Cuisine Interior Design in Rustic Style

Cuisine Interior Design in Rustic Style

Cuisine in a rustic style may be atmospheric and warm, even if it is located in the apartment in the middle of the metropolis. The main thing is to penetrate the spirit of the rural lifestyle, life, decor and display it in the interior solution.


Rustic style is not a set of stamps, but a rich in the possibilities and ways of expression direction. Style has recognizable features.

  • Some negligence in the finish. It is not necessary that everything is perfect, on lecture and standards. If there are small losses on the walls, and the beams on the ceiling are not perfect symmetry, it is absolutely normal. Wallpaper can be with an old-fashioned print, which is also quite appropriate for a rural style.
  • Rough furniture made of natural materials. Plastic, chrome and glass into such a design will not fit. The furniture must be purely with wooden facades, which are either not completely painted or painted in natural colors. There should be an impression that the furniture is made in the village, the owner himself.
  • Many household goods and handmade decors. Knitted or woven tablecloths, various crafts, towels, cutting boards, ceramics – Fill the kitchen Hand Mother: It is a bright style.
  • Abundance of textiles. Ideally look at the rural kitchen homemade mats, patchwork or knitted. The focus is on curtains, tablecloth, pillows for a bench or kitchen sofa, towels.

Style can be copied with coffee photos: similar works are inspired, develop “30. But alive and organic will be the interior of the kitchen in the rustic style only if the author contributes to it individuality, features and features of his family, which can be expressed in things and life.

Color spectrum

Inherent in the color decision all shades of natural materials: wood, earth, herbs, foliage, flowers, sky – everything that constitutes a natural environmental environment and serves as a color inspiration for the design of the room. Color colors, pastel, muted. Bright, such as red, yellow and orange, allowed, but dosage. In the rustic interior should avoid sharp contrast.

If, for example, in a beautiful natural design, the attention of the chandelier will appear, it disharmonizes the image of the room. All transitions must be smooth, all elements of the kitchen must “be friends” with each other.

According to the author of Bestseller “House, Cute House” Deborah Nidlman, the house should be filled with emotions. Without this, he loses the essence of a warm refuge, mapping the characters of households. Do not be afraid to make strokes, your own handwriting in the style you recreate. Also, the writer considers the time to lose the time that People strive to immaculately withstand the style, not allowing the episodic inclusions of other areas into it, especially if adjacent styles.

Because if you reconstruct your own kitchen style of the native village, Slavic and understandable from infancy, Do not be afraid to cross the crossing with Provence or even make something from the Alpine Chalet in the interior. Lavender bouquet calmly sees in one kitchen with a bouquet of decorative sunflowers. There will be no color dissonance, as the village style is not looking at the magnifying glass, and the life itself, in all its natural manifold (and the variety of paints, including).

Finishing options

Need to take into account the source data. If this is a kitchen-living room, the combined room with two functional zones should be stylistically verified. And such a transition should not assume the presence of chrome-plated surfaces, metallic, glass partitions between zones, rather, to a greater extent inherent style Hai-tech.

Small kitchen can be transformed, and modest square will ensure the corner of the beloved village house. This, by the way, is a good way to distract attention from a small prace. Remember that the furniture should be wooden. If there is no possibility to buy a headset from the massif, Furniture from chipboard and MDF should be high-quality imitation of pure wood.


Most often the wall in the rustic style is idle without wallpaper. This is usually paint, not glossy, muted, serving a good background. White color is more common, and this is understandable: it is always associated with a purity, order, modesty. It’s hard to get tired of it.

And in the case of an excessive marking, the wall is always possible in express repair mode. If the white categorically dislike, look at the brown-beige gamma. It is also very close to a stylistic solution and always harmonizes with wooden furniture. If you want the interior to be more active, consider the options for olive, sand, muted pistachio, blue with milk.

If you can not refuse wallpaper, choose options in retrostile, with an imperious floristic print. You can take ready-made samples with a pulp effect. They will be slightly faded as well in this case.


There are several options here. People, strictly following stylistic canons, make strictly wooden floor. Painted or not – these are nuances, personal preferences. But those who are satisfied with the imitation of a rustic style, take parquet or laminate “under the tree”, possibly with the misunderstanding. Admissible in rustic design and tile, but simple, without very complex modern drawings.

No futuristic and bizarre geometry. See what was the tile in the interiors of the 50s, 60s, and look for something like that. Linoleum is rarely labeled, but for budget design, an option with a retringer will not be a lack of. The main thing is to take high-quality options so that the material serve for a long time and no complaints.


Typically, the ceiling in the rustic interior light. He painted paint, often the same as the walls. But his distinctive feature will be beams. Someone seems to be dark beams on a light ceiling background convincingly look only in a large rural house. But even on a small kitchen in a high-rise building, this element can successfully fit into the overall.

You can make a color roll call. For example, beams will be painted in the color of the kitchen table or wall open shelf. They can also match the coincide with the window frame and the windowsill (if you do not have white plastic or wood, but a brown version).

The chandelier should not be too complicated and modern. Choose a simple standard that is difficult to bind to style or era, or look for lamps, imitating rural style. Such are also found.

Choice of furniture

Furniture must be kind and a little rough. Carved items if present on it, then minimally. No gilding and other “undersensky” decorations can not be. The main requirement for the kitchen headset is a durable, reliable, heavy kit. Perfectly if it will be made of natural wood. Relevant and linear, and angular options, if there is no possibility to build a headset along one wall.

The dining group is also preferred of natural wood. Metal wrought legs are possible, but not chrome. Glass countertop absolutely exactly in the interior will not fit, wooden massive – it will be authentic. Yes, in the rural style, furniture is welcomed, which looks cumbersome, durable, made on the century. But such heavy structures in the realities of a small-scale kitchen look ridiculous. Because observe the balance.

Organization of lighting

Modern plastic windows, if we talk about natural lighting, of course, are a foreign element for rustic style. Yes, and not only decorative charm distinguishes windows with wooden frames – it is also safe.

By the way, environmental friendliness is something that must be in a rustic style. What to the window, then remove the blinds from it and hang cotton or linen curtains. Necessarily bright, with a floral print or in a cage, strip. The main thing is that they do not become a harsh obstacle to the sunshine. On the rustic cuisine a long day, it should have a lot of light and the sun.

Central lighting is a chandelier or a lamp with a beautiful lampshade. It can be low above the dining round table, which is definitely very atmospheric. But also local lighting in the working area is likely to need. If the kitchen is very small, you can do without it (with the condition that the “common” light is bright and powerful). And do not forget to keep on the shelf kitchen headset set of candles and candlestick in vintage style. These may be aromatic candles.

You can create the most Hyugge in the rustic kitchen. Cooking at candles is not very convenient, but communicate, dinner, dream, listen to music, while charlotte is baked in the oven, – especially nice.

Curtains and other textiles

In some cases, the window can do at all without curtains, in darkened rooms on high floors it is very convenient. But no matter how cool, and the curtains are very affected by the creation of coziness in the room. The main requirement for the curtains:

  • Only from natural materials (flax, cotton, sitherium)+
  • In color and print, they must echo with something else present in the kitchen, such as a tablecloth on the table, with upholstery of chairs or with towels (optional)+
  • short curtains are preferable, they can even not get to the windowsill+
  • Curtains can be changed off the season: in summer – with bright colors and solar mood, in the fall – with chestnuts and maple leaves, in winter – in the frost range and with snowflakes, and in the spring – with delicate valley or lilac.

Whether Tulle needs – yes, only light, simple, transparent. Sill decorate flowers in pots, beautiful ceramics or landed in a long wooden box with year-round greens.

Decor elements

They make the interior of the “own face”: without decor, he would be an impersonal, unfinished. Perfectly, if most of the decorative elements were made with their own hands. The design of the wall above the dining table can assume paintings from dried flowers under the glass (the ideal version of family creativity), and macrame, and open concise shelves, on which the cute heart of the baubles will be scented.

Do not forget to issue a table – tablecloth, napkins or a compromise option, even a walkway, if possible, should be handmad. The track is especially convenient – it can be quickly removed, if necessary, and at the same time it looks smart and fun.

In rustic aesthetics – to put off the kitchen utensils (especially ancient). Instead of flower vases, the old sample enamelled teal and bidones can use. And flowers in the kitchen, of course, should be as often as possible. Especially beautiful looks a bouquet of wheat ears, cornflowers and chamomiles – the summer itself, the nature itself and its perfection itself.

Successful examples

Examples can inspire, push the thought to become an incentive to action. And even if the photo is impressive in the size of the kitchen, take the items, snatch the nuances and transfer them to their housing. Four excellent examples for inspiration:

  • Kitchen with log walls and vintage headcard – there is nothing dear here, but it will always be beautiful+

  • A simple white-brown option – modest conditions did not interfere with creating a cozy corner that resembles a native village+

  • Very nice kitchen with unusual walls and deliberate negligence – but there is something in this real, touching+

  • Little, but cozy kitchenette – a good option for those who desperate on more than a modest square to do something cute.

Create your own, not forgetting that if you “marry” a good taste and individuality, the dream interior will be!

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas in Rustic Style See next video.

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