Corner sinks in the bathroom: sizes and recommendations

Corner sinks in the bathroom: sizes and recommendations

Bathrooms rarely boast serious dimensions, most often the area of ​​these rooms is quite modest. In order not to clutter the space visually and physically, it is necessary to choose the most functional and compact furniture and plumbing. Corner-type sink looks great both in small bathrooms and large, which will stop possible in many ways due to their unusual appearance and originality.

Modern plumbing manufacturers offer a wide selection of corner models, but not to be disappointed in the purchase, many nuances should be taken into account.

Advantages and disadvantages

The angular sink in the bathroom is considered most often if the area is limited. Such a model does not occupy a lot of space along the wall, very compact placement in the corner of the room. You can pick it up to the end of the Tumba or limit the pedestal. Mirrors over the sink visually expand the room, add air. Such models have a number of advantages:

  • wash it pretty comfortable+
  • Tumba can close all communications, use the place in it for storing detergents+
  • Putting such a saccine, you exempt a lot of space for other items+
  • Selection of models, shades, forms of angular sinks are very large, you can choose them for every taste, style, wallet+
  • look very original, interior animated+
  • fixed on two walls, so the design is maximally reliable (provided that the walls are strong).

The disadvantage of this kind of washbasins is only one – two reliable bearing walls are required for their placement.


Models of such washbasins are quite diverse. Practically all manufacturers plumbing have their variations. The main criterion for the classification of shells – installation method.

  • Sink-type washing. Perfectly suitable for a small bathroom, but their minus – open communications. This is a very comfortable view that allows you to use the vacant space for installing a washing machine or furniture. The weight of this design is minimal, installation is simple. So that the pipes do not spoil the appearance of the bathroom, manufacturers offer choose models with decorative communications.

  • Tulip-type shells are most often. They are standing on the faienceset that hides the pipes, but there is no place for storage. The height of the legs behind which the pipes are hidden, varies from 70 to 80 cm. Press may be rather elegant, the design itself is practical and reliable. Ideal this type of installation is considered for overall shells, for example, from natural stone. Unfortunately, this option does not allow to use the place under the sink rationally, that is, to use it for storage.

  • Built-in models. Allow you to establish a storage space, but take more space than both previous options. This practical variation hides communications. There are quite compact varieties – about 40 cm, which can be put in the most tiny bathrooms. Dimensions can reach 80 and even 100 cm in width. The form also varies – from classic rounded to asymmetric, their height can be from 75 to 90 cm. Asymmetric models, in turn, are classified at the location of the elongated side – Lev- or right-sided.

Among this type, the sinks are very common in the model embedded in the table top, which can be suspended or embedded in the cabinet, a decorative type stand.

In addition, the model of the shells are divided by:

  • Size+
  • form+
  • Styla+
  • Production material.

Materials manufacturing

Beautiful appearance and suitable size – Insufficient characteristics for the purchase of shell. It is very important to estimate the positive and negative qualities of the material from which they are made. It depends on it how easy it will be to care for plumbing, as far as it is solid and reliable.

  • Ceramics. The most sought-after shells make ceramics – faience and porcelain. The price of them is quite low, they are unpretentious in care. In addition, these models are environmentally friendly, outwardly attractive. If you damaged such a sink, the restoration will not cost quite expensive and will not be difficult. Unfortunately, they are pretty fragile, any blow or fall of something heavy can smash them. In addition, you need to carefully select funds for the care of them, otherwise you can damage the coating, make it porous, and then the raid on them will be formed very quickly.

  • Metal. This is not too popular plumbing type, despite the practicality and durability. It looks good such washing in industrial and futuristic styles, are also suitable for retro. More inexpensive washbasins make stainless steel, and elite varieties – from copper, bronze. This material is not afraid of external influence, it is impossible to split it. To care for it just, detergents for this are any. But there are also cons – the stainless steel is too noisy, and the bronze and copper models are darked if they are not regularly cleaned by special needs and not polish.

  • Glass. Such models have high decorativeness, original, spectacular, can be decorated with painting, surround images. There are models from matte or transparent glass, you can choose any of their shade and form. Care for such a sink easy. Glass for plumbing uses durable, so you can not be afraid of its excessive fragility. Among the minuses it can be noted that it is necessary to wash every day, because it remains a lot of divorces and drops after each use. Restalation It is impossible to restore the sink, you will have to change it in case of damage. Price for such plumbing is quite high.

  • Natural stone. Non-trivial luxury models, unique in appearance due to the drawing, which creates nature. Texture of such plumbing is rich. Most often make marble, granite, onyx shells. They are durable, durable, they can be easily restored. But they are very heavy, which makes their installation harder, and the price of models is far from budget. In addition, spots are often formed on them, and it is impossible to clean the stone shells with aggressive abrasive drugs.

  • Fake diamond. Such sinks look identically natural, but lighter, so install them easier. They are not afraid of chemistry, durable, look very beautiful. Spots are easily rubbed, the restoration of them is simple. The cost of them is less than on the model from natural stone, but more than on ceramic.

  • Wood. This type of plumbing is the most atypical and belongs to the elite segment. Variety of colors, shapes, size allows you to choose a saccine for every taste. Wood ornament looks original, catchy. For the production of shells use moisture-resistant breeds of trees – oak, ash, nut, cedar, larch. Wood shells are lightweight, well suited to classic, ecosil, Provence, Rustic Country. But they are quite expensive, require a very attentive care with the use of special means.

Forms and sizes

Choosing a bathroom washbasin sizes, Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The width is selected based on the room area, optimal values, comfortable and functional – from 55 to 65 m+
  • Traditional height values ​​range from 1.3 to 1.5 m+
  • Average depth criterion – from 44 to 61 cm.

It will not be very comfortable to wash in the sinks with the sides of less than 25 cm. Small shells look good in small bathrooms.

Spacious better choose larger models. Large sink in a tiny bathroom grind space, breaks proportions.

As for the forms, here the modern market offers several basic variations:

  • Rounded – Traditional appearance, the most common and popular+
  • Triangular – more original shells, but occupy a little more+
  • Asymmetric – one side of the shell is elongated in relation to the other. This option looks good in modern interiors.

In addition, there are also sinks of non-standard forms: shells, circles, vessels and others.

How to choose?

Before purchasing sink, it is worth analyzing useful recommendations, Allowing to avoid disappointment after purchase:

  • The presence of a overflow type should be required+
  • The style of the shell must be combined with the general idea of ​​design+
  • Plumbing size is important, so be sure to do all the necessary measurements+
  • Do not forget about the package – it’s not always that it happens exhaustively+
  • Specify what means you can brush your favorite sink+
  • Think out what will be placed above the washbasin, and what – under it+
  • Is it important for you to hide communications.

Taking on the arms of the tips, you can safely go for the purchase of plumbing.

Examples in the interior

Compactness and elegance – a huge advantage of angular models.

In laconic modern bathrooms, angular sinks look very organic.

Built-in variations allow you to organize a storage space under the washbasin.

Unusual interior solutions are easy to implement with stone shells.

Glass models look air, easy and effectively.

Corner models fit perfectly in almost any style.

If there are few places, it is not necessary to abandon the dreams to create a non-trivial design of the bathroom.

Rich color range of washbasins in modern plumbing stores allows you to choose models for every taste.

How to choose a bathroom sink, look in the following video.

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