Corner sofas without armrests: features, types and selection

Corner sofas without armrests: features, types and selection

Corner sofas without armrests may not be worse than models having a similar element. But to make the right choice, you need to take into account the features of each type.

Corner sofas without armrests deserved high authority in consumers. The angular form provides the most rational use of free space. It makes in the room notes comfort and comfort. On such sofas is quite well resting even after a very difficult day. And also there is a large, comfortable place to sleep.

Almost all existing methods of transformation of the angular sofa are acceptable for everyday use. With their help, you can convert a sofa into a double orthopedic bed. Required anatomical properties are achieved with filler. Most often, the orthopedic angular sofa is equipped with or springs blocks, or PPU.

Corner configuration Great for the distribution of visual areas indoors and their functional distinction. You can always put such a sofa both in the corner and middle. In this case, it can share leisure and work areas, table and kitchen sites. Both separated segments will be most comfortable and practical.

The abundance of layout methods, a variety of paintings and textures allows you to find the perfect solution for a particular interior.

However, some people believe that the sofa without armrests looks like aesthetically unfinished. In reality, the situation is noticeably better. Compact modifications are quite comfortable and may even replace a full bed. If there were armrests, they only created additional interference.

Speaking about the benefits of designs without armrests, it is worth noting:

  • saving free space in the room+
  • Original geometric configuration+
  • The ability to turn the piece of furniture in a full focus+
  • Spectacular appearance+
  • Stressed modern appearance+
  • Equipment of most modifications boxes and other storage systems.

Armrest forms a protruding angle. Accordingly, if it is not, less risk is injured. This is especially important for children and domestic animals that often cannot control their movements and movements. Especially such an advantage is important on a limited area.

But the designs without armrests there are disadvantages:

  • Some people consider them all their visually defective+
  • Sometimes the lack of support for the pillow emotionally strains+
  • Part of the models is expensive (sometimes helping sales and seasonal discounts).


Due to the wide variety of models of angular sofas, select the optimal solution is extremely difficult. So think often – and completely in vain. Simple criteria will give a clear answer.

The folding mechanism is needed only to people who every day will fold the sofa, and closer to the evening to prepare a sleeping place from scratch. In addition, each type of layout mechanism has its own characteristics.

For instance, “Dolphins” and “books” choose most often those people who are important simplicity and reliability. The mechanism of “book” involves dividing the sofa into two blocks. Change its shape, folding the back to a click, and then folding it. “Book” mechanism if it fails, then repair it is easy. More improved type – “Eurobook” – Almost just as reliable. The clique-klyak mechanism has a third position that is intermediate between two extreme positions.

W “Accordion” It is planned to lay a sedentary place when stretching the lower block. Immediately appears a bin for storage of items. After assembly furniture is very compact.

Concerning “Dolphin”, then this mechanism is less reliable than the familiar “book”. However, its advantage is the minimum cost of forces when laying.

Rarely unfolded sofas are usually equipped with mechanics:

  • Picky type+
  • “French clamshell”+
  • “telescope”.

In order to periodically leave someone for the night, and mostly use a sofa for seating, absolutely any mechanism will fit. But it happens and the situation when no one will sleep on it. In this case, it can be limited to a simple and cheap non-storage performance.

The classic configuration of the corner furniture involves imitation of the letter “L” (in Russian spelling – “G”). If the space in the room allows you to choose P-shaped and C-shaped sofas. In the classic and vintage interior furniture closer to round form.

For modern interior, rectangular and close to them are preferred.


Standard envelope angular sofa is:

  • The length of the main part of 2300 to 2800 mm+
  • The length of the sidewall from 1500 to 1800 mm+
  • height 900 mm.

Large beds include sections:

  • 2000×1400+
  • 2000×1500+
  • 2000×2000 mm.

Furniture 1500×1500 mm applied in children’s rooms and dining area. Sometimes there are non-standard designs:

  • 2500×1770+
  • 3000×2000+
  • 3500×4500+
  • 4000×4000 mm (though they are in assortment only individual manufacturers).

Materials manufacturing

Savings on the material of the corner sofa is not too intelligent. This requirement applies not only to the frame, but also to finishing. As the main raw materials, the responsible manufacturers use solid deciduous rocks or an oak massif. Pre-such wood dried in natural mode without resorting to enhanced heating.

To form elastic elements used twisted steel springs.

And can also be applied:

  • Cellic blocks of polyurethane foam+
  • Seasoned mats+
  • Mats jutes+
  • Coconut mats+
  • Poropolone plates+
  • linen case+
  • Jute Czech.

Tips for choosing

Select small compact sofas not always reasonable. In a very large room they just lose visually. As for the sofa size, they are selected taking into account both the size of the room and the growth of users. Be sure to remember both free place in the passage, and about the convenience of use. Exterior appearance pick up according to room design.

In the vintage and classic interior will appropriately look:

  • Elegant legs+
  • backrest with curved contour+
  • Decorative drains+
  • Wooden (perhaps even carved) Details of the finishes.

If it is difficult to choose a good solution for the angular room, you need to give preference to leather upholstery. She always looks elegant and elegant. But in the modernist interior, one-photon designs with direct contour will be more attractive.

                If you plan to frequently redo the situation, The ideal choice is modular sofas. And, of course, you need to pay attention to the reviews of the previous consumers when meeting separate models.

                Review of the corner sofa without armrests in video.

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