Christmas candlesticks: features and types

Christmas candlesticks: features and types

To create an unusual and magical situation in the night before Christmas can be used candles. A huge number of candlestick models are found on sale, which not only serve as an decoration, but also perform the function of protecting the surrounding elements from hot wax. Similar options are decorated in accordance with the features of the holiday.


Candles in the window Many consider an integral part of the Christmas night. The appearance of candlesticks is associated with miners of Saxony, which due to insufficient earnings began to produce and sell them. The first options were obtained from wood, made an archer, after – in the form of triangles. At Christmas, the pre-holiday Mesa was held in the mine itself, so many elements of the entrance were decorated with candles.

Despite the long period, which has passed since the appearance of the first variants of the candlesticks, their purpose has practically not changed.

Christmas candlestick is needed for attaching a candle and collecting molten wax.

In order to emphasize the feature of the event, similar products are decorated with cones, fir or small bells. It takes into account that the materials used should not respond to the effects of high temperature.

Review models

There are various options for the performance of candlesticks. Conditionally they are divided into the following types.

  • Little, Candle-designed candles. As a rule, they are suitable for installation on a table or other furniture. Many put them on the window, creating an attractive type of construction. The form of the candlestick can differ significantly.
  • Extracted For one candle. A similar type over a long period was popular, presented with a long stand. Most often they are installed on the table.
  • Minra. This option is designed immediately into several candles. Classic options accommodate 7 candles. In the manufacture of the main part, metal or other heat-resistant materials are used. The semotsset refers to the historical and religious type.
  • Wall mounted. Recently, the most common electrical option that can be attached on the wall. Some models with flickering lights are used for New Year’s decoration.
  • A wreath can be used for the decor, which is made of synthetic materials. Finnish options common worldwide.

    The main part of the candlestick can be manufactured from various materials. Most common:

    • ceramics+
    • onyx+
    • metal+
    • wood+
    • tin+
    • porcelain+
    • a natural stone+
    • glass.

      Wooden Candlesticks are considered the most common option. Scandinavian design involves the use of treated wood, which will not respond to the impact of high temperature. Modern models look like a unprocessed tree, they are decorated with fir trees and bells.

      Some options are made so that the figures move. They make the candlestick more attractive. The most common Option “Gorka” Allows you to install several candles at once. It has been manufactured over the years, most often found in Europe.

      Master class on creating

      Make the product under consideration can be done with your own hands. All work can be divided into several stages.

      • First you need to decide on the form. In most cases, the candlestick is made on a wooden basis, which has elevated insulating properties. At this stage, you need to make a stand for a candle, it must be stable. Often it is glued to base.
      • In the second stage, it should be decided on the color scheme. Most often the green shade prevails, because the branches of the branches are used for decoration. Festive gamma – green-red. Also, the composition is created from the cones, so you need to consider the presence of a brown shade.
      • Deciding with a color range that often leaves classic, you need to create a composition of branches. At this stage it is important to distribute all items to create an attractive design.
      • Christmas toys, apples, traffic jams and many other things can be used as additional decoration elements.

      The network meets a huge number of original ideas that are easy to perform. One of them involves the use of a log as a basis. The process of manufacturing such a candlestick can be divided into several parts.

      • The suitable log is selected. It must be fresh, without explicit defects.

      • The next step is to create multiple holes in the required size. To do this, drive a drill or a perforator with a special nozzle. The main thing is to withstand one axis of the location of all holes, otherwise install the candles will not work directly.

      • For decoration also used branches and christmas toys. They can be posed under the log, due to which its fixation is ensured.

        This option looks very original and interesting, while it does not require much time and means.

        Common and suspended options that are often manufactured from banks. To create such a candlestick, it is enough to make a handle, the candle is fused inside, after which everything is decorated with branches of fir or christmas toys. Recently, the design with lighter is very popular, closer to the blue tint. This is done to imitate the dropped snow.

        The original version of the homemade candlestick is made of small buckets. On the side of the side, a beautiful image is cut, for example, a deer, after which the candle is inserted inside.

          A similar model may be suspended for which a special handle is being done. With independent manufacture of candlesticks, it should be borne in mind that all materials used must withstand the exposure to high temperature. At the same time, for burning candles, you need a constant influx of fresh air.

          How to make a candlestick do it yourself look in video.

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