Curtains for a small bedroom: varieties and recommendations for choosing

Curtains for a small bedroom: varieties and recommendations for choosing

A small room even in a new apartment or house, as a rule, is given under the bedroom. And it is important to issue an interior in a small place, without overloading with massive elements and details. Successfully selected curtains will help visually expand the space and regulate daylight indoor lighting.

Basic rules of the selection

You should not neglect the free place in favor of excessive decorativeness: Commonity and organicity are basic requirements when choosing design elements.

Interior designers advise selected curtains in a small bedroom, given the following points:

  1. give preference to one-photo materials without drawings and light tones+
  2. If you still like two-color and tricolor matters for the curtain, recommend choosing drawings with horizontal lines or in wide bands+
  3. The fabric should be very dense, do not miss light+
  4. do not overload the curtains abundance of folds, which is why the room will become less+
  5. hang over the window opening long cornice from the wall to the wall, even if there are two in the room+
  6. hang rolled structures or blinds.

Minor details can spoil carefully selected design, overload a small room or make it uncomfortable. Excessive decorativeness can cause discomfort.

    It is not recommended to draw up curtains into a small bedroom:

    1. with a large complex ornament – He visually fills everything around and concentrates attention+
    2. Drapets and folds – Looks such elements effectively, but too climb, making the room visually less+
    3. Multilayer structures – absorb lighting, overlap and fill free space, instead of comfort, create the impression of the dedication and jet.

    Even under such conditions, you can choose the appropriate method of design, which will have to taste, color and style.


    Properly selected fabrics will help create a visually larger room. Designers believe that in this way you can change the perception of a small space and create comfortable conditions for recreation.

    Advise you to choose natural matter, such as cotton, flax, silk. From synthetic and polymer better refuse. Undoubtedly, Many artificial matter look much more effectively than similar natural.

    Natural materials do not accumulate static electricity, thereby collect less dust, do not cause allergic reactions and do not create a greenhouse effect.

    Linen curtains are most practical, they do not lose, after washing they do not sit. From the disadvantages you can call an increased reinforcement: the curtains of flax will be dispersed, deep folds appear.

    The most popular material for sewing curtains is viscose. In the manufacture, you can arrange tulle and curtains in small elegant folds and add to the air interior.

    Textures with metal threads and silver glitter refresh, create an impression of space expansion.

    For lovers, blinds should pay attention to natural materials. Unusually fashionable now became blinds from bamboo.

    Color spectrum

    It is important to choose the right color gamut for the bedroom. Cartoon fabric should be harmonized with furniture, wallpaper and other interior items. For a bedroom, decorated in white gamma, designers recommend picking bright shades options: yellow, green, orange and others.

    White color in the rest room looks most successful, it can be combined in the interior with any other.

    For saturated colors of furniture and wallpapers advised to acquire white curtains.

    Beige colors perfectly look in the bedroom and create a cozy atmosphere. For relaxation and removal of nervous voltage, according to psychologists, better choose green shades.

    For the bedroom should not choose black curtains. Black color creates the impression of a glooming room, besides, the area visually decreases. Black color absorbs light, but if you dilute it with lighter combinations and lightly light the room, it is possible to create an elegant look.

    Blue, white colors in combination with golden suggestion.

    For accents, one-photon juicy fabrics are suitable on the window, on top or bottom, trimmed with contrasting colored stripe.

    Monochrome compositions – a great way to decorate, For example, a combination of pink bedroom and burgundy curtains or a salad bedroom and emerald porter.


    Curtains in the bedroom are: long to the floor and short to the windowsill, dense and transmitting part of the world, monophonic and with the ornament. They must match the overall style. If the room is very small and dark, then bulky options are better to postpone for another case. Tulle from the transparent veil will add air, and for protection from the sun, practical apply roll-curtains.

    • British and French models Curtains are not suitable for modern style or high-tech. Soft lines and muffled tones for modern. High-tech is highlighted by sharp lines, sparkling planes and metal elements.

    The main feature of the High-Tech style is considered practicality.

    For eaves and decorative elements, it is used to stylization under metal or under glass (transparent plastic). Preference is given to smooth dense tissues, practical and high-tech, for example, with teflon coating or impregnation from PVC. Strict and clear, straight lines in the design make it possible for the owner of small apartments to apply this design. Roman and rolled curtains, blinds – Excellent solution for premises decorated in such a manner.

    • For classic style characterized by volumetric and lush curtains in several layers. At the porters are unacceptable catch patterns and ornaments, preferably monophonic strict tissues of soft shades. French curtains Enjoy now with great demand. Rounded folds on the window give a small room cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Length can be installed any: to the floor or before the windowsill. Can be combined with night dense porters or use as an independent element. English or London Curtains – View of the lifting curtains. In a nausea form – this is a rectangular canvas. Special fixture from the wrong part allows you to raise or omit to the required level. In the raised form forms small folds. For a compact room, it is a great way to save space and make elegance.

    • Minimalism – Great for a tiny room.Do not need lush curtains, bright colors, contrast materials. In the interior use models with planks and Japanese sliding panels.Blinds, roll-curtains and curtains without accents, monophonic and neutral – business card of minimalistic direction in design.
    • For lovers of delicate style Provence advise you to choose short-lived curtains, just below the windows, in pastel colors. Air tulle and to him dense curtains of a rough texture, for example, flax.

    Benefits of short curtains:

    1. Economical consumption of matter+
    2. Easy removed and erased+
    3. Provide quick access to the windowsill.
    • Art Deco includes modern aestheticism and practicality of modernity. Interior elements are collected in a single composition, emphasizing and complementing each other. Designers advise the use of heavy dense curtains from high-quality fabrics (silk, velvet, satin) and decorative elements, such as gold brushes. Art Deco is a rich and luxurious style. Suitable fabric with ornament – geometric or ethnic, restrictions in the selection of drawing and textures are not.

    Different styles offer their solutions to create an ideal window, but the selection of the interior curtain is an individual choice. Each room has special dimensions, lighting, furnishings, it is worth considering all the parameters in the complex, to view the design news and find your own optimal option.

    Ideas for registration

    Professional designers offer different means to arrange a window in a small room:

    • Choose materials for the porter and tulle in one color scheme, but with a difference of 1-2 tones+
    • You can make a lining of dense material+
    • Combine glossy and matte planes and fabrics in the monochrome interior+
    • Upholstery textures and curtains should harmonize.

      With a tensioning ceiling, the eaves to effectively place in a niche over the suspended structure, and for the curtains to choose light fabrics, gently flowing from above and falling on the floor. Stretch ceiling will create the impression that the curtains are decorative drapery of the window opening.

      When choosing a porter for a narrow window to find a single color for the entire room. For a wide window in a small room, curtains are suitable from the wall to the wall.

      When choosing new curtains, the cornice is often selected at the same time. Eaves differ in design and fastening principle.

      There are eaves that make it possible to open the window without touching the fabric.

      In the bedroom, this option will be appropriate: you can move the curtain without getting out of bed.

      Eaves with large rings (lover) unpleasantly creak when driving, that in the bedroom may be uncomfortable. It is better to choose options with fabric loops. You can install the cornice hidden by the plank under the color of the background, or the usual string either rod fasten under the ceiling. If you need to drag it completely, the curtains do in advance with a special detail – Kuliska. She creates the impression of the porter hanging in the air.

      With a wide, protruding windowsill, you can give preference to short curtains, or place a corze in such a way that the windowsill does not stand out on the shut-off window.

      It is recommended not to put any items on the windowsill: lamp, indoor plants, books. The window will look clumsy and seem less.

      Interesting examples

      For interior design on a small area, a simple and monochrome composition is most suitable. Interior designers are offered to make a variety.

      • Decorate the cornice ribbons, Swim up to the middle of the window.

      • Apply Horizontal asymmetric drawings and fabrics, Unusual texture.

      • 10-15 cm porter longer, Falling with folds, visually make the ceiling above.

      • Roman curtains – it is stylish and convenient, and the dual curtain “Day-night” of two independent canvases, transparent and dense, will help save space.

      • Austrian curtains – a peculiar option combining Roman and French varieties. For a small bedroom will successfully do under the size of the window opening.

      • Asymmetric composition: Only part of the window is focused, the second side remains unbroken, which visually increases the area.

      Decorating window openings with such combinations will protect against direct sunlight, free space will help create an atmosphere for recreation. The final decision on creating your own interior in the bedroom remains for the designer.

      Tips from designers will allow hostess more carefully planning bedroom projects.

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