Corner cabinet for kitchen sink: types and selection

Corner cabinet for kitchen sink: types and selection

For small kitchens, an ideal option is considered an angular headset. The furniture has a compact size and looks neat. Many cannot decide what part of the furniture is in the corner. Most often in the corner of the room place washing.

Tumbler under the sink, as a rule, choose complete with kitchen furniture. However, some models that are included in the package do not look in the interior. However, an angular tube can be purchased separately. For this you need Determine the size of the corner cabinet and the choice of the appropriate option.


Before considering the options for corner cabinets for the sink, it is necessary to deal with the advantages of the corner tube.

Angular cabinet under the sink performs a number of functions:

  • Connecting – Provides the transition from some furniture elements to another+
  • Technical – assumes the presence of a drain and other communications under the sink+
  • Aesthetic – performs the role of harmonious design of the shell in the kitchen.

The convenience of the corner tube is its location. Washing is at an equal distance from the desktop and stove. It provides a more convenient process of cooking. And also the floor corner cabinet involves the placement of the shells of various parameters and destination. In the inner space possible placement of water filtration, garbage container, water heater or retractable shelves for storing dishes.

Despite its high functionality, the corner modules for the kitchen have disadvantages. So, minus you can call what Internal space will not be able to accommodate a large trash container for a large family. In addition, the angular elements of kitchen furniture are more often susceptible to breakage, rather than straight cabinets.

Of the shortcomings of the angular kitchen cabinet, it is also worth noting High cost.


Corner cabinets under the sink are of two types:

  • Rectangular+
  • bevelled.

Corner elements of furniture with a straight corner have two doors. To date, dual stands are in great demand. Visually design looks like two cabinets. The inner space is equipped with a retractable system and has a lot of capacity for various kitchen trifles.

So called Retractable cabinets also enjoy great popularity. Outdoor module has a retractable system with a large set of boxes and shelves.

Skilled cabinets under the sink have practicality and convenience. But the cabinet with a beveled corner has a number of flaws. Looks like a slightly massive furniture. And also when choosing a beveled cabinet, it is necessary to correctly choose the internal content of space, otherwise it will be difficult to get to remote corners.

Materials manufacturing

Cabinets produce from various materials. The most affordable option is the laminated chipboard. The design of such a material is a combined surface of pressed chips, which is covered with a plastic layer. When operating you need to follow, so that the moisture does not fall inside the material. For this, the vulnerable parts of the design protect against water from entering the special edge.

Cabinets can be performed from laminated MDF plates. These are crushed and compressed high-pressure waste of wood, which are brought to the dispersed state. The upper part of the plate has a layer of thin film or covered with a thin cut of a tree. The surface of the slab is protected due to painting. Painted MDF material has a rich color palette.

The design of such a material does not require special protection against moisture ingress and has optimal quality ratios and prices.

From natural wood Also produce facades Tumb. The most environmentally friendly material, but very whimsical. The material from the natural tree is well dried, perfectly customized, then a special varnish coating is used. Universal coating protects the design from the effects of temperature, deformation and moisture.

Corner plastic and glass modules are the most exquisite and stylish elements of the decor under the sink. However, plastic and glass cabinets have high cost and are more susceptible to chips, scratches and other types of deformation.


For the angular cabinet under the sink, the size of the 90×90 cm is considered standard parameters. Such cabinets are quite spacious and have a long service life.

The optimal size of furniture involves the presence of several types of sink modules.

  • Cabinet with external side walls in size 52 cm, with inner walls 45 cm and hexagonal bottom. There is no rear wall in the frame, which facilitates the placement of plum and other communications. Shelves in the design are also missing.
  • Cabinet with external side walls in 52 cm, and the inner walls are 83 and 85 cm. The cabinet has a pentagonal bottom. Couple capacity more than the previous version. But for water pipes should be cut. Facade of the wardrobe.

Another option for the design of the cabinet size 90×90 cm is a model with two doors. It is provided for opening as two facades at the same time, so separately.

Such furniture has a M-shaped view:

  • Side wall size 52 cm+
  • Back wall size 85 cm+
  • The bottom has a hexagonal M-shaped.

Corner modules exist different sizes, but the design depth should remain unchanged – 60 cm.

How to choose?

Kitchen furniture should be featured convenience and functionality. To properly select the angular segment, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • Furniture parameters+
  • Form and appearance+
  • Product quality+
  • The convenience of the space used inside.

Corner cabinets have a rectangular and trapezoidal form. Rectangular cabinet features affordable cost and simplicity when installing design. However, preferring a rectangular end, it should be remembered that the internal storage space is significantly limited. As well as The angular rectangular tube has a small functionality, and it is not very convenient to use it.

Trapezoidal tube has high functionality and convenience during operation. It is also worth noting a great inner space. The disadvantage is the high cost.

The main criterion for choosing the corner tubes are furniture parameters. Standard design size has the following parameters: Width – 90-120 cm, height – 70-85 cm, depth – 40-70 cm.

And also when choosing it is worth considering the area of ​​the room. For example, beveled cabinets take more space.

When choosing a material it is worth paying attention to the design surface. It should be without seams.

The stylistic direction also plays an important role when buying. It is necessary that the angular module does not stand out and harmoniously fit into the design.

You should also decide on the filling of the internal space. If filters, heater or shredder are expected in the cabinet, then you should give preference to bevelled cabinets.

Organization of space inside

As a rule, angular cabinets are used to save space. therefore It is necessary to properly comply with the principle of ergonomics when organizing internal storage.

Interior space is used to accommodate dishwashes, animal feed, for warehousing vegetables or storage of various kitchen trifles. For such things, special open shelves are intended, which can be placed directly above the sink.

From modern designs for organizing space inside the cabinet, retractable systems are highlighted. This option is very convenient due to the fact that you do not need to climb into the box to get any thing.

A bucket for garbage can also be located in the end. For example, on the door of the cabinet you can fix the retractable waste container, which will ensure the most convenient use.

The organization of internal space assumes the presence of special sections for storage. Such a system facilitates access to long-range walls and corners.

Of course, there is a hidden technique in the tube, for example, a shredder or equipment for systematized water filtration. If the dimbs of the cabinet allow you to position the water heater.

Choosing a kitchen headset is always a responsible step for any owner. When choosing kitchen furniture, you should pay attention to functionality and convenience during operation. Corner cabinet under the sink – a universal module that saves space and makes work in the kitchen more convenient.

        The choice of an angular cabinet is based on individual preferences, but assumes the presence of some knowledge. Using these recommendations, you can select the optimal size tumba from the quality material, and the Space Tips will help correctly adjust the storage of things inside the cabinet.

        Review of the corner couch under the sink, see the video below.

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