Corner cabinets in the kitchen: varieties, choice and examples

Corner cabinets in the kitchen: varieties, choice and examples

Kitchen sets can be equipped with various furniture configurations. Among the popular options for modern furniture products, corner cabinets presented in various species deserve separate attention.

Features, pros and cons

Corner elements of the kitchen headset are a rather popular version of the components, due to which it is possible to rationally use useful square meters of kitchen. These designs are made from different materials, in popular classic or modern stylistic directions. This feature allows you to attribute elements of kitchen heads to universal options suitable for almost any kitchen.

Despite the apparent monotony of such furniture, it is presented in various types and sizes.

Among the positive features of the corner cabinets for the kitchen is worth highlighting the following.

  • Placing such a design makes it possible to use the entire area of ​​the kitchen as efficiently as possible, including unused corners.
  • Despite the fact that the angular elements of the headset visually look small, the inner space is noteworthy in its capacity, as well as multifunctionality. This is due to the possibility of furniture to accommodate unusual and convenient systems for storing small objects and non-standard kitchen utensils.
  • The dimensions concerning the height, width and depth of the lower kitchen corner cabinets are highlighted by the manifold, in the light of which it will be possible to choose the optimal option for any needs, taking into account the features of the room.
  • Corner structures can be decorated with a variety of facades variations. To decorate sash, it will be possible to use combined options, artificial and natural materials, which is positively affected by the appearance of the kitchen room.
  • The angular cabinet to the kitchen of a floor or suspended type is already an integral part of the furniture. In the light of what, all the elements of the kitchen even curved type will look harmoniously and stylish.
  • In open-style cabinets, various decorative items, sets, etc. D.
  • Corner cabinets are highlighted by a variety of their forms, such a feature will allow you to choose the design under the features of the room, which will be relevant for non-standard kitchen layouts.
  • The angular components of the lower tier are often used as a cabinet under the sink. Also in the angular elements can be embedded by household equipment.
  • Outdoor corner cabinets can not only be stationary on legs, but also mobile, assumed the presence of wheels at the bottom. Such a feature makes it possible to use some elements of the headset in different corners of the room.

Among the shortcomings of non-standard corner cabinets should be noted the following.

  • Such structures can cost more than standard direct cabinets in the light of their features of their device.
  • In most cases, internal filling will require a special approach. Interesting roll-out or carousel options will be more functional in comparison with straight shelves or boxes.


Based on the design method in the kitchen, You can meet the following varieties.

  • Hinged corner structures, which can be like vertical pencils, with a height, reaching the border of the upper components of the headset. In addition, such models can be made in the form of shelves, horizontally attached to the wall surface.

  • Outdoor corner models. They are stands made from one or more materials. Internal filling may consist of various shelves, drawers and ultra-modern systems. As for the sash, most often they open up the type of book or “accordion”.

Taking into account the structure of cabinets, the angular variants are classified as follows.

  • Variations having a joke at right angles – It is this design that is considered the most demanded for the configuration of the heads. The facades of such cabinets can be open or deaf. Usually, standard straight cabinets are attached to these elements.

  • Box with a joint located at an angle of 45 degrees. Such varieties are considered the most spacious. However, design features allow it to be installed in spacious kitchens.

  • Corner cabinets with upper joints at 90 degrees. To get the most functional design of this type of type, its facade must be represented as an opening system by the type of harmonic.

  • Varieties of cabinets with an upper joint of the frame, representing an angle of 45 degrees. A very large design that will suit for kitchens and living rooms as well as large rooms. Usually, such component is used as an additional attached module for storing dishes and other necessary things.

Very often you can find interiors where such a wardrobe will be located above the kitchen sink.

Forms and sizes

Taking into account the features of the forms of angular cabinets for kitchens, It is worth allocating such variations of furniture.

  • Triangular models, which is considered to be a classic option. Their positive feature is a spacious internal space, however, in terms of convenience of accessing various necessary items or products stored inside, they do not differ in special comfort. Very often such cabinets are equipped with mounted systems for storing things that are attached directly to sash.

Internal filling may also provide for extensive or rotary shelves.

  • Corner cabinets in the form of a trapezium. They resemble the right pentagonal cones, which will be allocated by an increased level of functionality, since the internal space allows you to place a large number of different items and things.

  • Cabinets with M-shaped configuration. In most cases, this option is appropriate for storing kitchenware.

The dimensions of the corner cabinets regardless of their shape can be different. In the case when they act as a combining element of the kitchen headset, the dimensions of the structures will directly depend on the remaining kitchen furniture. Also, dimensions vary on the basis of the variety of accommodation, in particular, outdoor or suspended cabinets.

Attachments are not highlighted by their large size, so extremely rarely used to accommodate embedded equipment. As a rule, the width of cabinets varies in the range from 15 to 80 centimeters. Depth is usually 30-35 centimeters. Usually mounted angular structures are placed on distance from lower structures by no less than 50 centimeters, however, this indicator may have an error in the region of 5-10 centimeters. These parameters are considered standard for mounted angular cabinets, however, headsets manufactured by individual size under the features of the planning of kitchen premises may have other dimensions. There are options for small cabinets embedded in a niche, which is relevant for small rooms. Such structures can be operated for storage of noise, knives, spoons and small dishes. You can also meet open models.

The standard parameter for floor corner cabinets is considered an altitude similar to the rest of the kitchen headset, as well as a household appliance, such as a stove, most often serving the continuation of the table top. Usually, The depth of cabinets is 50 centimeters, while the height of the standard component will vary in the range of 80-85 centimeters. However, in most products there is an opportunity to adjust this indicator, because for most owners it will be too big. The width of the cabinets varies largely – so, some angular models can have a width of 15 centimeters, and the maximum indicators can reach 80 centimeters. Medium width of furniture will be 60 centimeters.


In the role of the main raw materials from which the corner of the corner furniture for the kitchen, In most cases, the following materials protrude:

  • Natural wood+
  • Multiplex+
  • Chipboard+
  • MDF.

As for natural wood, about 40 varieties can be used for the production of furniture, all of them undergo mandatory processing with special protective compositions that extend the operational term of the headitur.

Multiplex is considered a popular variety of raw materials of the last generation used for the production of kitchen furniture. It is distinguished by resistance to temperature effects, contact with a wet environment, is completely safe for human health.

MDF is considered the most popular material – in comparison with the chipboard, it is notable for its environmentally friendly, in addition, it does not deform from high humidity or heating.

DSP with thermal heating can be allocated formaldehyde, which is able to cause poor human well-being.

Color solutions

    Corner cabinets for kitchen premises are made in a variety of color schemes ranging from standard shades under a tree or bright pastel colors, to trendy bright options, popular among modern furniture products.

    Facades may have a glossy or matte surface. Depending on the type of raw materials used, the texture of the facade housing can be embossed.

    How to choose?

    Selection of one or another variety of corner furniture structures will depend on the following factors:

    • It is important to decide what will be kept in the following in order to have an idea of ​​the dimensions of the desired design+
    • If you plan to store high and heavy items, it is better to stop at variants with thick shelves in the range of 18-20 mm+
    • The optimal and comfortable depth to use the cabinet will be the indicator within 37 or 40 cm+
    • If placing angular cabinets with beveled corners near the stove is planned, it is worth avoided by the facade of decorative inserts from polymers or chipboard, which are able to seriously deform from high temperature.

    Interesting options

    Even a narrow angular space in the kitchen can be functionally used if you pay attention to filling, Where attractive and functional drawers will be used, located at right angles.

    Modern retractable systems will help rationally use the angular area, and the appearance of such furniture will correspond to modern fashion trends.

    Corner cases are able to perform in the role of a separate element or placed in one row with the rest of the furniture. In any case, this option will look attractive, and the internal space will be useful in the kitchen.

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