Corner sinks for kitchen: varieties and choice

Corner sinks for kitchen: varieties and choice

Standard layout of an apartment building is unlikely to assume the presence of an angular sink, but most of the modern owners have long understood for themselves that the standard is often the worst thing that can only be. The unusual form and location of the shell in practice usually turn out to be not only more attractive in the aesthetic plan, but also provide the owners additional convenience, allowing you to practice furniture and equipment.

At the same time, many in their lives about angular sinks only heard, and therefore, it is worth understanding what it is and how to do with them.

Features, pros and cons

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify that it is an angular sink for the kitchen. According to the functional purpose, this is an ordinary shell for washing dishes and other economic needs, which is radically different from most mosses of the form – on top it looks like a triangle that fits perfectly into the angle.

The angular car wash is usually installed in the kitchen, where the layout of the working area resembles the letter “g”, because it is almost the only way to effectively use the space squeezed in the corner.

Arguing about the advantages of such a layout, the following potential advantages should be highlighted.

  • Effective use of space. The problem of any room is a productive corner filling, because it is difficult to choose the furniture of the desired size. In the kitchen, this is especially true, because on a relatively small square one should place many pieces of furniture and units of equipment. The angular sink is able to occupy reading decimeters, which remained along the wall with the main part of the headset, and smoothly “thread” to the neighboring wall. Without it, you most likely, they would simply leave the corner blank, and under the sink would have to highlight another site.

  • Ease of access. Corner cuisines are in demand for the reason that they provide the proper level of comfort. You do not need to take a step to the side in order to get to other parts of the headset – it is enough to stretch your hand to interact with the adjacent areas of the working area. Nearby you can arrange a refrigerator, a stove or work desk – what you consider more necessary.

  • Spacious boxes. Due to the triangular shape, the angular sink can even occupy more space than it would make her “ordinary colleague”, but there are posses. Directly under the sink usually contains a useful space where most owners keep trash. In recent years, waste is becoming more and more relevant trend, allowing them to more effectively process, and if you consider yourself to the number of conscious citizens, the possibility of installing several garbage buckets will not prevent you.

  • Easy fit in the interior. Although for most consumers, such a designer solution is still awesome, manufacturers have long caught a tendency to popularize such atypical solutions, because they have released a variety of models that can fit into any popular design style. This means that such a wash does not limit the flight of your imagination.

  • Presentability and originality. Instead of inventing a way to shove a classic rectangular sink in a close angle, it is better to choose an angular model – this is the output that logic itself suggests. The product will be appropriate to look in place, and at the expense of its originality and will qualify for the title of one of the “highlights” of the interior.

Of course, certain disadvantages of such layout are also present, because when choosing a specific model, you should think about how it will fit into the overall concept of the kitchen. For example, too large washing (both the sinks themselves and the stands under them) are usually inappropriate because due to the large framework access to the corner is complicated, and therefore it will be problematic there.

In addition, there are quite a few inside the cabinet with a cup of space, but here it is usually quite close, and in case of any breakdown, it may be a problem for a plumbing caused to troubleshoot.

Materials manufacturing

Determining with the choice of a specific angular sink, it is necessary to navigate not only on the appearance and cost, but also on the material of the manufacture – in the harsh kitchen conditions it is precisely this factor that determines how much durable construct will be. No wonder there are different options in terms of material – each of them has its own “for” and “against”.

  • Stainless steel – probably the most obvious choice. Metal products are largely popular due to their low cost, but they have other advantages – for example, a simple and universal design that is well combined with any stylistic directions. In addition, the stainless steel received this name due to its ability to effectively resist corrosion, and another cup of it is produced in the matte and glossy version.

Mounting the product can be even independently, which is also plus, but the only minus is noity – the sound of flowing water will be heard throughout the apartment.

  • Ceramic angular sinks are good with their presentation – They look beautiful and carefully, while not worth perceiving them as purely white products, because now they are released in color. However, such products are even valued not so much for the external characteristics, how much for stability – no moisture, nor chemical means can do nothing with this material. Unfortunately, it did not cost without flaws: the sink weighs quite a lot, which creates difficulties in delivery and installation, and the material is subject to the formation of ugly chips after strikes.

  • Artificial and natural stone in the role of material for the manufacture of washing – This is a choice for those who do not even think about saving. Of course, the stone shell will cost more, if natural raw materials were used in its manufacture, but even imitation will cost a round sum, while the real granite bowl is considered better and durable.

The product in any case looks very stylish, it is distinguished by increased strength, no moisture, no chemistry, or even high temperature, is not afraid, and else can muffle the sound flowing into the water bowl. In this case, the design has even more impressive weight than a ceramic analogue, and the cost has already been said.

Dimensions and forms

Contrary to popular belief, the angular sink is not at all obliged to be triangular – such a requirement is extended, rather, to its cabinet, while the bowl itself can have a completely any geometry. Moreover, the actual triangular shells are rare, since space in sharp corners is unlikely to be used effectively. In the form of washing, they are usually divided into three main types, although individual designers can go far beyond standards.

  • The round sink itself demonstrates the readiness to fit into any styles – it does not contradict anything and looks harmonious. Without having angles, such a bowl is quite compact, and experts usually advise exactly such plumbers to install apartment buildings in small and close kitcheles. The same lack of corners have a positive effect on the hygienicness of the product – microbes and dirt just nowhere to accumulate, since there is no hard-to-reach places in the design.

Usually round option is sold immediately in the headset, which is very convenient.

  • Square shape It is considered classical for kitchen sinks, it is almost as appropriate as the round, and most importantly – allows you to put larger angular items that, in a rounded product, a similar diameter would simply be carried out. Due to the fact that this design has no elongated sides, it is also considered economical in terms of efficient use of space.

Square shells are often supplied with an additional wing for laid out dishes, but this item cannot be called compulsory.

  • Rectangular models today are considered the most popular because they are easier to enter into close angle.

    Separately, it should be noted that recently the washing with 2 bowls are becoming increasingly popular. The hosts of such new-fashioned models note that it is practical if you have a lot of really dirty work – for example, you often clean the fish, launder the grill, and so on. In this case, one wash is allocated under the most dirty tasks, while the second is fundamentally cleaner, it is never dirty with fat and similar pollution.

    At the same time, a significant part of consumers says that they chose the original model in vain – they do not see any convenience in it, but it predictably takes more space.

    A separate topic is a selection of sink size. First of all, you will have to push out from what your kitchen allows, because you first need to measure how much free space you can highlight under the sink. Consider that the washing can not take absolutely all the space, so it is necessary to leave a small stock into a couple of centimeters so that the same headsets in place.

    In general, this rule is relevant even for those cases where the product is sold already built into the frame.

    Sink – 3D design, all of its parameters are important. So, even with a constant abundance of dirty dishes, you can do the relatively small length and width of the bowl, if the depth allows you to download everything you need. If you do not use dishwashing washbasin, because we thought about the dishwasher, you can neglect the size of the sink, preferred is small, but in the opposite case, you should compare the size of the future bowl with typical dimensions of your dishes.

    If there is no problem with the choice of length and width of the bowl of chances, then the rules for the selection for many are a mystery. Specialists say that the optimal solution is the depth within 16-20 cm, since with such indicators the water falls out of the crane will not splash out of the sink.

    Here you need to understand that then you should consider the removal of the crane from the bottom of the shell – If it is high, the depth is inadvertently increasing, and the splashes will fly further. At the same time, if the sink is mounted high enough and is located at a level above 85 cm, The depth of the sink is more than 20 cm is contraindicated – a man of medium height will be inconvenient to be constantly tilted so low to get his hands to the bottom.

    At the same time, the depth of 20 cm and is more relevant if you are regularly made not only plates, but also large pots or frying pan.

    Installation methods

    Montage of shells in our time is made in one of two ways, depending on which class does your model include cutting or overhead shells.

    Overhead shells in terms of installation are the most simple – At the edges, they are equipped with special sideboards, which are designed to maintain a design over a hole in the headset, which is usually relatively small. Such a combination is easy to disassemble and collect again, because the sink is not attached to the furniture – it presses it only with its own weight under the action of gravity.

    It is these models that are usually equipped with side “wings” for dishes, most often they are made of light stainless steel so as not to overload the frame.

    Curling, embedded directly in the tabletop model are a more complex design, which is not so easy to divide into components. This method is not just preferred, but it is necessary if you purchased a sink from heavy ceramics or even more severe stone. Bowling provides variations in design, since the sink itself can be lifted or drowning in the table top at the request of the owner.

    Such a holistic design is characterized by increased aesthetics, but independent installation in most cases is impossible or extremely complicated.

    Color solutions

    The choice of sink color for many owners seems secondary, but not only if you clearly thought out what kind of design is needed by your kitchen, and you are afraid that the sink may not fit.

    Actually, if you have made a choice in favor of a stainless steel, the color of the product is most likely predetermined – It will be metal gray. In this case, you can choose only a shade, as well as whether there will be a matte or glossy. Preference is often given by glossy surfaces, from which it is easier to remove various pollution, but at the same time the slightest scratch for the gloss is a sentence, while the matte surface is able to survive such a tragedy.

    Contrary to concerns, the standard shell of the “steel” color usually looks good in the design of any direction, since the gray refers to the achromatic colors and can be combined with all other tones. In the same time The most organically product will look in the style of High-tech – there it is completely soles with the environment.

    Gray and black gamma is generally characteristic of stone models, but here the shine will be somewhat different, because certain requirements are put on to the interior. So, the use of natural raw materials (or even high-quality imitation) suggests that the entire design of the room as a whole is aimed at using natural materials.

    For this reason, typical stone tones, which usually can also be considered achromatic, are more often combined with brown wooden finishes and bright textile supplements, imitating classic chic or underlined rustic comfort.

    As for ceramic shells, they are produced in a wide palette of available shades, and this is a good news for anyone who wants even the bowl of the sink echoed with other interior items. As a rule, such products have a somewhat muted tone, without excessively bright shades, but even in such a plumbing, the plumber will not seem completely alien body.

    Determining with the choice of the color of the sink, you must give preference to the model that fits into the total color gamut of the room and will elaborate with something or becomes an organic part of the headset of the same color.

    How to choose?

    In order for the selected sink to be the most practical and convenient, pay attention to additional factors that distinguish the model from all the others.

    For example, the presence of side “wings”, on which it is convenient to lay out the dishes, already washed or waiting for their turn, most owners are perceived, rather, as an advantage, and denying themselves in such a component only if the model simply does not fit into the selected For her, corner or you will have to cut the area of ​​the cutting table.

    Complete set of shells directly affects its cost, But when choosing in favor of an objectively better model, you will not think about replacement for a long time, so sometimes it makes sense to overpay once. For example, In recent years, it has become popular to equip the shell with waste chopper – It is very practical if you often work with a cutting of vegetables and fish and are afraid that small, but at the same time and not too small pieces will fall into the pipe and provoke her clogging.

    In addition, manufacturers finally responded to a massive tendency to install additional cranes for drinking water, where the liquid falls separately, after the filter, some sinks are already specifically designed for the presence of excess.

    Some leading companies went even further – they produce shells complete with cutting boards. This option accurately deserves study, because the acquisition of the kit is always cheaper than buying two components separately, and kits are beneficial to the fact that they look interstrately and less forcing the owners to worry about the uniformity of the interior created.

    If you want your sink not just practical and beautiful, but called a real delight, Think about helping the LED ribbon in the cabinet. Recently, such a designer move has acquired unprecedented popularity, because he is able to revive even the most fresh kitchen, but at the same time it is necessary to carefully monitor the observance of waterproofing, because the contact of electrical wiring with water is fraught with serious negative consequences.

    Deciding with the model you like, you must clarify the seller’s availability of all necessary documents and certificates that prove that harmful materials were not applied during the manufacturing process, and also give you the right to warranty service.

    Sellers on the market in response to such questions are often only bred by their hands, because specialists always try to purchase plumbing only in profile stores in order not to risk quality.

    Finally, it is precisely the copy that is planning to buy – It should not have any chips, cracks and dents. Do not listen to the seller’s arguments, which insists that this is the inner side of the bowl and outside the damage will not be noticeable – it is already damage to integrity, a potentially weak place of the product, and therefore his durability causes serious doubts. If you get the sink right in a set with a headuit, exposed to the proper study also.

    Location options

    For the bulk of consumers, the installation of an angular sink is possible only in the corner, but in fact it can be put in some other places. The angular arrangement of such a product in practice is not always justified if the owners of low growth (due to the potential occurrence in the corner of the “dead zone”, to which not to get it) or often prepare together (will not be able to use one sink together at the same time).

    The original version of the corner washing is on the island, which is located in the middle of the room completely separate from the main headset and the working area. If the length and width of such a functional island allow you to mount furniture and technique in two rows, on the corner it makes sense to put an angular sink – now to it, on the contrary, it will be convenient access immediately from two sides, which simplifies cooking for one person and helps productively work Two immediately.

    In addition, this is a very interesting option to design the interior of the kitchen also from aesthetic point of view.

    In a multi-storey building, you can hardly have such an opportunity, but in a private house you can implement the location scheme, which has recently become very popular in Europe. The angular car wash, as it should be, is located in the corner, but not in the deaf, as it could be assumed, and where the windows are adjacent to it on both sides.

    For our edges, this is simply fresh and original, which is trying to achieve the owners in most cases, but it is also very useful for convenience, because the abundance of natural light allows you to more quickly wash away from dirt and products, and dishes.

    About the corner connection washing in the kitchen, see the video below.

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