Corner shelves for the kitchen: species and features of use

Corner shelves for the kitchen: species and features of use

Open angular shelves will suit the kitchen of any sizes, but for small rooms they are especially good. Unlike closed suspended boxes, the shelves do not lose the space, the corners are crushed, retain the ease and volume of the room.

Pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages of such designs will always find their supporters and opponents. For a complete view of angular models, consider more of their pros and cons. The advantages include the following criteria.

  1. Decorate and hide an empty unparalleled angle.
  2. Worn functional and decorative orientation – useful in any case.
  3. The design takes up little space, unlike the upper cabinets, does not climb the space.
  4. Doors of angular closed boxes when used interfere with each other. This does not happen with open shelves.
  5. Products are so simple in the manufacture that they can be made with their own hands.
  6. The choice of configuration models and color is quite large, which allows you to choose them to any stylized setting.
  7. Open review makes it possible not to waste time search for items.
  8. The cost of such products is lower than that of closed hinged cabinets.

Corner shelves are good in many ways, but they also have their own cons.

  1. Dust accumulates on them.
  2. Items on the shelf should always be in perfect order. Such shelves are open to the review of each part of the kitchen.
  3. They will not put old unsightly utensils, as well as large items – kitchen appliances or pans.
  4. If the corner is a stove or washing, the shelves will get fat stains and splashes.

Types of structures

Corner shelves are divided from location (floor, wall, mounted), by material, destination and constructive features. Location affects the design of the products themselves. Outdoor models can be much massive desktop options.

Suspended shelves produce different sizes.


Actually consisting of boards and canopies, such furniture is easy to make yourself. Simple designs can be diversified by the number of shelves, the distance between them, size and material. Simple angular shelves are sometimes sold with a table, which can be hidden for economic accessories, and put spices, cups and other trivia to open space.


They are performed from wooden plates, but more often they are metal products that are fixed above the angular sink. Such models serve to dry the dishes. In the design of some modern areas where the presence of chrome metal is required, the lattice shelves can be placed in any corner of the kitchen, without tie to washing. They are concise, without excess decor, visually indoors support ease and space.


More complex models of angular shelves may have drawers for spices or other little things. Complicate the design of the door, which cover the selective sections of a multi-tiered corner structure.

With backlit

Corner shelves are often equipped with backlight. If they are intended for the decor, the lighting is advantageous highlights the exhibition instances. If the regiment is in the working area, the functional area receives additional lighting, which is very convenient during cooking.

Apply different types of lighting devices, for example, in the dining area over a cozy sofa on the shelves, you can fix a couple of sconce to create a romantic atmosphere. Using LED tape, it is necessary to choose products with weak lighting so that it does not blind, but only attracted attention to the decor. Well highlighted, but do not blind off correctly placed point lights in the lower parts of the shelves.

For flowers

Country style interiors, Shebbi Chic, Provence use fresh juicy greens in their decoration. Corner shelves designed for colors can be performed from wood or wrought iron. Often they have flights so that the pots with greens do not go down.

The angular shelf with floral planting makes the setting in the kitchen at home comfortable.

Materials manufacturing

Each material is good in its own way, and not necessarily it should be a tree, chipboard or MDF. More moisture-resistant materials are relevant for the kitchen, so in the interior of such rooms you can meet the shelves made of glass, plastic, metal and stone.


Elegant and air shelves made of glass skip light, they are easy and beautiful. The decor on them is visible almost from all sides, the soft backlight makes the angle simply “magic”. For shelves apply Calen glass with a thickness of 8 mm.

In the fortress it cannot be compared with a tree or metal, but it is relatively durable, freely withstands several tens of thick culinary books. The cons of the mines of glass structures include their capriciousness in care. They are easily collecting dust, but an attempt to remove it with a damp cloth ends with divorces. Glass shelves will decorate the kitchen inFusion style, minimalism, neoclassic.


In large articles, the entire metal shelves are found not so often. Usually install chrome supports or the entire frame for which wooden panels are placed. But there are elegant small lattice structures, they are completely made of steel and covered with chrome. Beautiful wrought-iron shelves can consist of a whole metal or combined wood. Metal shelves protect with a special coating that saves corrosion. Such products can be suitable for modern technostiles – High-tech, minimalism, loft.


Wood for the manufacture of furniture always applied. It has a wide variety of colors and a unique drawing of each product. The tree is an environmentally friendly material, it radiates a warm and healthy atmosphere, the more wood in the interior, the kitchen is more comfortable and calmer. For use, wood is treated with special impregnation from insects, covered with moisture-resistant paint and varnishes.

Wood durable and durable, angular shelves can withstand kitchen appliances and a large number of dishes. It is used in classic, historical, rustic styles, as well as in environmental and ethnic directions. Even modern interiors, preferring glass, metal and stone, can not do without wood. The material is easy to handle, so it is often used for the manufacture of handmade shelves.

Some craftsmen decorate the products in openwork threads, and the shelves take a fabulous look, as if taken from an old heat.

Chipboard and mdf

Wood-chip panels – a wonderful alternative to an expensive tree. They are both of them from them, having a democratic cost, can decorate every house. Plates are covered with veneer, imitating rocks of any, even exotic tree. For corner shelves in the kitchen it is more convenient to use chipboard, lined with plastic (post-forming method). This is a durable material, easy cleaning, it can last long enough.

Should know that In the home use of MDF plates are safer than chipboard, which are impregnated with toxic adhesive mixtures. This composition is able to evaporate in conditions of enhancing the ambient temperature, which often happens in the kitchen.

A rock

Shelves made of natural or artificial stone surprisingly enrich the unsightly corner. They can be massive outdoor or compact, as if glued to the wall. Stone is used in modern techno interiors and in almost all types of country. It is good for classicism, baroque, ampyr and other historical styles. The disadvantage of such shelves can be the high cost and high weight of the material.

Application in different styles

Corner shelves have a large number of models made of different material with a rich color gamut, which makes it possible to choose a product for any stylized kitchen. Let’s see how the interiors can be issued in different styles.

  • Kitchen Provence have white color or delicate light shades of mint, blue, olive, cream. Shelves are simple and natural, painted in the color of the surrounding. Although they are functional enough, they are often used as decorative, exposing dishes of old samples.

  • Small desktop corner shelf High-tech style Metal made and completely devoid of decor, which is characteristic of this direction.

  • Compact peculiar wooden shelf can suit anyone Rustic direction.

  • Classic combined suspended structures Open and closed type – good example for small kitchen.

  • Decorative angular shelf perfectly fit into the style Russian Country.

  • Exhibition Open Angle Shelf Suitable for Style Rustic or American Country.

  • Light kitchen in Scandinavian style Without top cabinets equipped with comfortable angular and straight shelves.

  • Open angular shelves in style minimalism Usually draw up point luminaires.

  • Glass decorative shelves for small kitchens can be used in any historical direction.

They skip light and look elegant and air.

  • Open shelves located in the second tier, facilitate the interior, visually make it spacious. Such options are often used Loft style.

Accommodation options

Corner shelves can be installed on the floor, on the table or hang on the wall. For them, any of the 4 kitchen corners will suit. Consider more accommodation options.

Above the working countertop

The perfect location of the shelves, since during cooking cooking and other necessary kitchenware items are literally at hand.

Over washing

In this part of the working area it is convenient to use Grid shelves. They can be in the form of tiny products suspended on the rails, they are filled with trifles. And they can be fixed on the wall or installed on the table over the sink and apply to drying dishes.

In the dining area

Beautiful shelves in the dining area are well harmonized with furniture and create a coziness atmosphere.

Ideas for registration

The presence of angular shelves in the kitchen significantly facilitates the life of the hostess. To make the corner even more functional and spectacular, you can use multiple proven ideas.

  • It is conveniently placed in the corner above the tabletop moving shelves for spices, they are able to change their position on two adjacent walls at the request of the hostess.
  • Practical rotating shelves in the corner of the lower tier headset. If it were not for the idea of ​​rotation, then to things located in such a place, it would be very difficult to get.
  • Interesting idea – set round supports with element of rotation at the junction of adjacent shelves. It covers an angle and easier access to it.

    Things that need to have easy and fast access (tea, coffee, spices, cereals) can conveniently get a job on open shelves. If the little things are placed in beautiful banks, such an angle will be decorative and functional at the same time, it will be pleasantly screamet with a working environment in the kitchen.

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