • Try not to close the shelves or wall cabinets up to the ceiling – it visually reduces kitchen dimensions.
        • Hinged cabinets should be carefully customized to each other – there should be no cracks between them, and at the bottom component they should be a single straight line. To do this, allow them to be bonded.
        • For apartments with ceilings 3 meters high, you can order non-standard attackers, which can be from 900 to 1200 mm. In such a high kitchen, they visually look very good, and due to their capacity, you can easily free the area of ​​the kitchen from unnecessary furniture (for example, Penal, which is not always suitable for both dimensions, and in appearance to the survey). True, to get anything from the upper shelves of mounted cabinets will have to take advantage of a stepladder or stool. But this is the little things.
        • When filling out the hinged cabinet with all sorts of hard, do not forget about the limits of its lifting capacity. Perhaps he will help himself with the load at least 50 kg, if this weight is evenly distributed on the shelves, but it may not be calculated for its fastening. By the way, read in the instructions about the load and try to fasten the recommended methods and materials.

        About how to hang a kitchen cabinet, look next.

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