Corner sofas with mechanism Eurobook : features and varieties

Corner sofas with mechanism & Eurobook & : features and varieties

When buying a sofa for most buyers to the fore, it turns out the possibility of its transformation into a place to sleep. In this key, the championship confidently occupies an angular sofa eurobook, the features of the design of which allow you to use it daily as a full bed. Furniture of this type is presented in a variety of modifications, each of which has its advantages and cons.


Angular sofa with a transformational mechanism “Eurobook” – a fairly simple version of upholstered furniture, which is very popular due to the ability to organize a full sleep and rest. This design provides two basic blocks – the front retractable sector and the descending rear panel. The mechanism has a lot of advantages and is characterized by extremely high performance:

  • folded creates conditions For a healthy full-fledged holiday Users of any complexes+
  • Simplicity of the transformation mechanism, even a child without adults can cope with+
  • below, under the retractable sector are located Bed linen and other sleeping facilities+
  • If you wish, you can always use an eurobook for sleep and in indeted condition – Sofa seat is quite wide, and thanks to removable pillows you can increase it even more+
  • Large selection of fillers – from cheap porolone to expensive orthopedic+
  • long operational period.

However, the Eurobook has substantial flaws:

  • The legs of this furniture during operation can urge and damage the floor+
  • In the unfolded form, the Eurobook consists of a pair of blocks between which the gap arises – to sleep on this junction is very uncomfortable+
  • With frequent decomposition of low-quality products, the service life is significantly reduced.

Decompose the corner eurobook is very simple, for this you need to perform several simple actions.

  • Remove from the sofa all pillows.
  • Take the lower part of the sidewa and smoothly pull on yourself. In some products you will have to raise this block slightly, and only then pull. Typically, the retractable segment has wheels that move along a smooth guide – they allow it to leave without any physical effort until the wheels will not disappear into the stoppers.
  • Next will remain only pull back to your back, and then omit on the bed for sleeping.

As a result of all manipulations, a spacious place for sleep is formed from two blocks located at a single level.


There are 2 main models of corner sofas eurobnizhek on sale, which differ in the transformation method.

  • Retractable. In this case, the seat panel is advanced forward, sliding wheels. Such products have been widespread due to the simplicity of folding and affordable cost.

  • Tik-TA. Here, instead of polozov, the sofa includes levers, they pushed the sideways up and forward. There is a similar sofa as well as the retractable, with the difference that tick-so should be lifted and only then pull to yourself. Such structures are preferable, since the legs do not spoil the surface of the floor during the transformation, and the folding itself and folding requires less effort.

Depending on the presence of armrests, all Eurobooks can be divided into 3 categories.

  • Without armrests. In this performance, instead of armrests are provided with elastic pillows, decomposition they are removed. This furniture is optimal for high users, because the sleeping place has practically no restrictions on the length.

  • With two armrests. This is a stylish sofa, the armrest in it will be covered with a soft matter or has a rigid coating. A pair of handrails forms limitations in length, so this model can only be chosen taking into account the growth of the user.

  • With one armrest. This type of furniture is optimal for small rooms, suitable for organizing a comfortable sleep user with different growth.


Contemporary furniture manufacturers have no standards for creating corner euro-chain sofas in terms of their size, which is why buyers may pick up the optimal model for the placement of any type. When choosing furniture, it is important to keep in mind that the back of such a product must defend from the wall at a distance of 3-5 cm for trouble-free decay. In addition, there should be no obstacles in the direction of the extension of the lower segment. The length of the product is not the only parameter that should be considered when choosing the optimal model. An important meaning also has:

  • Depth and width of Eurobook+
  • Product height in the uppermost position+
  • Distance from the seat to the back or pillows+
  • Sleeping Parameters+
  • Seat length+
  • If there are armrests – their size.

The most common sofas with parameters 140×190 cm, as well as 140×200 cm is a classic standard, also in demand model with dimensions 160×200 cm.

Materials and design

For the manufacture of sofas use a wide variety of materials. So, for the production of frames, manufacturers choose the following.

  • Metal – such models are excellent practicality, reliability and long operational period. Models with such a core are the most expensive.

  • Wood – This material complies with all criteria for environmental safety and hypoallery, which is why the tree is most often used for the manufacture of children’s furniture.

  • MDF / DSP – economical material, it is suitable for the production of cheap furniture. However, the life of such products is small. In addition, such furniture is not suitable for users with a large body weight, as well as for active children who like to use furniture as a site for jumping, bats and other exercises.

The variety of filler options allows you to purchase the most convenient furniture for any budget.

  • Porolon. Cheap material, but it is distinguished by a significant drawback – the foam rubber is quickly crushed and deformed, respectively, the period of its operation is small.

  • Polyurene Foolder. The material is characterized by high resistance to wear and ability to continuously hold. Pretty hard, so optimal for office furniture, as well as for users with spinal problems.

  • Foamed Latex. Non-toxic, eco-friendly material, suitable for a full rest. Has the ability to repeat the outline of the body and maintains the muscles during sleep.

Natural or artificial canvas can be used as upholstery. To natural attributes.

  • Cotton – Material with high air permeability and hygroscopicity parameters. Cotton is an eco-friendly, safe and hypoallergenic, so most often it is that particular canvas is used for the manufacture of children’s furniture. With prolonged use, this upholstery serves 5-6 years, and in order for the fabric to become more durable, it is treated with special impregnations that prevent rapid wear.

  • Jacquard – canvas with relief structure and high density. The fabric has a long service life and does not fade under the action of sunlight. Sofas with such an upholstery look very expensive. Of the disadvantages allocate difficulties in care and increased sensitivity to water.

  • Tapestry – This material resembles vintage fabrics, so used for rooms in the classic design, the tapestry upholstery is distinguished by strength and environmental friendliness, presented in a wide choice of shades and textures. However, the material has a predisposition to abrasion and burns out in the rays of ultraviolet.
  • Leather – For the manufacture of Eurobooks is rarely used, since such models usually acquire people provided, which in a similar way seek to emphasize their social status and the level of wealth, they do not need to save square meters in the house. Leather hygroscopic, she misses the air well, besides, it is easy and easy to care for it. However, this material with intensive use is covered by cracks and has unpleasant stickiness.

From artificial materials allocate such.

  • Arpate – Reliable synthetic canvas that was originally created for car seat. It is distinguished by the density, in its texture of Arpatejects, it looks like a skin, it is durable and racks to ruptures. Among the minuses can be noted the appearance of microcracks during long-term use.

  • Scotchgard – Modern fabric, visually resembles jacquard, but much more available at cost. Consists of a combination of natural and artificial fibers, has a long life, is characterized by durability and resistance to pollution.

How to choose correctly?

Purchase of the sofa – the case is responsible because the healthy dream of the user depends on its quality. That is why, first of all, special attention should be paid on the convenience of using the sofa. Deciding to save, you can get a bad mood with furniture and chronic insomnia. The design should be durable and practical, so preference is better to give models with steady legs and a strong frame.

Be sure to evaluate the simplicity of the product transformation, a good sofa should be folded and laid out without any effort. In addition, the high quality product should be unpretentious in cleaning – the user must easily remove all the spots with a conventional vacuum cleaner and a wet cloth.

Beautiful examples

Corner sofas-Eurobooks are presented in a wide stylistic diversity.

Corner eurobooks with fabric upholsters are invariably effectively – they are both monophonic and pressed.

For the children’s room there are indispensable bright Eurobike sofas in the form of toys.

How correctly use the corner sofa with the Eurobook mechanism, see the following video.

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