Corner slide for the living room: types and tips for choosing

Corner slide for the living room: types and tips for choosing

Many consider hall the main premises in the apartment. It is he who is intended for recreation of all households, as well as for receiving guests, so the choice of furniture in the living room is very responsible. Often the owners acquire an angular hill. It is not only characterized by functionality, but also has an attractive appearance.

Design features

This design consists of a variety of elements that differ in configuration, size and other components, however, in the end constitute a single piece of interior. The slide has one color and is made in a single style. It received such a name because the elements go for each other by increasing. The slide appeared in the use of families for a long time. At first it was a kind of pyramid-shaped shelf, designed to store dishes. However, over time, the idea has gained a wider expression, turning into a wall with a cabinet, a table with a TV, drawers and other departments.

Today the hill wall is very popular. This is due to a sufficient amount of its advantages. First of all, it is impossible not to note the compactness of the structure and at the same time its significant capacity. In addition, the wall is mobile, and the components of its modules can be changed without much difficulty.

Consumers note that the angular wall is conveniently located in the room and allows you to save free space.

It looks very neat and effectively, presented in a wide range of colors and configurations, has a variety of design.

To understand what kind of design is needed in each case, you need to decide on its purpose. To store clothes, it will be convenient for a wardrobe. Dishes and crystal also require special departments. To install home appliances need large shelves. In addition, on the wall you can place decorative elements and books.

What are there?

All slide walls are divided into 2 types. Different solid and modular complexes. They consist of outdoor Tumb, mounted elements and side sections. Consider their characteristics in more detail. As for one-piece structures, most often they are understood as they are understood by the name “Wall” in the full sense of the word. They are considered classic, collected in a single model and securely fixed. Among the positive moments, you can note the functionality and capacity of the slide. Among the shortcomings, the main is the impossibility of changing the modules from time to time.

To set home a solid angular slide, the owner of the room should be made careful measurements. Cabinets – Sections will firmly fit together, and an error even in a couple of centimeters may be unforgivable.

Users consider more convenient modular complexes. Their practicality is expressed in the fact that everyone can move so that the use is as comfortable as possible. If necessary, the section is changing in places, new boxes are installed or old. This allows you to periodically update the interior without any material costs.


The kit may include a variety of furniture items. Among them, you can mark the wardrobe and carcinet, chest of drawers, a shelf or a tumbler under a TV and other equipment, sections for books, racks for decor elements, modules under the dishes, as well as boxes located below that can be folded heavy things. Naturally, It is the cabinets that are the main component. Approaching their choice is responsible, because everything is different – ranging from sizes and ending with the appointment.

There are outdoor and attachments, they can also be vertical and horizontal. Own functions are available for each element, for example, a server is used to store dishes, and a wardrobe – for clothes. In addition, the slide can perform a decorative element. It helps it profitably submit to the filling of the hall and interesting things here. And, of course, you need to think about the place under the TV, it is usually central and attracts attention.

What to take into account when choosing?

What moments should pay attention to not make a mistake with the choice of such an important thing? Experts give several recommendations. First you need to decide on functionality. This indicator is purely individual, because someone is the owner of an extensive library, and someone needs as much space for equipment as possible. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of options, you can stop at minimalistic design, when the slide includes only a cabinet and shelves, designed for decor.

Besides, The choice must be made on the basis of the size of the room. The color gamma in which the living room is made, as well as its stylistics. And finally, the planning deserves attention. To correctly choose the design, experts advise to make measurements in advance. In addition, the estimated budget should be calculated and determine the amount in which it will be necessary to meet.

Placement features

Walls can be both straight and angular. And if everything is clear with straight, they are located along the wall, with the placement of angles there are some nuances. Such designs will be an excellent solution for living rooms of small size. In this case, the space in the corner is used, respectively, saves free space. However, it is impossible not to note the capacity of cabinets.

Corner slides are excellent for long and narrow rooms. With their help, you can adjust the form. Often, a wardrobe is installed in the corner itself, and already on the sides are modules. However, this is not the only option. No less interesting, the angular stand looks like a TV. Upstairs you can place the shelves, and on the side of the racks.

By and large in the corner you can place absolutely any module. The main thing is that the elements set around looked beautiful and appropriate. In this case, asymmetry is not rebiring, respectively, the owner of the room can give will to his imagination. If around the corner is located, this wall can only be taken partially.

Types of materials

The slides are cabinet furniture, respectively, perform them most often from natural wood, chipboard or MDF. Consider what the data differ is the materials. Among the consumers are the greatest demand, angular walls of MDF. They have a fully affordable cost, which is very different from the hills made of wood. However, the quality here will also be lower. It should be borne in mind that in such structures with the correct operation and care for a long service life. Such furniture is often able to boast the original design. Eco-friendly designs and are not able to harm health.

Expensive, but the highest quality will be a hill-wall made of natural wood. Such furniture will last long years, without losing its chic appearance. No doubt also its environmental friendliness and safety. The price is perhaps the only disadvantage in this case. Finally, Models from chipboard can boast the lowest cost. However, it should be borne in mind that they are subject to deformations and very quickly lose the initial attractive appearance.

Another important point when choosing a slide is the edge.

Melamine options are considered the most substandard, so the wall will last a long time.

Specialists recommend stopping the choice on the edge of PVC. It is sufficiently stable and much more durable. If you take into account all the subtleties above, you can choose a high-quality corner slide that will serve you for many years.

About what the wall looks like in the living room with a large corner cabinet, see in the following video.

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