Corner cabinets in the living room: types, selection and options in the interior

Corner cabinets in the living room: types, selection and options in the interior

One of the most relevant solutions when choosing a hall wardrobes – Purchase of corner-type products. These designs are presented on the modern furniture market in a huge variety. However, not everyone knows which varieties of such cabinets exist, in which the features of the location of such designs in the living room, as well as from what raw material they are manufactured. All these and other nuances of angular cabinets will be discussed in detail in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any furniture, the cabinets of the angular type have advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing a wardrobe in the living room, you need to analyze the pros and cons of these designs. The main positive characteristics of the corner cabinet are the following points.

  • Such furniture does not interfere with the challenge. It takes only one corner and sections of adjacent walls, due to which preserves quite a lot of free space in the central part of the living room.
  • Corner structures have a fairly large capacity indicator. Such cabinets are equipped with various compartments that allow you to store a variety of things. This factor also prevents the formation of a mess in the hall, since there is enough space in the corner cabinet.
  • A variety of presented corner-type models will allow you to choose a cabinet for a living room, decorated in both classic and modern concepts. It will not only facilitate the process of selection of the cabinet, but will allow you to make an individual design to order.

From the disadvantages of such structures allocated Small mobility. Corner models are extremely rare possible to rearrange the hall to another part, as they are selected below the location along certain walls.

In addition, some door mechanisms when opening such products occupy a part of the useful space in the hall. It is also noted that in small-sized rooms, the installation of such furniture is inexpedient.

Types of structures

The design of the corner cabinet can be divided into two types – housing and built-in. Each of them has a set of unique characteristics that need to be considered when choosing a product in the hall.

  • Corner cabinet represents a full piece of furniture. It has the front, rear, side, upper and lower edges, located in a certain way, depending on the shape of a particular model. As a rule, such aggregates are being built an angular space, but they can look very original, and their side walls are used as additional areas for storing objects. An example of interesting cabinet structures is an angular bar wardrobe.
  • Built-in option useful if you want to maximize the space of your living room. At the expense of such furniture, this example will be carried out, since such a wardrobe has only a facade face, an employee, ceiling and sometimes side faces. Shelves and compartments inside the product are created directly on the surface of adjacent walls.

    Also, angular cabinets are separated by the type of door mechanism.

    • Product With swing doors, which are opening by traction door canvas on themselves. In such designs, the doors are usually located on the loop.
    • Sliding analogs Mean the location of the doors on the monorail or roller mechanism.

    Such door systems allow you to open an angular wardrobe, just moving the front part to the side.

    Materials manufacturing

    Material is a very important component that determines not only the aesthetic appearance of angular furniture in the hall, but also the durability of its service. The following types of raw materials are used to create angular cabinets.

    • Natural wood It is a very durable material, corner cabinets from which will truly decorate your living room. It is mainly used for products in rooms, which are decorated in a classic style. The array products serve quite a long time, but they are not particularly susceptible to high humidity and need special impregnation.
    • Wood counterparts for angular models were such materials as Chipboard and mdf. They are not as expensive as wood, but at the same time are quite strong and durable. MDF is resistant to moisture, and is also environmentally friendly.
    • The most budgetary type of raw materials is DVP, which usually includes wood dust. The quality characteristics of the material are not as high as the above-mentioned options. However, it is used to create some elements of angular structures, such as rear walls.
    • Some models include combination of wood sections with glass. Glass elements are part of the door or are used as a decorative element.

    Form and design

    One of the essential signs of distinction of corner cabinets in the living room is different from each other. According to him, the following varieties are distinguished.

    • Trapezoid product, which is a corner furniture with a slightly beveled silhouette of the side walls, due to which it resembles a trapezium. Such cabinets have a good capacity, which can be used even more profitable, equipping the product with various compartments. Open-type shelves may be present on the side faces of such a cabinet, which will allow you to decorate the interior with beautiful souvenirs living room.

    • One of the most sought-after forms of the corner cabinet for the hall is triangle. Products with such silhouettes are not so large as trapezoidal structures. They are installed in one of the corners, while the side faces of the cabinet fit into the outlines of the walls, located along them, and the central partition that serves as the door is made in suitable for living room style.

    With the help of such a cabinet, you can perfectly hide the wall defects in the corners of the room, as well as irregularities. At the same time, the triangular model is considered one of the easiest.

    • If the living room needs to store a truly large number of things, it is advisable to use for this Five-plated cabinet. Its back will perfectly fit into the angular space, and due to the side walls, the design will be more functional. A similar form allows you to equip a cabinet with a plurality of compartments for storing a wide variety of things.

    • The traditional design of the corner cabinet is considered M-shaped model. It looks like two perpendicular to each other compartment, which are connected to one closet. Additional compartment can also be as the median element, due to which the angle of the product looks more smooth. In the living room these products are very often equipped with open side shelves located in several tiers on one of the side of the cabinet.

    • In contrast to the previous model, Radius products differ in that their angular construction has a more rounded silhouette of a convex or concave type. In more overall products, it can combine even both of these signs. Due to this, the shape of the cabinet becomes wave-like.

    Usually, these models require quite large space in the room, so they are not suitable for each hall.

    In addition to the form, it is worth considering such an important feature like the design of the facade. Due to it, the appearance of a cabinet is formed, which must necessarily fit the style of the interior of your hall. The design of the front edge of the product can be performed in the following ways.

    • Mirror inserts help visually expand the living area. They are usually supplied by one of the cabinet door, but there may be a full-fledged equipment of all the doors of the angular design.

    This option is relevant in modern interior styles.

    • The surface of the cabinet may be matte or glossy. Gloss contributes to additional reflection of light, but it is not suitable for all concepts. For example, such a brilliant furniture surface is invalid in the classic.

    • If you want to make your cabinet in the living room unique, Subscribe its exclusive pattern, which is applied using a special sandblasting machine.

    • Lacobeel can serve as a decorative element. This material is glass that has passed a special one-sided color in the coloring mixture. At the same time, its strength is increased due to the sealing of a special film.

    • For a white corner cabinet, which is drawn up in a classic style, such a print may be relevant as Patina – artificial formation of the surface with the addition of additional colors, such as silver, gold or bronze.

    • Among the exquisite decoration of the cabinet applies to it skillful thread. Such registration is available to the owners of the product from a natural tree.

    • A very interesting decision of the decoration of the facade of the corner cabinet is Photo printing. Thanks to this technology, you can apply entire pictures on the furniture housing and create an individual design.

    How to choose?

    The process of selecting an angular cabinet for the hall is very important, Since it requires accounting for a number of criteria before buying a product.

    • The fundamental factor is the size of the room. It depends on the choice of form of construction and its common dimensions. In a small living room, for example, only triangular models are permissible, and the choice for a more overall hall is no longer so limited.
    • Also, we should think in advance, following what exactly the walls will be located an angular unit. It is even better to pre-measure the walls and focus on these indicators in the process of choice.
    • The capacity of the selected model is usually determined by exactly what you plan to store in the closet. If it becomes the main thing in your apartment, then this feature is key.
    • Combatibility with the interior style should be taken into account so that the cabinet does not make an imbalance in the style of your hall.
    • The price factor is also important. It is usually determined by the material from which the design is made, its size, as well as supplies to a specific furniture brand.


    The filling of the corner cabinet includes a number of standard compartments that can be very relevant for the living room, Especially if it stores most of the owner of the dwelling.

    • For bed linen, blankets or other major things in the cabinet are embedded by overall compartments.
    • In the upper part, shelves for the storage of seasonal hats can be placed.
    • If you plan to hang clothes in such a closet, then equip it with a special cottage for hangers and / or hooks.
    • For storage of smaller things, such as towels, in the corner wiring of the living room are embedded in the internal shelves of the open type.
    • If dimensions allow, then the cabinet can also be equipped with a basket where umbrellas will be placed, and a native shoe compartment.
    • For the smallest items, pull-out drawers are intended, which are usually located in the corner cabinets in a row above each other.

    Subtleties of placement

    To the corner wardrobe look in the interior of the living room as harmoniously as possible, It is necessary to take into account certain nuances of its placement, which includes the following rules.

    • Cabinet in the corner should not create interference to operate other fittings.
    • Also, the massive design should not overlap the important sections of the walls on which accessories or technique are located.
    • The cabinet must be located at a sufficient distance from the window. Placed close to it or even overlapping the opening unit will not only look more cumbersome, but also prevents natural light in the living room.
    • Determine the role of the product in the room. Corner type wardrobe can be made in inconspicuous, or, on the contrary, emphasize attention on it. Based on these purposes, a more notable or distant angle is selected for the location of the product.
    • If the cabinet is selected to the headset in the hall and the furniture is harmonized by material and design, then it is permissible to place the product in a row with the other furniture units so that the angular construction becomes continuing.

    Successful examples

    To make it easier to choose a wardrobe in the living room, read the ready-made ideas for equipping the hall with corner structures.

    • The unit looks very aesthetically, in which, in addition to the mirrors, there is also a backlight.

    • The radius model will not look cumbersome if there are colors of the hall.

              • Two-color corner cabinets with drawings on the mirror doors will be a real highlight of your hall.

              Review of the corner cabinet for living room Looking below.

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