Curtains-threads in the kitchen: characteristics, selection tips and fastening

Curtains-threads in the kitchen: characteristics, selection tips and fastening

Curtains-thread are a fashion trend that will bring lightness into the kitchen space, originality. Due to the peculiarities of the appearance, such curtains do not grind space, do not clutter it, and therefore are suitable not only for the design of the window opening, but also for zoning.


Curtains-threads are textiles in the form of narrow (up to 2 cm in width) of flaps, threads or spirals. They are made of natural or synthetic materials, can be decorated with beads, fringe and other decorative elements. The name of such curtains – Kiese.

Countries of the East can be considered their homeland tulle from threads. And indeed, this item instantly enters the interior of notes of Eastern mysteriousness and romance. However, Kiery will be appropriate in any style, the main thing is to choose correctly.

Pros and cons

The advantage of the threads-curtain is their versatility. They can be used to decorate the window or door opening, and also fit into almost any interior: from classic to modern. Due to the diversity of textile colors, it can both harmoniously fit into the kitchen and become its accent detail.

Besides, Kiese can be used to separate space, for example: To separate the dining room from the kitchen or zoning in the studio apartment. Such a native “partition”, firstly, does not take much space, secondly, it will be quite budget.

Unlike familiar fabric curtains, the nite curtain does not eat the inner space of the window. Visually, he makes the kitchen more spacious and air. Moreover, thanks to the elongated verticals, the effect of high ceilings is created, it is possible to visually push the room. This is especially valuable in conditions of small-sized housing.

If you compare a brine with roller models or blinds, the latter harmoniously look far from every interior and do not always allow creating a cozy space. However, if you wish, the thread can be easily combined with other types of curtains.

It is worth noting higher indicators of transmissibility when using a yarrow-curtain. On a hot sunny day, they will disperse light, preventing excessive heating of the room.

Under a number of advantages of curtains filaments are fixed quite easily. They are attached the same as the fabric analogs. Moreover, it will be easier to behave easier than an option from textiles that has numerous drapery and lambrequins. Capture as a length of length is very simple – the sewing services are not needed, because the threads of the desired length can be cut off with scissors on their own.

Like any object, the dense curtains have “minuses”. First of all, this transmission is in the dark with the light on. The inhabitants of the first floors are better to combine the curtains-threads with other varieties, for example: roller or blinds. In this case, it will be possible to protect the dwelling from strangers from the street.

When buying it is worth paying attention to the presence of decorative elements. If any, then, most likely, the curtains are not recommended to wash in a typewriter. Even if they are not, it is better to clean the threads manually or use a delicate automatic mode. This will avoid tangling threads.

Despite its versatility, not every house is possible to hang filament curtains. Most likely, they will not serve for a long time in families with young children or pets. Too great temptation start to braid the threads in braids or hunt, ride them. There may also be uncomfortable cheese, if the kitchen lockers are located next to it: the handles will constantly cling to the threads.


All variety of curtains can be reduced to 2 types: from natural and artificial materials.

Depending on the raw materials used and the performance features, several varieties of products are distinguished, which allow you to originate the kitchen space.


The concept of “Kiese” can be used in a wide and more narrow value. With the first meaning we have already met – it means all kinds of curtains. But there is a narrower interpretation of the term – this is a translucent canvas more dense in the upper part (it is easier to mount the cornice) with woven threads, beads. Kiese can be a single-color or two-color, as well as iris. Products with Lurex have a characteristic shine.

With beads

New items of such curtains – on the threads are beads, and they can be put on both ordered and chaotic. Due to this, it seems that the curtains consist of vertically located beads.

Of solid materials

Under the “solid” materials, it means wire, fishing rods, thin wooden elements, as well as metal, dense fabrics, plastic. Most often, similar products are used to zoning the room.


Represent all the same filament curtains, but the threads are woven in the rope. Similarly, can be gossipped and options with beads.

Design options

Depending on the color of the curtains-thread There are:

  • Monochrome (painted in one color, the palette includes up to 60 shades)+
  • Multicolor or rainbow (include several shades combined on the principle of smoothness of the transition or contrast).

In addition, it is worth highlighting decorative options, that is, decorated with beads, sequins, fringe and t. D.

The design of the curtains can be diverse, they should always be chosen taking into account the style of the interior, its dimensions, color gamut. On the classic kitchen with wooden textures, white cheese looks harmoniously. It can be supplemented with tissue curtains combined by tone with the main kitchen furniture.

In addition, multilayer threads of calm pastel shades look at the classic interior. Colored pickups can be used as a bright accessory.

If the kitchen is made in the spirit of minimalism, it has a rather discreet color gamut, then a great solution will be a bright shade. Even single-layer threads without drapery and decor, so that the window zone attracts attention, and the “highlight” appeared in the room.

For modern styles of minimalistic direction, for the loft and high-tech, filament curtains can be selected in combination with a translucent fabric curtain. Colors – discreet, but contrast. For example, in this case, the dark curtain literally received a new life and became harmonious thanks to white threads.

The use of several threads of a close shade, as well as drapeting with the use of rings-holders allow you to turn the window and curtains on it to a real work of art.

Thanks to the cross drapery, you can divert attention from not too successful interior zones or mitigate an overly strict room (for example, as in this case).

Kiese can be used to zoning a warm balcony and kitchen. It is much more convenient and ergonomic doors or fabric curtains.

Beautifully hang threads can be, and combining them with the familiar fabric curtains. Such a tandem can be contrasting or more harmonious.

For premises in oriental style it is better to choose multicolor or bright monochrome options, permissible to use decorated analogs. Bright and unusual (with sequins, fringe, feathers) filament curtains will be appropriate in eclectic, bohemian interiors. This is also worth hanging the beads. Especially attractive similar design on a sunny day: the light will be refracted through glass beads and reflects the set of reflections.

How to choose?

For windows with narrow window sills or at all without them, it is recommended to choose long curtains-threads. If the windows have a wide windowsill or in the house there are small children or pets, it is logical to buy a kitty to the windowsill, or rather, slightly shorter.

For northern or poorly illuminated by natural light rooms, it is better to acquire bright shades. Dark color will make the kitchen gloomy. On the windows overlooking the southern or east side, you can, on the contrary, hang the curtain of darker shades for dimming.

In the small room it is not recommended to acquire excessively decorated models. If you still like the decor, choose smaller details. Otherwise, the curtain will look at Pestro and tasteless.

On the kitchen with a balcony door you can choose the thread curtain of darker, non-commercial colors. At the same time, it is better to drag the threads so that the access to the balcony was relatively free and did not require to move the curtains. This will help to avoid rapid contamination of Kisea, which will invariably happen if the balcony is actively used.

When buying, take thread the threads: they should not have nodes, varying degrees of tension, inhomogeneities. Pull them slightly: they should not be very hot, and when fermentation – to save the chairs.

You should not give preference to too thin threads: They will “bounce” and will not help in creating a relaxed, stylish interior. Too thin line – not the most durable material, so such curtains decorated with beads will not last long.

Natural silk or satin have a high cost, but quickly stretched, so there is also no long-term operation of speech.

Synthetic polyester models are more practical than natural. They can be washed in a typewriter, they are not confused and do not impenet. Capricular in the care of a model with wooden elements, crystal or glass beads – they require more thorough cleansing. Think whether you are ready to spend time and strength.

In any case, it should be remembered that Before washing, the threads are brazed in 3-4 braids, after which they are erased on delicate mode in the machine or manually. Still wet curtains hang on the window, after which the braids immediately brush. Subject to this rule, the threads will not be confused and dried perfectly straight, smooth.

When choosing Kybe, it is worth navigating the stylistic and color features of the kitchen. Can be played in contrast or as close as possible to choose the color of the threads to tone the shades of the kitchen.

Finally, you can pick up the curtains to another room accents, for example, combining kitchen color with a gamut table top, kitchen apron, upholstery chairs. Under the orange, as under brown, the headset is usually chosen white or pastel kitty. Bright furniture, as well as wenge color furniture, allow the use of iris or brighter kisa. Red, blue, green colors will win emphasize light kitchen.

How to hang beautifully?

Curtains can decorate the interior both in painted and draped. For that To beautifully pick up the curtains or make the original composition, you can use the following accessories:

  • Paporks, which are standard rings with a metal rod or plastic+
  • Pickup brushes that sew from lace, braids and other materials+
  • Decorative suspensions that fix to the wall, thanks to which the threads are picked up+
  • Floral ball of fabric materials+
  • Colored ribbons or twisted threads that can be tied apricious.

To the eternity curtains can be attached in several ways.

Wide ribbon

Is a ribbon, one side of which is sewn to the filament curtains, and special hooks are inserted into the second. These hooks are in the following place in special grooves on the cornily. On the edge attached thus preoccable to form folds and swans, tagging the tape.

Lining fabric as a ribbon

This method involves cutting out of the lining fabric wide ribbon. Its part of it is sewn to scamps in such a way that there remains a wide hole for the cornese rod. With this method of fastening the cheese, free and easily moves on the eaves.


This method allows you to quickly and without having to remove and hang curtains-threads, however, with frequent gluing-dug, the curtains will be fixed worse. The essence of the method is one part of the velcro tape sewn to the backrest, the second – to the eternity or on the wall.


Rings are attached to the carnice bar, which are invested in perforations for the kime kisa. It looks like this design stylish and modern, and the curtains without delay “go” on the eaves.

Standard rings and clothespins

With this method, a transparent curtain tape-web sews first to the filament curtains, loops are fixed on it. The curtain is then rolled on the hooks already attached to the rings.

On how to hang and wipe the curtains-threads, see the following video.

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