Corner orthopedic sofas: features, types and selection

Corner orthopedic sofas: features, types and selection

Corner orthopedic sofas occupy a very solid sector of the furniture market – and not only in our country. It is necessary to know their main features and varieties. Otherwise it will not be possible to make the right choice. And this is not the situation where you can rely on luck or the overall aesthetic taste.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The reason why the angular orthopedic sofas are willing to choose for daily sleep, understandable. They very effectively support the spine and avoid multiple problems with the musculoskeletal system. Night and daytime sleep is also normalized, which is very important now when life is so unpredictable and burly. The release of orthopedic sofas is engaged in an increasing number of manufacturers, so that the poverty of the range gradually goes into the past.

Speaking about the main properties, it should be indicated at such moments characteristic of orthopedic angular sofas:

  • Fitness even for small-sized apartments and individual rooms+

  • comfortableness is no worse than full-format unprofinal beds+

  • The suitability of a powerful framework even for regular use for a long time+

  • Excellent bedding microventilation+

  • The need for a selection only after consulting a doctor (if the pathology of the back has already developed)+

  • Increased cost compared to “simple” products+

  • Increased (relative to direct sofas) size and more complex transportation.


It should not be thought that all sofas with the base of the orthopedic type are strictly the same. In fact, they can differ much on execution and practical properties. It is necessary to take into account that the sofas with an orthopedic sleeping place on the basis of dependent springs does not happen. No matter how fussing marketers of firms producing Bonnel blocks, give them the necessary qualities technically impossible. But varying the view of the angle is quite acceptable.

Most often meet M-shaped and P-shaped structures. The choice between them – in many ways the case of personal taste.

But in any case, buying a sofa with an anatomical mattress with independent springs, you should specify which amount of these points in terms of 1 kV. M. Than them are more, the higher orthopedic qualities.

The gradation of sofas for the layout mechanism deserves attention. Easier and cheaper all inexpose structures. But they look boring most often, use them impractical. Quite often uses the “Colding” mechanism. It is quite simple and easy to use, the only negative is the insufficient reliability of such a design.

As a permanent bed, you can choose an orthopedic sofa with an independent springs block and The mechanism of type “Dolphin”. This solution is economically profitable and relatively comfortable. But it is necessary to understand that when using a poor-quality tree, such a sofa will not last long.

More stable, of course, models with a metal frame. They will be able to endure a very serious load.


When selecting upholstery, it is necessary to be guided by its coloring and relevance in a particular interior. According to experts, the coating with approximately equal shares of artificial and natural fibers is best. To give intriguing features often use upholstery based on jacquard. Pure natural matter may look even better, but they rarely differ in durability. And purely synthetic fabrics are not always comfortable.

In addition to jacquard, you can use:

  • Arpate+

  • tapestry+

  • Skin (recommended for kitchen premises)+

  • Microfireber+

  • Shenille+

  • Flock.


In an inexpensive segment deserve attention Firms “Pinskdrev”. It has a long experience in the production of upholstered furniture and constantly improves its products. Among Russian firms should be supervised not only for traditional leaders – “Shatura-Furniture” and “Borovichi-Furniture”, but also to recently achieved great popularity brand Rival.

Also good position on the market occupy products under brands:


  • Moon Trade+


  • Tria.

How to choose?

The most important point when choosing an angular orthopedic sofa is its safety. Because it makes no sense to acquire such a product without familiarcing quality certificates. If there are already problems with the back or the musculoskeletal system, the necessary parameters of the bed can only be called a qualified orthopedist after the survey. It should take into account the external features of the design. She must and like, and harmoniously enter a certain interior.

You must not forget about the linear dimensions of the furniture. She is obliged to enter the designated place in the open and folded. The necessary sizes are fixed in advance with the help of a roulette.

Go to the store or view the electronic catalog is preferably having a scheme drawn with the necessary dimensions. Useful to review specific models.

There are some more important recommendations:

  • Never buy an orthopedic sofa on the market or in a “base store”+

  • inspect hidden and hard-to-reach places+

  • evaluate all fasteners+

  • Evaluate tensioning fabric+

  • Distribute to get acquainted with a specific sofa more time.

Examples in the interior

The photo shows an angular orthopedic sofa with brown top and light bottom. It looks very attractive. The combination with an abstract pattern, a careless decor, is quite justified from a designer point of view. Compliance with the color of the part of the sofa and the colors of the curtains (if not counting the difference in 1 tone) creates a stylistic balance. In general, the composition is very light and glad.

Also, they can look good:

  • Lilac sofa in light gray simple interior+

  • The combination of white Niza and the unpacable gray top with an intricate ornament+

  • Pure white sofa in very light, filled with a sun room with gray walls.

Overview of the angular orthopedic sofa “Santiago” is presented.

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