Corner tables in the kitchen: sizes and choice

Corner tables in the kitchen: sizes and choice

The kitchen table is always going closest. In order to chat and delicious food, we need conditions. It is important that this kitchen attribute is comfortable and beautiful. Some like things that have an unusual form. And if they are also convenient, then this quality will make absolutely all. And especially those who have a small kitchen.

Features of application

In urban apartments, in the old high-rise houses, there is a problem – this is a limited space in the kitchen. And to accommodate everything you need here, you need to properly use the corners of the room. Then you can easily cook food and gladly dine the whole family.

Here it is necessary to rely on the condition: one of the main components of your kitchen interior is a dining table. When you have a spacious kitchen in the house, the question of the shape and size of this table should not be in principle. You can afford to accommodate any instance you like.

Another thing is when limited space in the kitchen, and you so want to accommodate the necessary items. Then you need to choose one of the variants of the corner tables that are presented below.

  • Fit enough fit in the interior of a small kitchen Transformers or Retractable Tables. Family of three people will easily fit at the table. And if guests pressed into the house or your family is characterized by the number of her members, the table can be decomposed.

This option is quite practical – the table is easily folded and folded.

  • All at least ever traveled in the train. There are very few space in the wagons, and therefore they use Folding tables. If this item is not needed, it is removed for the convenience of movement from one place to another. And again, get and unfold during lunch.

  • Widespread use Corners with tables. They are multifunctional: can serve as a working area, and a seating area, and a dining area. A variety of designer thought makes this option very attractive to consumers.


It should be noted that the material from which one of the main items of the kitchen can be made can be different. And the decision must be taken on the basis of your desires, needs and design directions. So, consider from what you can make the table.

  • Modern interiors provide for use Glasses and plastic. This option is quite original and contemporary. If you are ready for such graceful items require special care, you can safely choose exactly this direction.

Forged feet of the table and a transparent tabletop can easily stain, but with good cleaning you will enjoy the sophistication of your kitchen.

  • Those who want to save, more accessible options will suit. Selection of the model is MDF and DPP allow you not to overpay and take advantage of the variety of forms. Laminated special surface film serve sufficiently long and create the impression of presentability.

  • And here Wood base Your desk will cost you a little more expensive, but natural materials always appreciate environmental friendliness and prestige.

  • Plastic tables and chairs in the kitchen look very futuristic. This material is optimal in cost and allows you to create such a form that will only suit you. Color gamma will allow you to choose the desired option for your design.

  • Durable and pretty realistic table material – This is a stone (natural or artificial). Today, experts create data instances of any shape and color.

It is characterized by persistence to negative factors and does not contribute to the reproduction of the aggressive environment.

  • Top dining table consisting from ceramic tile, – Very good solution. It will completely replace the stone and marble. The original pattern will allow creating an indescribable atmosphere to be present in the dining area.


The corner table is a practical solution that will make your choice very favorable in terms of convenience and saving space in the kitchen. Especially since now Masters, specialists perform any wishes of customers, and the assembly of models does not take much time. And remember that products are massive and compact. For a small space, it is better to choose the last option.

Designers are also trying and invent various options that allow you to save space in the kitchen. Therefore, the presence of angular moments in the room can be a place where a comfortable table will be located.

By the way, as an option, there can still be placed and a dining area that is performed in the form of a bar counter. One part of it perfectly will fit into one of the corners, and the other side can be given a bizarre. This decision will be a version that will enjoy all.

Consider several varieties of dinner tables.

  • Where you decided to apply a classic style, fit well Round table or oval. This option is simply needed to those who have small children, in order to their safety, as less traumatic.

  • The most common view is Rectangular table. This option is suitable for any interior. It is customary to set near the wall or in the corner. And even in a small kitchen, he will be able to expand the functionality of this room. To save space, such a design can be attached by one side to the wall, and the other it will rely on the legs. In the smallest kitchen, the installation of a pretty narrow rectangular table with drawers will save considerable space. And you can still make a folding mechanism. It turns out a convenient place for gatherings, and the same option can be used as a cooking worker.

  • Another version is a model in the form of a transformer having Square form. A small size will allow you to place this instance on the small kitchen. So you will save space for movement.

  • It will be quite original to look triangular table. It not only perfectly fit into one of the free corners of your small kitchen space, but also will give you the opportunity to move freely. In addition, it looks very unusual.


To choose the shape of the kitchen table, you need to know his future sizes. To do this, decide on the number of people who will be constantly attended during lunch.

Each person should have 70 centimeters of free space for a rectangular table. Otherwise, you will have to argue your movements all the time. But for the round table you will need almost a meter to feel full comfort. Therefore, it should be proceeded from these considerations.

Color solutions and decor

Do not forget about what you need to decide on the decor and the color range of your kitchen table. Shades directly depend on your wishes and material from which the product will be manufactured. The table should be harmonized with a kitchen head in the color scheme.

For those who do not want to bother with a selection of color, you need to know that the white dining table will fit into any space and interior. Think for this option and form. You can order an oval or round surface on a massive wooden leg. Rectangular version can be decorated with mosaic. Provence style provides for the installation of a table of genuine dark wood. But the style of High-tech suggests a model of plastic or glass.

Well will be if you prosecute the wall design to which the kitchen table will lay down. So you give the completeness to your interior. For this, such elements are suitable such as panels within, open shelves (put decorative plates or other utensils on them), an additional lamp. But the mirror here will be inappropriate.

Remember that taste preferences can say a lot about the owners themselves. Therefore, it is worth carefully approaching the kitchen interior. So you can transfer your spirits and wishes that will certainly appreciate your loved ones.

Overview of the kitchen corner with table See in the following video.

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