Curtains in the style of Provence in the kitchen: species and ideas of registration

Curtains in the style of Provence in the kitchen: species and ideas of registration

People living in the city feature are very bored by calm, peaceful landscapes, truly fresh air, silence and peace. That is why today in the interior is increasingly found rustic trends capable of creating comfort and harmony in the apartment. This is especially important for kitchens, where most families not only prepare and takes food, but also shares their impressions for the whole day.

Provence style is one of those directions that helps to feel at home, relax and relax. “Provenskie” kitchens make it easy, although it is necessary to take into account the many nuances. And a very important task is to choose a curtain, because they must necessarily comply with the total topics of the style.

Features style

Provence style formed in southern France, where residents were lucky enough to admire the stunning sea landscapes every day, inhale the sweet aroma of flowers and enjoy the fresh, rustic air. The Provence region, who gave the name of the direction, completely delivered from the city bustle, everything was breathing in peace, comfort and harmony. That is why any buildings and inside, and outside were the most natural, simple, easy. This trend has been preserved today.

Consider some of the features of the style as a whole:

  • Exceptionally bright finish – in the interior there can not be dark wallpapers, floors+
  • Materials of Natural Origin: Wood, Stone+
  • Bright wooden furniture, preferably artificially aged+
  • Specific color gamut for accessories: lilac, blue, gentle-purple, cream+
  • Natural fabrics: Flax, Rhozhod and others+
  • Easy in the interior – overload such a design by numerous decor objects is unacceptable.

As for the choice of curtains in the style of Provence, they also have certain characteristics:

  • may be monophonic either with floral ornament, images of rural animals, landscapes, also interestingly like a cage+
  • Various decor elements are welcome: Ryushi, lace, garters, bows+
  • Fabric only natural, air, no velvet porter in such a kitchen can not be+
  • The length is desirable short, the curtains in the floor in olive interiors are used quite rarely and only in large kitchens.

Types of fabrics

Rustic styles are distinguished by maximum simplicity, so the material for the curtains should be a light and non-splashing space. A good idea will be primarily Len. At first glance, it may seem rude, but perfectly protects from the sun and heat. Linen curtains are durable and not too complicated in care, they can be additionally decorated with lace and fringe.

Suitable for window design and cotton fabrics, for example, Satin or Poplin. These fabrics are soft and durable, distinguished by hypoallergenia. In addition, ironing products after washing will not necessarily, materials well hold the form.

Elegant and non-standard solutions will be Thin lace curtains. They will give the room of tenderness, airiness. Such curtains can be tied with your own hands or entrust manufacture professionals.

Separately, you need to mention and tulle. This lightweight material for many years can be observed in a variety of designs, it will be good to look in Provence. Tulle helps to expand the space, beautifies the possible disadvantages of finishing, irregularities of walls and gender.

Models curtains

Those who at least once came across the choice of curtains know how much the manufacturers are offered.

However, it is worth remembering that far from all kinds, even the most beautiful and expensive, will be appropriate in the olive interior.

Let us dwell on some recommended designers.

  • Short. Such curtains are the perfect choice for Provence, they will fit into the kitchen of any area. It is worth noting that the cut should be the easiest, let’s say a drawing, but not too attracting attention. Shape short curtains can be different, for example, there are often rectangular or arched curtains.

  • French and Austrian. Both options are very similar, they are usually short, have a unique non-standard drapery. Products from France drape along the entire length, and Austrian – only at the bottom.

  • Curtain cafes. Obtained their name due to the fact that it is very often found in cafes or restaurants. Are unusual – on the bottom of the window, so that the kitchen is constantly flooded with light. Such curtains can be successfully combined with lambrequins, and if there are too many lights, they are complemented by “twins” from above. The uniqueness of such models is that the window can be discovered without touching them.

  • Blinds. Allow you to recreate this village comfort. However, the preference should be given only to natural materials, plastic is not suitable here.

  • Roman. Similar models will become an ideal solution if you need to fully open the windowsill. Have a mechanism that allows you to raise or lower the product to the required level. Very nice look decorated with bows, frills, ruffles, braid.

  • With Labreken. For lambrequin it is worth selecting the most simple, deprived of the curtains. Preferably one-photon, but unobtrusive vegetable printing is allowed. Lambereken should also be not too pompous – give preference to light drapery.

  • Knitted. Knitted curtains look very natural and beautiful, and will be fashionable not yet one dozen years. Many designers advise knit or weave them independently, but if you don’t have any skills in knitting, then purchased options will not be worse.

Color spectrum

Buying Provence Curtains, you need to remember that this direction welcomes shades found in nature in the summer.

At the same time, the snow-white is used quite rarely, it creates a feeling of coolness, not heat.

Instead, it is recommended to choose pastel, cream, beige colors. On their background, the following tones will be wonderful:

  • blue+
  • Red+
  • yellow+
  • green+
  • lavender+
  • blue.

In addition to pastel backgrounds, The curtains in such colors as gentle green, light lilac, powder pink, sky-blue, sandy, will be a good solution. On all these tones, bright paints will look attractive.

Another interesting option will be Checkered curtains. As a rule, they are mainly acquired in pastel colors, and the cell here is red or bright blue. We look good and stripes that must be alternate: the light strip invariably follows the color, and vice versa.

Recommendations for choosing

Choosing curtains, follows the first thing to determine their length. Basically buy short curtains – it allows you to save place, besides, they expand the space and look compact. Long models can only be selected if you make a spacious kitchen or dining room. But such models must be as simple as possible – Jacquard, velvet, silk should be left for classics.

It is also worth noting that some owners prefer to hang curtains not only on the window, but also instead of doors. In this case, the model should be long, and its design is to cross the window product.

The next moment is a choice of varieties and material. Absolutely in all kitchens of olive destinations will win the French, Roman and knitted curtains. It should also be remembered that unnecessary heavy drapery and metallized fabrics are inappropriate.

As for the material, it needs to be chosen with moisture-repellent properties, because moisture in the kitchen is not uncommon. If the window is close to the stove, buy the shortest possible curtains, preferably with fire protection.

Deciding with the above parameters, you can go to the selection of design. Kitchen curtains should not be “alone”, it is very important that in the interior there was similar textiles. That’s why Specialists advise buying a whole kit – For example, curtains and tablecloth, towels or tack. This will allow to give the interior of the completeness. But with textiles it is worth it to be neat and combine the curtains with something one, for example, with a tablecloth, otherwise the exquisite interior will become a mixture of paints from which it will rip in the eyes.

In addition, it should be noted. If your large sizes kitchen, you can choose both small and large drawing. In small kitchers, large elements will not fit, they will immediately take all attention to themselves and will shrink space.

In the event that the walls have a drawing or the kitchen itself is saturated with bright elements, the print on the curtains is better to avoid, preferred by a one-photon version. Conversely, with a calm decoration, you can afford to buy curtains with saturated ornaments.

Successful examples in the interior

The style of Provence, although it has certain features that need to be observed, but still leaves the designers a huge space for creativity. Consider some successful examples of applying olive curtains in kitchen interior design.

  • Long curtains with bright majorPrinth Suitable for laborer, spacious kitchens. In combination with an unobtrusive wallpaper pattern and white furniture, they successfully focus on attention, and the abundance of living plants only enhances the atmosphere of comfort and rest.

  • Fully open the window and allow the sunlight to penetrate the inside will help the curtains wounded on one side. Beautifully laid, they are wonderful combined with light brown furniture, white table with light ornament and light trim. Interesting and attracting attention, the solution becomes a flower pot, almost repeating print curtains.

    • Provence style always accepts vegetable motifs, What can be clearly considering in this photo. The kit consisting of a curtain of different designs, but with the same print, fully meets the stylistic direction.

      • Elegant bright furniture, abundance of dishes and decorations It will be successfully emphasized by simple, but beautiful curtains-cafes. And there are similar curtains both in the top and at the bottom of the window.

        • Blue colour – one of the most common in nature. Enough to raise the head and abundance of blue and blue instantly bring harmony in the soul. The calm room decorated in this tone will have the same abilities. Everything is perfect here: all: decoration, curtains, furniture. Blue tones echo with creamy and well combined with white curtains.

          Further watch the video with designer’s advice on the selection of Provence style for the kitchen.

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