Corner sofas with a sleeping place in the living room interior

Corner sofas with a sleeping place in the living room interior

Create a cozy design is impossible without proper placement of furniture items. Quite often for this in the interiors use angular sofas. Their convenient design and variety of sizes allow you to choose the appropriate option for any room. At the same time, even the largest corner sofas occupy a little space in comparison with bulky classic.


Many designers recommend installing a sofa with a sleeping place in the living room. This is due to the fact that it is comfortable and quite practical. Particularly comfortable modular options that can be disassembled by the sections, and then compose as you like. Also convenient when the sofa becomes easily bed. Wherein With the help of such furniture you can draw zoning space, which is relevant for studios.

Model diversity of sofas is impressive. You can find both simple angular versions and original P-shaped designs. Sofas are very popular, which have a direct section for sleeping place.

Complement the corner piece of furniture can be a minibar, a small locker, shelves or a coffee table.

What happens?

In fact, the corner sofa is a chair complemented by a direct part. This design makes it possible to maximize Effectively use residential space. Corner systems are divided into the following types.


Transformers have a folding, retractable or walking mechanism that allows the sofa to turn into a comfortable sleeping place. Among them are such models like “Tango”, “Eurobook”, “Spartak”, “Dolphin”, “Accordion”, “Colding”, “Kangaroo” and others. Of the shortcomings it is worth noting the fact that For daily use, the design is not the most convenient. Most options have a spring soft basis and a rigid part that is folded.

Transformer sofas can easily decompose. At the same time, they are distinguished by reliability and durability, which are achieved due to the minimum use of moving parts. This option provides a large number of guest places. In the internal boxes can be stored bed linen, which frees additional space in the room. Best of all this option Suitable for small rooms, where it is impossible to place a lot of furniture.

Modular variants are transformed due to the individual segments from which you can make the desired configuration. In such furniture, each composite part has its own function. So, the direct element is the length of the sofa, and the corner allows you to form one or more protrusions. For separation of the sofa, armrests are used. As for the puffs, they are additional landing places.

Sofas from modules can be adjusted in the amount depending on the number of segments and their configuration. As a result, it becomes easy to free the necessary space. In each or almost every module there is a place for storing things. Quickly and without unnecessary problems can be changed the shape of the sofa. Instead of shelves or table conveniently use armrests.

For a small room, it’s hard to pick up Suitable modular design. At the same time it is important to correctly enter it into the overall layout of the interior.

It should be borne in mind that such sofas are quite expensive, but at the same time they can often be modified and rearranged.


Monolithic models are most often made as a semicircle and are solid. Such sofas occupy a lot of square, so they are better to choose for large spaces. The main advantage of a monolithic design is long-term service life. This is due to the lack of mechanisms for transformation that break faster. However, such sofas have a significant drawback – Unable to form a comfortable bed.


Material for corner furniture, as for any other, should be reliable, pleasant in appearance and easy to care. Elite leather sofas are characterized by beauty, elegance and high price. In addition to the fact that the skin has a luxurious look, it is easy to clean and serves it for a long time. Among the disadvantages of the material it is worth noting Limited number of shades.

Sofas From Floka Different resistant to mechanical stress like pets of domestic animals. Also easy to clean them. However, to the touch such upholstery material is not too pleasued.

Velours As a upholstery for upholstered furniture, it will be wonderful to look in the living room in the classic style. However, it requires special care. Of the advantages it should be noted a pleasant and soft surface.

Shenille More often than other materials used for the upholstery of sofas due to a wide variety of color solutions and strength. Such material is able for many years not to lose its original appearance.

Choose the material for the sofa follows, Based on its preferences, budget and the overall style of space in which it will be. And you can pick up the color of the upholstery such that the furniture will become one of the bright accents in the living room. Do not be afraid if the sofa will stand out from a solid gamma.


The standard dimensions of the angular sofa provide a height of 90 cm, the length in the range from 230 to 280 cm and the width of 150 to 180 cm. However, manufacturers of upholstered furniture are ready to satisfy any consumer requests, so Today you can find sofas of various sizes.

A small sofa with compact dimensions 150 150 cm or 130 per 200 cm conveniently placed in the corridor or in the kitchen. Such an option is suitable for rest alone.

Most often they represent the folding eurobooks.

The small version in the form of a sofa-book in a disassembled state does not exceed a length of 125 centimeters. In this case, its width is about 140 centimeters. As a supplement, you can use sections with a similar design.

The average sofa has a size of 200 at 150 cm or 240 to 260 cm. Dimensions of such models strongly depend on armrests. If you take into account the upper part, the depth of the sofa will be 150 centimeters, and the height of the back – approximately 75 centimeters.

A large sofa is considered an elite piece of furniture, as it is quite expensive. It can reach 2 or more meters. Most often such models are made to order. Sleeping dimensions, as a rule, are 300 per 200 centimeters or 200 per 140 centimeters.


The corner model of the sofa is asking for a large and spacious hall. Especially convenient if it is supplemented with shelves or folding table. Among them are models in the form of the letter “P”, with a right or left-sided angle, in the form of different geometric forms.

For a small living room It is better to stop the choice on narrow versions, but with a sleeping place. Such sofas can be folded or equipped with a separate section under sleep. As a rule, the seat is hidden for storing things. The upholstery of such furniture can be any, but it is desirable that she is dense. As for the carcass, it must be made of a wooden bar.

With Erker You can purchase a plane model with original design. Production of such furniture is made to order in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Among the models you can find monolithic, transformers and combined.

Among modern options, designers allocate Models consisting of three parts: angular element, sofa and armchairs. Often there are additional sections, puffs, pillows. You can have them in spaces of any size.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a sofa, it is necessary to sit down on it to evaluate how comfortable it is. It is desirable that the angle of inclination of the back and its height was comfortable, like the depth of the seat.

In the event that the choice fell on the sofa transformer, it is important to check how mechanisms work. After all, everything should be easily laid out and gather, while without noise. For long-term use of furniture it is better to choose steel fasteners.

Before purchasing an angular sofa, it is worth producing all the necessary measurements so that the new furniture is exactly fit in the place allotted.

Beautiful examples in the interior

In the living room in light colors and with a large window central element will be a bright angular sofa of medium sizes. Fabric upholstery Good add soft rug on the floor and snow-white low table.

In the cozy corner of the studio, it will be profitable to look a sofa in a saturated color, for example, blue. To give it a visual comfort, it should be placed on it a large number of pillows of different shades. At the same time they should be brighter sofa. If the lines of furniture are soft, it is better to choose a round table and a carpet. Great Green Plant will be an excellent addition.

The spacious room luxuriously looks like a dark island from an angular sofa with original design, table and fluffy carpet. Moreover, if the interior is made in bright colors, then it is better for furniture to prefer contrasting dark colors. However, in this case, the sofa is worth adding bright colors. For example, a very effectively looks a combination of dark gray with orange.

How to choose a high-quality sofa, look in the following video.

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